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Job Description - Retail Store Manager by bhp11165

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									                   Job Description

Position Title:       Retail Store Manager – Fashion Division

Reports to:           Area Manager – Fashion Division

Location:             Head Office, Bangkok


   • Meet with Area Manager to keep him informed on all aspects of the Store’s
       performance. Daily by phone, and in person during each weekly Sales Meeting.
   • Reports and other activities as required
   • Prepare monthly and annual targets for the store based on the template
       provided. Review with Area Manager

    • Sales Training to store sales people
    • Product Training
          o Product benefits,
          o New season line orientations,
          o Mix & match fashion training – creating outfits. Maximizing sales
          o Combination que cards and pictures
    • Customer Service and Relations Training & Programs
          o Customer service training
          o Customer events and programs
          o Referral programs
          o Repeat sales programs
          o Customer loyalty events
          o Customer data base development and management

Staff Management
    • Recruit, interview, hire, and terminate store staff
    • Shift schedule preparation and distribution
    • Develop recommended monthly, quarterly and annual sales targets and stretch
    • Manage the activities and results of the store sales staff
           o Daily sales meetings
           o Daily review of the sales targets and development of ways to help the
               store sales staff to achieve and over achieve
           o Store sales staff incentive programs
           o Half month sales meeting with sales staff - individually:
                       Review month to date sales against targets. Develop solutions to
                       over achieve month end targets

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                        Job Description

                           Discuss any inventory issues that may impact sales results. Define
               o   Monthly sales meetings with sales staff :
                           Review results for the month. Define how we could have increased
                           sales and over achieved results better
                           Review sales target for the next month. Define strategies to
                           achieve or over achieve
               o   Identify any inventory or operational issues that may impact sales
               o   Store image and cleanliness Q&A

    • Work with Area Manager and Purchasing to accurately project inventory levels
       and orders.
    • Complete monthly store inventory count
          o Ensure inventory count is done correctly by corporate procedure
          o Sign off on count accuracy
          o Ensure numbers are submitted correctly and on time
    • Account of any discrepancy

   • Work with sales staff to develop special promotions and events:
          o New product launch events
          o Sales events
          o Promotional events
          o Recommend PR and Marketing programs to Area Manager
   • Work with sales staff and Department Store/Mall Management to maximize the
       benefit of any Department Store/Mall events and sales.

    •   Achieve and over achieve monthly sales targets and stretch targets.
    •   Submit annual, quarterly, and monthly sales target recommendations to Area
        Manager for review and approval.
    •   Meet with Area Manager to review sales achievement and sales strategy on a
        weekly basis.
    •   Complete a semi monthly competitive review and special competitor event
        review and present information and counter strategies to Area Manager for

   • Speak, read and write Thai
   • University degree
   • 1 year retail management experience with a major department store, mall, or
       retail chain

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                       Job Description

    •     Skills on MS Office suite. Word, Excel, Power Point, Outlook
    •     Budget preparation experience
    •     Highly motivated, positive attitude
    •     Training experience
    •     Group presentation experience
    •     Proven retail sales success. A provable history of retail sales success and target
          over achievement
    •     High aptitude for fashion design, coordination, and display
    •     Professional attire and presentation
    •     Require automobile

    •     Speak, read and write Russian or English
    •     Computer: MS Office
    •     Previous department P&L responsibility
    •     Formal fashion education

Certifications: N/A

Expected Travel:         5%

Hours of operation:      Monday to Saturday. Hours as required. Must be flexible.

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