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					Job Description

Job Title: Warehouse Supervisor

Functions: The person in this position is responsible for the warehousing of all
supplies and equipment and delivery of items to where they are needed.

Qualifications: The person in this position should have the following credentials:

      1.     High School diploma
      2.     At least six (6) years warehouse experience
      3.     Ability to work with people
      4.     Bondable

Reports To: This person is directly responsible to the Director of Field Services.

Performance Responsibilities:

      1.     Insure timely delivery of all items
      2.     Supervise all warehouse employees
      3.     Conduct inventory and maintain inventory at proper level
      4.     Make timely delivery of goods to schools and offices
      5.     Recommend items no longer useful to be declared surplus and sold
      6.     Receive money for goods sold and submit to purchasing
      7.     Determine items to be repaired
      8.     Operate and schedule courier system
      9.     See that supervisor is well informed at all times
      10.    Other duties as assigned by supervisor

Terms of Employment: Twelve months with salary in Group M,
Administrative/Supervisory Salary Schedule.

                                                                    Revised 4/05