2009 Summer Youth Intern Job Description by bhp11165


									                                 2009 SUMMER INTERNSHIP PROGRAM
                                        CA VETERINARY CLINIC

JOB TITLE: Veterinary Clinic Intern
REPORTS TO: Registered Veterinary Technicians/Supervising Technician

 Retrieve puppies and dogs from kennels for exams/surgery/procedures
 Restrain puppies and dogs for exams and procedures
 Feed, medicate & exercise in-house patients
 Assist with rehabilitation program
 Assist with routine laboratory functions
 Scrub surgical instruments, clean after surgery and other procedures
 Assist with recovery of surgical patients
 Handle dogs as requested for reproductive procedures. This may include handling dogs during mating
 Undertake other jobs as directed

 Ability to handle a variety of large breed dogs with varying strength and manageability – a brief training
  session will be provided
 Experience working in a clinic or kennel environment preferred

 Orientation of Guide Dogs’ veterinary clinic
 On the job training of specific tasks to be performed

Two weeks. (One position can work California Fun Day in August)

 Exposure to routine and non-routine veterinary care – such as rehabilitation, surgical assistance, laboratory
  procedures, etc…
 Knowledgeable, friendly teaching staff
 Very helpful if considering a career in veterinary medicine

High importance- allows the veterinary staff to take on a greater work load

                                     2009 SUMMER INTERNSHIP
                                TRAINING DEPARTMENT (CALIFORNIA)

POSITION TITLE: Canine Welfare Technician Intern
REPORTS TO:      Canine Welfare Kennel Manager (CALIFORNIA)

OVERALL SUMMARY: The Canine Welfare Technician intern is responsible for providing support to the
Canine Welfare Technician Program. This position’s responsibilities will include projects related to the overall
daily routines of the training kennels, as well as special projects as assigned. The CWT intern will also assist in
the care of the physical and psychological needs of the dogs (training, career change, boarding guides and
puppies, and retired guides) that are being kenneled at our facilities. Such care entails: feeding, bathing and
medicating dogs; and maintaining a clean kennel environment. This position requires good teamwork and
communications skills, as well as a willingness to learn, the ability to take direction well, and approach
situations with a positive, open-minded attitude.

The CWT intern will also provide support to the training teams as needed.


Provide basic care of kenneled dogs, such as walking, exercising, transporting, weighing, conducting body
checks/and or physicals, checking canine vitals, grooming, bathing, and administering basic medications to
dogs under the care of the Canine Welfare Program, report health or behavioral changes as noticed, prepare and
dispense dog food, including special diets and maintain precise feeding records.
Follow established daily and weekly procedures in order to maintain a clean and sanitary kennel environment.
Monitor and control dogs running together in community run, adhering to GDB standards and procedures.
Maintain good communications with co-workers, teammates and instructors in person and in writing.
Maintain written records on dogs, following GDB procedures to assure complete and accurate information
reaches the appropriate personnel.
Adhere to our organization's safety policies and procedures and encourages others to do the same. Promptly
reports incidents and accidents according to campus procedures.
Undertake other miscellaneous assignments.


   Adequate ability to handle a variety of large breed dogs with varying strength and manageability, often
    obtained through background within the dog care or training field.
   Good written and verbal communication skills.
   Good interpersonal skills and a pleasant manner dealing with other staff and the public.
   Self starter with ability to work both independently and in a team setting.
    Ability to remain on one’s feet, standing, or walking all day on cement.
    Ability to withstand up to 2 hours of repetitive bending, stooping, kneeling, and squatting.
    Ability to lift up to 40 pounds.


Two Weeks: Monday-Friday 8-4:30 or 8-5pm.
                                 2009 SUMMER INTERNSHIP PROGRAM
                                       CA KENNEL DEPARTMENT

POSITION TITLE:                  Kennel Intern
REPORTS TO:                      Kennel Manager

OVERALL SUMMARY: A Kennel Intern is responsible for providing physical and psychological care to the
non-training dogs at the GDB kennel facilities in San Rafael. Requiring solid teamwork and communication
skills, this work entails physical breedings, whelping and neo-natal care, general building and grounds cleaning,
dog care, some data entry and reception duties for clients arriving or picking up dogs.


Appropriate feeding of dogs and puppies, including but not limited to:

        1.      Preparation and dispensing of food to general kennel population
        2.      Knowledge of proper use and preparation of special diets
        3.      Awareness of signs that indicate a change of diet may be required

Maintenance of a clean kennel environment
Basic care of kenneled dogs and puppies, including but not limited to:

        1.      Reporting a dog or puppy in distress
        2.      Medicating per instructions
        3.      Weighing newborn puppies and calculating gain or loss
        4.      Assisting in whelping as needed, under supervision, and
                administering the post-whelping injection
        5.      Assisting with the breeding of dogs including artificial inseminations
        6.      Grooming, bathing, dipping and spraying dogs
        7.      Precise record keeping of feeding requirement
        8.      Crating and transporting dogs by van as well as walking dogs

   Greets the public and volunteers, takes dogs into and out of kennel as is appropriate for the situation in a
    professional, accurate, informative, and timely manner including directing questions to someone else for
    answering, if necessary. Also, keeps precise records of those dogs accepted or released in this way and any
    messages taken, following GDB procedures to assure the information gets to the right person.
   Representing GDB at special functions and assisting in photo shoots of puppies
   Undertaking other duties as assigned.


