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					Tuition Remission

Our Tuition Remission Program enables the employee, his/her spouse, children, and/or domestic
partner to benefit from the many educational opportunities offered by the university. This program will
pay the instructional fee for university course work; however, it does not cover any extra fees, such as
late fees or room and board.

If the employee enrolls in graduate courses, he/she will be subject to income taxes on the value of the
tuition remission, if in excess of $5,250 in a calendar year. Graduate tuition remission for eligible
dependents and a domestic partner is taxable regardless of the value. Undergraduate tuition
remission for a domestic partner is also taxable. The taxes will be deducted from the employee's

                                TUITION REMISSION ELIGIBILITY CHART

                                     For Employee:                    For Spouse/Domestic Partner/Children:

Regular Full-Time Employees                                           Unlimited credit hrs per term
                                     6 credit hrs per term*
(80-100% FTE)                                                         (up to 216 undergraduate credit hrs)

Regular Part-Time Employees
                                     3 credit hrs per term            N/A
(less than 80% FTE)

Post Doc Fellows                     3 credit hrs per term            N/A

                                                                      Unlimited credit hrs per term
Full-Time Equivalent Faculty         6 credit hrs per term*
                                                                      (up to 216 undergraduate credit hrs)

                                     3 credit hrs accrued per term
Part-Time Faculty                                                     N/A
                                     (Must be used within 12mos. of

                                                                      Unlimited credit hrs per term
Affiliated Faculty/ROTC              6 credit hrs per term*
                                                                      (up to 216 undergraduate credit hrs)

Student Employees/
                                     N/A                              N/A
Graduate Assistants

Temporary/ Seasonal/
                                     N/A                              N/A
Volunteer Employees

*Eligible for Additional Hours with Vice-President Approval.
The above chart summarizes the tuition remission benefits that are available to University employees.
Eligible children are "unmarried and dependent persons, who are naturally born, legally adopted,
stepchildren, or individuals for whom the employee has been appointed the legal guardian pursuant
to court action or by the terms of a valid will."

Dependents age 19 or over and other dependents whose eligibility are not on file with Human
Resources for UC employee benefits, must provide the following proof of dependency: (a) Parents
most recent federal tax return showing child listed as a dependent, OR (b) Tuition Remission
Affidavit, showing child is unmarried, lives at home and parent provides primary financial support.
Supporting documentation should include parent and child's tax return, itemized list of expenses
and/or receipts, voided checks.

Tuition Remission is only available for graded courses. Employees, spouses, domestic partners and
dependents, classified as out-of-state residents for tuition remission purposes, will be subject to a per
credit hour fee for all coursework.

Certain limits apply to tuition remission benefits. For example, students who apply for financial aid,
such as grants, loans, or scholarships, must contact the Student Financial Aid Office. Keep in mind
that tuition remission may affect eligibility for other forms of student aid.

For spouses, domestic partners, and dependents the maximum number of attempted credits, as
defined by the registrar, at the undergraduate level to which full tuition remission benefits may be
applied is 216 credit hours, except in cases where the minimum number of credit hours required to
complete a program is greater than 216 credit hours, that required number of credit hours shall be
covered by tuition remission.

Effective autumn term 2008, tuition remission benefits for specific programs for the colleges of law
(JD), medicine (MD and MS in Physiology) and pharmacy (PharmD) shall be 50% of the full tuition
rate. Effective autumn term 2009, tuition remission benefits shall not apply for specific programs for
the colleges of law (JD), medicine (MD and MS in Physiology) and pharmacy (PharmD).

Tuition Remission Application

Tuition Remission Affidavit (A)

Tuition Remission Affidavit (B)

Tuition Remission Affidavit (C)

Refund Schedule for Tuition Remission Eligible Students

List of Authorized Approvers for Additional Hours Requests

Important Notice: At the May 27, 2008 meeting of the UC Board of Trustees, changes to University
Rules associated with the tuition remission benefit were approved. These changes become effective
September 1, 2008. The most significant changes were made to the tuition remission benefit under
revised University Rule 30-13-07 for employees who are not represented by a union or for whom a
collective bargaining agreement contains no provision for tuition remission.

Information session video
Information session PowerPoint presentation
Summary of changes to the Board Rules related to tuition remission (PDF)
Tuition remission FAQs

If you still have questions regarding tuition remission after reviewing the informational materials and
reading the FAQs, submit your questions in an e-mail to

DISCLAIMER: No information listed above shall be deemed to amend or modify in any respect any
provision of the Rules of the University. Also please refer to your collective bargaining agreement (if
applicable) for detailed information concerning tuition remission guidelines.