The Process of Creating a Job Description by xln16516


									The Process of Creating a Job Description

 Remember to                                                                          Is there an
 update your job              No
                                           Do you need a                   Yes        existing job
 description                               job description?                           description?
 regularly eg                                                                                               No

                                                                                     Compare the
                        No                                                           exiting job
                                                                                     description with
                              Request that your                                      the advertised
                              appraiser explains                                     position you
                              in writing why                                         applied for.
 Organise a support           your job
 team if appropriate          description has
 eg library team,             been rejected.
                                                                                     Create a list of
 union field officer,
                                                                                     your current tasks
 SLANZA member
                                                                                     eg keep a diary for
                              Inform your union                                      a week noting
                              Field Officer.                    Not a union          tasks and times
 Request that the             Inform your                       member?              involved.
 person responsible           SLANZA regional
 for your appraisal           chair.
 read Guidelines
 for School                                                                          Discuss the list of
 Libraries                                                                           tasks with the other
 beforehand.                  Are you a member                                       members of your
                              of your                 No        We recommend
                                                                                     library team.
                              professional                      that you join for
                              organisation eg                   professional
 Make an                      SLANZA?                           support and
 appointment with                                               development.         Consult the
 the appropriate                                                                     SLANA web site
 person eg person                                                                    for generic job
 responsible for              Reappraise your
 your appraisal               situation—reapply,
                              accept or look for a
                              new position?

 Collect statistical
 data to support                                                                     Read the relevant
 your job                                                       We recommend         sections in your
                              Are you a member       No         that you join as     Collective Contract
 description eg
                              of a union eg NZEI                they can assist      eg NZEI
 claims and grades.
                                                                your application,
                                                                and better pay and
 Finalise your job                                                                   (Re-)Read
 description.                                                                        National Library
                                                                                     Guidelines for
                                                                                     School Libraries
                                                                                     eg pages 22–27
 Discuss your draft
 job description
 with a supportive                                         Consult your
 member of the                                             National Library
 Senior                      Consult your union            School Services           Draft your job
 Management Team             Field Officer                 Adviser                   description

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