   Prior experience caring for dogs in a kennel or vet environment desirable, but not required.
   Ability to lift 40 lb. sack of dog food; lift, carry and hold up 65 lb. dogs on their feet.
   Ability to restrain active dogs weighing up to 110 lb. for up to one hour.
   Ability to remain on one’s feet, standing or walking all day on cement.
   Ability to withstand up to 2 hours of repetitive bending, stooping, kneeling and squatting.
   Able to take direction and to work as part of a team.

Time Commitment: Two Weeks
                           2009 SUMMER YOUTH INTERN PROGRAM
                             CA CANINE COMMUNITY PROGRAMS

JOB TITLE:    Puppy Raising Summer Intern
REPORTS TO: CCP Operations Manager

This is a shared internship between programs in Canine Community Programs. It is 80%
administrative/clerical with 20% puppy handling opportunities. You will be working directly with
department staff and volunteers. Each day, you may observe and participate in the duties performed by

 Assist with daily operations in Canine Community Programs. May include activities relating to data
   entry, general office duties, puppy naming, and communications with field staff.
 Assist with inventory and preparing puppy packets for new puppy deliveries and recall of dogs for
 Assist with preparation for Fun Day
 Other projects as assigned

Puppy Handling:
 Assist Puppy Socialization with puppy handling
 Other projects as assigned

 Willingness to take on various projects
 Good attitude and interpersonal skills
 Good dog handling skills
 Computer skills a plus
 Professional and mature attitude towards duties

Training to be provided:
   Training provided

Time Commitment Required:
   Two week commitment

Benefits for the Volunteer:
 Increased involvement in the Guide Dog Program
 Increased knowledge of Canine Community Programs
 Gain important administrative support and dog handling experience

Importance of the Job to the Organization:

High importance - Support daily and on-going functions within Canine Community Programs
                            2009 SUMMER YOUTH INTERN PROGRAM

Job Title:             Training Department Summer Intern
Reports to:            Director of Instructor Assistant Program (OREGON CAMPUS)
Positions available:   4

 Assist with cleaning of all kennels
 Assist with feeding dogs, prep work, and clean up
 Groom dogs, bathe dogs as needed
 Assist with fun day (if timing is appropriate)
 Empty poop buckets
 Clean grooming areas
 Walk dogs, primarily CC and/or boarding dogs
 Assist IA's with other duties as needed
 K9 Kuddling sessions

 Must be physically fit, able to lift 50-pound dog
 Have experience with animals on a voluntary basis
 Be able to work under supervision

Training to be provided:
Orientation to Guide Dogs’ Training and Kennel.

Time Commitment Required:
16-20 hours a week, hours to be determined during interview with training department.

Benefits for the Intern:
 Opportunity to develop career skills in caring for animals
 Community service hours
 Performance evaluation; letter of recommendation

Importance of the Job to Organization:
Guide Dogs benefit from human handling. You will assist the training department to minimize kennel stress for
dogs in training.
                           2009 SUMMER YOUTH INTERNSHIP PROGRAM
                              OUTREACH DEPARTMENT INTERNSHIP

Position Title:         Camp GDB Program Support
Reports To:             Outreach Coordinator
Positions Available:    1

Overall Summary: Provides program support leading into the Camp GDB to be held on the San Rafael campus
July 29-August 1. The camp provides ten visually impaired students between the ages of 14-17, an opportunity
to experience the freedom, independence and responsibility of the guide dog mobility lifestyle with the aim to
enrich and educate. Volunteer will also provide program support during the three days of camp.

Position Essential Functions:
 Assist with coordination of outside outings and events
 Help procure donations of food for camp (ie ice cream, sandwiches etc)
 Coordinate equipments needs with other depts.(tie downs, bowls, pads, etc.)
 Follow up with campers to make sure all forms are signed and returned
 Confirm camper’s arrival and departure dates/times and relay information to dorm staff
 Field calls, lookup information on web, send emails
 Make name tags, welcome kits
 Greet and check in campers upon arrival
 Work with Training Dept to create a scavenger hunt.
 Assist with coordination of activities during camp. Help campers get to events around on campus and on
    field trips off campus.

Position Requirements
 Good communication skills
 Ability to follow up on projects
 Basic office experience: good phone skills, basic computer knowledge

Position Specifications
Position starts July 20 and ends on August 1
Monday through Friday 8-5

Training/Support Provided
Will be working in coordination with Outreach staff who will be on hand to give direction

Position’s Benefit to Volunteer: Provides opportunity to get experience working in an office environment and to
assist with organizing details prior to the camp and to assist with the program throughout the three days of the

Position’s Benefit to Guide Dogs: Provides valuable support and follow up with details leading into Camp’s

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