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					  Job# 163
                                            ONTARIO                                  Review Date:
                                                                                     Jun 11, 2009
                                            APPLICATION CENTRE

 Job Title                                  Project Manager

 Department                                 Systems and Programming, Projects

 Supervisor’s Title                         Senior Project Manager

 Reviewed by Incumbent                      (Print):                                 (Signature):

 Supervisor’s Approval                      (Print Name):                            (Signature):

Note to the reader: This job description is intended to relay information that describes the general
responsibilities, tasks, and processes involved in performing the duties of this job. It is not intended to be
a comprehensive list of tasks or a detailed step-by-step job manual.

Purpose of the Job
The main purpose of this job is to:

            Perform project management tasks for information systems development and support efforts.
            Develop design and requirements, provide detailed specifications and oversee coding, testing
             and implementation for moderate to large scale, complex projects affecting all areas of OUAC in
             consultation with the clients, IT Staff, and the Senior Project Manager.

Reporting Relationship
Job title of the person considered to be your direct supervisor/manager.

                            Name                                               Job Title
                                                            Senior Project Manager, Projects

Job title of other person(s) that routinely assigns work to this role.

                            Name                                                   Job Title
                                                            Director, Operations

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Job Description – Project Manager                                                      Print: 01/27/2010

Key Responsibility 1 - Project Management                                                     Time: 15%
Responsible for: Managing software projects.

Examples of associated activities may include:

   Responsible for initiating, developing, executing, monitoring and controlling, and closing project
   Use OUAC Project Management standards to determine business requirements for system
    development as experts on existing business software at the OUAC.
   Adjust resources as necessary to ensure project success and completion.
   Provide work direction and feedback to team members and assist them in issue resolution. Provide
    guidance to team members on administrative and technical problems.

Supervisory Responsibility:
 Responsible for lead-hand supervision of team members, including but not limited to setting realistic
   working standards, providing day-to-day individual feedback, ensuring that operating rules and
   processes are followed, and that detailed timesheets and other routine reports and documentation
   are completed in a timely manner.
   Responsible for working in the development of team members by identifying their technical training
    needs, creating a realistic individual development plan, and participate in delivering performance
    evaluations on an annual basis under the direction of the Senior Project Manager.

Key Responsibility 2 - Project Planning                                                       Time: 25%
Responsible for: Creating project charters, proposals and plans.

Examples of associated activities may include:

   Determine project timelines and system resource requirements with input gathered from project
    management and systems staff. Consolidate information into draft project plans for the review and
    approval of the Senior Project Manager.
   Analyze and determine the impact of business requirements on OUAC software. Prepare reports and
    recommendations for proposed solutions for the review of the Senior Project Manager.
   Develop necessary design documents for large or complex projects and ensure design meets
    business requirements. Consult as a subject matter expert on project management with other
    internal staff and management to assist on the development of their design documents. Will be
    required to present design docs to internal stakeholders for review and approval.
   Develop or oversee detailed written technical specifications for the project development team.
   Participate in assessing development software tools to ensure they meet OUAC system

Key Responsibility 3 - Project Execution                                                      Time: 50%
Responsible for: Managing the development of systems projects and/or system changes.

Examples of associated activities may include:

   Under the guidance of the Senior Project Manager manage large or complex systems projects.
    Assign specific tasks to each member of project / systems team. Monitor status of projects through
    regular contact with team members and the review of reports and documentation.
   Monitor project progress, deliverables, quality assurance, and customer service. Report status to
    client and identify and resolve risks that impact project completion. Manage time and budget for
    clients, initiate action to identify and resolve problems and ensure goals are met.

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Job Description – Project Manager                                                           Print: 01/27/2010

   Communicate project status and issues to the stakeholders Manager and divisional managers on an
    ongoing basis throughout the project.
   Ensure that the Senior Project Manager is briefed on project requirements, systems specifications,
    project timelines, testing and implementation plans.
   Revise and circulate documentation as revisions are made based on changes in business
    requirements and/or technical considerations.
   Review software code with programming staff. Ensure most efficient techniques or “best practices”
    are utilized. Walkthroughs may be required for more complex processes. Make recommendations as
    to training deficits when identified.

Key Responsibility 4 - Project Human Resources                                                     Time: 10%
Responsible for: Manage and develop project team.

Examples of associated activities may include:

   Provide feedback to Senior Project Manager regarding project team members’ performance.
   Promote and foster a healthy and productive team environment as outlined in the “OUAC Workplace
    Environment” standards.
   Share best practises in project management with members of the project management team and
    other OUAC staff as appropriate.
   Through formal and informal training, continues development of personal and professional skills.
    Establishes and participates in industry and other professional networks to ensure awareness of
    social, economic and other trends that may affect the business or direction of the OUAC’s initiatives,
    policies and programs.

Education & Experience Requirements
Note here the minimum experience and educational background that would typically be required for
consideration for this position. Note any licenses, designations, or Certificates of Qualifications that are
required. It is often the case that incumbents may have less than these minimums during development
phases of their tenure or more than the minimum after long service in the position.

 A university degree in business / computer science or experience deemed to be equivalent.
 PMP certification is preferred.
 Minimum 5 years experience in a business analysts, project management or information technology
   role in a complex business and systems environment.
 Skills in project management and expert understanding of project life cycle with a proven ability to
   lead a team.
 Ability to understand complex computer systems, with detailed understanding of OUAC application
   systems being an asset.

Abilities / Skills
 Proven track record leading large, successful system projects.
 Well developed communication skills and the ability to maintain positive and cooperative working
    relationships. Must be able to generate complex, detailed reports and proposals on proposed and
    projects in progress appropriate to the needs of the stakeholders in the project.
 Must have an excellent judgement in prioritizing tasks, scheduling activities, and making the best use
    of existing resources (technical and people).
 Must demonstrate superior leadership and communication skills in order to motivate and engage
    employees and other OUAC staff in meeting project objectives.

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Job Description – Project Manager                                                    Print: 01/27/2010

   Working knowledge of hardware / software technologies used within the application area would be an

    Please direct your submission to:
    Human Resources
    Ontario Universities' Application Centre
    170 Research Lane
    Guelph ON N1G 5E2
    Confidential Fax: 519-823-0584
    Email: hroffice@ouac.on.ca

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