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                                                                                                         608-831-1181 fax
                                                               608-831-1101           Suite 100
                                                               608-831-1181 fax       Middleton, Wisconsin 53562
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                                           JOB DESCRIPTION
                                     Certified Veterinary Technician

 Practice Owner or Hospital Manager

As a CVT, duties will include but may not be limited to keeping accurate medical records, clerical work,
client education, promotion of hospital products and services and support of the Practice Owner, Hospital
Manager and other team members. This position requires practical knowledge of hospital procedures,
policies and services; client and patient treatment protocols; data transcribing; word processing and the
standard procedures, records and terminology used in the veterinary hospital. The CVT is the doctors
primary support. They assist in pet restraint, lab work, procedures, surgery, nursing care and triage/
discharge of patients. They will aid the doctors in achieving greater efficiency by relieving them of some
of the routine work.

• High school diploma or equivalent
• Completion and diploma from a accredited school as a Veterinary Technician
• Successful completion of the CVT exam
• Previous on-the-job training desirable, but not necessary

• Previous animal care background.

• Minimum of 18 years old.
• Genuinely enjoy working with animals
• Display confidence and reassurance when dealing with pets experiencing sever stress, illness or pain.
• Communicate and approach job duties in a mature nature.
• Foster a teamwork approach and work well with all levels of hospital team members.
• Meet physical effort requirements:
    • Work requires lifting, carrying and restraining animals (will be assisted by other staff members in
      lifting animals over 40 lbs).
    • Must be able to walk or stand for extended periods; frequently works in a bent position.
• Show tolerance to unpleasant odors, noises and animal feces.
• Understand and limit the potential exposure to bites, scratches and contagious diseases.

The range for the position is $10.00 per hour to $15.00 per hour.
Benefits are outlined in the employee manual and are separate from the hourly wage.

• Provide compassionate care to patients and clients.
• Conduct oneself in a confident and professional manner even when stressed and/or focused on
  individual tasks.
• Greet clients and pets by name immediately upon arrival.
• Weigh pet at each visit and record in the file.
• Obtain and record patient histories.
• Answer and route phone calls in a quick and professional manner. Use “HOLD” with caution.
• Field questions and inquires about services, triage, and products.
• Provide knowledgeable advice concerning the care and treatment of animals.
                                                                                       1612 N. High Point Road
                                                                                                          608-831-1181 fax
                                                                 608-831-1101          Suite 100
                                                                 608-831-1181 fax      Middleton, Wisconsin 53562
                                                                                                          608-467-6014 fax
                                                                 608-222-2455          4902 E. Broadway
•   Know common drugs and protocols and be able to explain them to clients. fax
                                                                   608-467-6014        Madison, Wisconsin 53716
•   Record all conversations with clients in the medical record.
•   Follow established hospital policies and procedures when handling client concerns and complaints.
•   Document legibly and keep accurate medical records in accordance hospital policy.
•   Prepare and maintain the exam rooms and treatment areas.
•   Perform physical assessments; record observations legibly in files or computer.
•   Restrain pets even when large or difficult.
•   Maintain a clean and orderly facility
•   Maintain positive, cooperative relationships with other employees.
•   Communicate necessary followup and home care instructions.
•   Care for surgical materials and hospital equipment
•   Stock hospital supplies.
•   Set up clinical laboratory procedures
•   Collect and perform lab procedures
•   Operate and maintain lab equipment
•   Tag and process cremations
•   Complete daily task sheets
•   Assist with positioning and taking radiographs.
•   Perform specialized nursing duties.
•   Calculate, administer and properly fluids
•   Calculate and administer medications
•   Perform venipunctures and place IV catheters
•   Prep wounds and apply bandages
•   Monitor vital signs
•   Perform kennel duties.
•   Understand the use and care of IV pumps.
•   Admit patients following hospital policy and doctors written orders.
•   Discharge patients based on the veterinarian’s orders, ensuring that patients are well groomed and in a
    medically appropriate state.
•   Perform CSR duties when a CSR is unavailable
•   Complete phase training (levels listed below)
•   Perform other duties as assigned including assisting in other areas.
•   Track controlled drugs
•   Perform other duties as assigned

• Operate and maintain hospital equipment i.e.: EKG, fluid pump, syringe pump, scales, CO2 monitor,
  anesthesia machines
• Prep patients for surgery and ultrasound
• Properly place an endotracheal tube
• Administer and monitor anesthesia
• Assist in diagnostic, medical and surgical procedures

Hospital Basics
Level 1 - Triage and Discharge
Level 2 - Treatments
Level 3 - Lab and Procedures
Level 4 - Surgery
Level 5 - Advanced Procedures

Upon completion of each level a written exam will be administered. Once an employee passes that
exam, the next level’s worksheets will be distributed. See employee manual for details.

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