HEADS OF DEPARTMENT OF MATHEMATICAL SCIENCES The Annual General Meeting has been arranged for Thursday 10th April 2003 at University of Greenwich at 5.40 p.m.

AGENDA 1 2 3 4 5 6 Apologies for Absence Minutes of Previous Meeting (held on 4th April 2002) attached Matters Arising not otherwise on the agenda Chairman’s Report Treasurer’s Report To elect Chair, Secretary and Treasurer: current officers are as follows:
Chair Vice-chair Secretary Treasurer Past Chair Professor Charles Goldie (Sussex) Professor Duncan Lawson (Coventry) Dr Neil Challis (Sheffield Hallam) Professor Martin Everett (Greenwich) Professor Ken Houston (Ulster) retiring 2003 retiring 2004 retiring 2003 retiring 2003 retiring 2003


To elect three members of the Committee: the current elected membership is as follows:
Dr Maia Angelova (Northumbria) Professor Peter Giblin (Liverpool) Mr Walter Middleton (Sunderland) Dr Alice Rogers (King’s College, London) Dr David Stirling (Reading) Dr Tony Wickstead (Queen’s, Belfast) retiring 2003 retiring 2004 retiring 2003 retiring 2004 retiring 2004 retiring 2003


Nominations will be invited for these four vacancies. To note that the co-opted members of the committee are
David Youdan (IMA) Professor Jim Howie (LMS) Professor Trevor Sweeting (RSS) Professor Jeff Griffiths (OR Society)


Any Other Business

Neil Challis Hon. Secretary

Heads of Departments of Mathematical Sciences Minutes of the Annual General Meeting, 4th April 2002 1. Present: Prof C Goldie (Chair), Dr N Challis (Secretary) and 39 others. 2. Apologies: Prof J Howie, Prof T Sweeting, Prof J Taylor, Prof N Steele 3. Minutes of previous meeting: The minutes of the AGM of 19th April 2001 were approved. 4. Matters arising: None. 5. Chairman's report: Prof Goldie's report was presented and is appended to these minutes. 6. Treasurer's report: Prof Everett presented a brief report, and accounts are appended for the last full academic year (1 September 2000 to 31 August 2001). The number of member departments is decreasing, with 52 subscriptions paid for 2001/2 at time of reporting, and one cause being the amalgamation of multiple departments. 7. Election of Officers: Chair, Secretary and Treasurer continue in office for another year. The Vice Chair Prof Nigel Steele retired through ill health, and thanks were proffered for his contribution over some years. Prof Duncan Lawson was elected to the committee and to the role of Vice Chair. 8. Election of Committee Members: To avoid excessive simultaneous retirements in the following year, two committee members (Prof P Giblin and Dr D Stirling) had retired early and been co-opted. Prof D Fearn had retired normally. There were thus four vacancies, and members were elected to these as follows for a period of two years in each case: Prof P Giblin (Liverpool) Prof Duncan Lawson (Coventry) (Also Vice Chair) Dr Alice Rogers (King's College, London) Dr David Stirling (Reading) The Chair proposed a vote of thanks to the co-optees on the committee: to Dr Adrian Lepper at his last meeting, having represented the IMA over a considerable period; to Prof M Dodson retiring as LMS representative to be replaced by Prof J Howie, who also adds Scottish representation; to Prof J Griffiths who has joined the committee to represent the OR Society, and adds Welsh representation; and to Prof T Sweeting for continuing to represent the RSS. The Committee now therefore comprises: Prof C Goldie (Chair) Retires 2003 Prof D Lawson (Vice-Chair) Retires 2004 Dr N Challis (Secretary) Retires 2003 Prof M Everett (Treasurer) Retires 2003

Prof K Houston (retiring Chair) Dr M Angelova Prof P Giblin Mr W Middleton Dr A Rogers Dr D Stirling Prof A Wickstead Vacancy (IMA) Prof J Griffiths (OR Society) Prof J Howie (LMS) Prof T Sweeting (RSS)

Retires 2003 Retires 2003 Retires 2004 Retires 2003 Retires 2004 Retires 2004 Retires 2003 Co-opted Co-opted Co-opted Co-opted

9. AOB: Prof Houston requested that each member help to keep the MathsHeads list up to date by informing the list administrators of any changes.

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