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									             Job Description for the Coordinator of the
       Grande Prairie and District Catholic Schools Foundation
Job Summary:
The Director is responsible for all day-to-day activities of the Foundation Office. He/She
coordinates a comprehensive program of raising funds, planned giving, gifts and pledges from
individual, corporate, institutional, service and community organizations.

With direction, guidance and advice from the Committee of Directors, the Coordinator designs,
plans and implements a wide range of activities to raise funds for and awareness of the Grande
Prairie and District Catholic Schools Foundation, according to the Foundation’s Five Year Plan.
The Committee reviews the Plan annually.

Areas of Responsibility:
Fundraising –

      Co-ordinate / administer all fundraising activities and programs designed to raise funds in
       support of the Catholic School District.

      Research, write and oversee production of all pertinent material necessary for the
       solicitation of gifts including case statements, personalized solicitation letters, brochures
       and advertisements.

      Oversee the receiving, acknowledgement, receipting, tracking and monitoring of
       donations and pledges.

      Develop, recommend and implement fundraising strategies to attract new donors and
       cultivate the present donor base to encourage higher giving levels.

Administration –

      Keep informed of and adhere to, all pertinent federal, provincial and municipal
       regulations pertaining to the Foundation or its activities.

Public/Community Relations –

      Maintain communication with donors to cultivate active interest in Catholic School
       activities and needs, with a view to enhancing their relationship with and giving to the

      Coordinate donor relations and recognition programs.

      Coordinate the development of all Foundation promotional materials including brochures,
       newsletters and public presentation materials.

      Attend special events and activities organized by the Foundation or run on its behalf.
      Plan, direct and provide leadership for Foundation special events.

      Liaise with the Parish Staff and the Catholic School’s Superintendent, Principals and

Performance Evaluation:

Conducted annually on or about the anniversary date of hiring.
To be conducted by the Foundation Committee or a Human Resources Committee appointed by
the Committee.

Produced March 2005

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