JOB DESCRIPTION Catering Assistant ACCOUNTABLE TO Head Chef by xln16516


									JOB DESCRIPTION:           Catering Assistant

ACCOUNTABLE TO:            Head Chef

RESPONSIBLE FOR:           Assisting in the provision of a high quality catering service

OVERALL PURPOSE:           To help provide catering for patients, staff, visitors and others

The Catering Assistants in conjunction with other members of the Catering department
work to ensure that Trinity delivers high quality, appetising food that has been prepared in
a safe, hygienic environment according to agreed policies & procedures.

Main Duties of Post

   Effective prioritization of the Catering Assistants’ workload in order to ensure timely
   completion of all work.

   To work in accordance with the catering rota and cope with varied and fluctuating
   workloads, sometimes under pressure

   Maintaining the cleanliness of the kitchen, its machinery and equipment

   Operation of the dishwasher or, when required, hand-washing of crockery, pans
   catering utensils etc

   Act as a ‘buddy’ for new starters in your area when requested, training and supporting
   them as required until such time that they are able to work alone

   To assist in the preparation of food including vegetables, salads and sandwiches as
   directed by the cook(s) on duty

   To utilise the online catering booking system to plan for and ensure the efficient and
   timely setting up and provision of catering for functions and meetings

   To maintain departmental records and checklists for audit purposes and/or as
   delegated by the cook(s) on duty

   To ensure that all commodities are used economically and according to any specified
   procedures, and that waste is kept to a minimum

   Maintain a high standard of personal hygiene as detailed in the Personal Hygiene

   Take orders for and serve meals to patients, staff and visitors as required

   Maintain security of cash and stock according to agreed procedures

   Report any accidents and/or incidents and be prepared to make a written statement of
   the same if necessary
   Assist cook(s) in ordering of commodities according to agreed procedures

   Accept and sign for catering deliveries, checking them as detailed in departmental

   Report any breakdown or defects in equipment or premises via the online Maintenance
   reporting system

   Observe safe working practices generally and in accordance with training and
   instruction received

   Completion of Risk Assessments as may be required within the Catering department
   according to instructions and training

   Completion of Hazard Analysis documentation as required

General Responsibilities

   To undertake all mandatory training as required by Trinity Hospice and Palliative Care
   Services and participate in appropriate in-service training as and when required

   Maintaining the strict confidentiality of all information acquired especially with regard to
   patients and staff

   To undertake an appraisal and personal development review annually and through self-
   development, continuously update and improve knowledge and competencies

   To be a co-operative and supportive member of the Trinity staff team, ensuring that all
   members are aware of any issues in the post holder’s workload, which may affect other
   members of the Trinity team

   To manage all volunteers utilised in your area and to develop effective working
   relationships providing regular feedback on their performance.

   To take responsibility for being up to date with current policies and procedures and to
   adhere to these.

   Co-operating fully in the introduction of any new technology and new methods as

   To promote at all times the Hospice philosophy and uphold the Trinity core values

   Any other duties that may be reasonably requested

Professional function

Not applicable for this post

This job description is not exhaustive and is subject to review in conjunction with the post-
           holder and according to future changes/developments in the service.
                                 PERSONAL SPECIFICATION

                                       Catering Assistant

                            CRITERIA                          E   D    METHOD OF
1.   Basic Food Hygiene                                               Certificate
1. Previous experience of catering` in a healthcare setting           Application form
                                                                  *   and/or interview

2. Previous experience of catering in a hotel environment             Application form
                                                                  *   and/or interview

Personal Attributes & Behaviours
1. Smart, tidy and clean.                                             Interview
2. Pleasant and approachable.                                         Interview
3. Conscientious and committed to providing a high quality            Application and/or
                                                              *       interview

4. Able to deal calmly with stressful situations.                     Interview
5. Enjoy cleaning.                                                    Application and/or
                                                                  *   interview
Knowledge, Skills & Abilities

1.   Able to work well in a team.                                   Application and/or
                                                                *   interview.

2.   Able to communicate well verbally.                             Interview.
3.   Able to follow instructions and also use own initiative.       Application and/or
                                                                *   interview.

4. Able to effectively prioritise workload.                         Application and/or
                                                                *   interview.

    These terms and conditions of employment are a brief outline of the contract.

JOB TITLE / GRADE                      Catering Assistant – part time

SALARY / RATE OF PAY                   Salary £7.69 per hour

ANNUAL LEAVE                           38 days inclusive of Bank Holidays (pro rata
                                       for part-time

HOURS OF DUTY                          21 hours per week


Period of Continuous Service              Months at Full Pay       Months at Half Pay

Less than 4 months                                1                         NIL
Over 4 months and up to 12 months                 1                          2
During second year                                2                          2
During third year                                 4                          4
During fourth and fifth year                      5                          5
After 5 years                                     6                          6

PROBATIONARY PERIOD                        Six months

APPOINTMENT                                Subject to satisfactory medical examination,
                                           references, enhanced CRB disclosure and
                                           proof of eligibility to work in the U.K.

PENSION SCHEME                             NHS Superannuation Scheme where
                                           applicable, Group Personal Pension Scheme

CLOSING DATE FOR APPLICATIONS              Thursday 5th March 2009

INTERVIEW DATE                             Tuesday 17th March 2009

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