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									CONSUMER AND FAMILY SCIENCES Transition to Teaching Program Early Adolescence and Adolescence/Young Adulthood Rules 2002 Compatible Areas/Acceptable Undergraduate Majors Various Family and Consumer Sciences-related fields of study such as Dietetics, Human Development, Hospitality, Culinary areas, Textiles, Interior Design, Career Development, Interpersonal Relationships, etc. Compatible Work Experience If the undergraduate overall GPA is between 2.5 and 2.9 at the time of degree completion, documentation is required to verify a minimum of five years work experience in a related field. Content Knowledge Assessed/Transcript Evaluation Family and Consumer Sciences (FACS) Education TTT applicants will be required to demonstrate knowledge and application of the 11 Family and Consumer Sciences content areas included under Standard 2 of the Indiana Standards for Teachers of Family and Consumer Sciences (            Career, Community, and Family Connections Culinary Arts and Food Service Consumer Economics and Resource Management Early Childhood Education Family and Consumer Sciences Process Areas: Critical Thinking, Communication , Leadership and Management Family and Interpersonal Health, Nutrition and Wellness Housing and Design Human Development Parenting Textiles and Apparel Semester Hours PROFESSIONAL EDUCATION EDCI 59300 Introductory TTT Seminar 1

The twelve (12) remaining credits will be six (6) credits of Family and Consumer Sciences 12 (FACS) education courses and six (6) credits of the pedagogical core (such as special education, multicultural education, technology education, etc.) that will be identified based on the TTT candidate’s individual needs and will be determined after consultation with an advisor in Consumer and Family Sciences Education. EDCI 69500 EDCI 59400 Internship in Education* Capstone TTT Seminar 3 2 _____ Total * The EDCI 69500 Internship in Education spans 16 weeks; eight weeks in a middle school setting and eight weeks in a high school setting. This internship also may be completed with a teaching position held in conjunction with an Emergency Permit. 11/08 18

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