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									 Note: Instructions on how to complete each section are given in the boxes attached to
 various sections. Please do not include the boxes when submitting the proposal.


1. Objectives of project          Describe why the project is needed

     i. Objectives
              a) To provide a flexible working environment
              b) To take care of employees so that they are productive at work.
              c) To recruit and retain talented staff, particularly when there is limited pool of
                   experienced talents available in the industry.

                                                                  Note: Applicant only need to provide
     ii. Staff profile                                            detailed staff profile of employees on
                                                                  key programmes

        The company has 30 staff, of which we intend to place 10 staff on the telecommuting
        program. Details of the 10 staff as follows:

        S/N   Name                Designation                Main job responsibilities
        1     Aaron Lim           Director                       Oversees company operations
        2     Beatrice Yeo        General Manager                Oversees shipping operations
        3     Carl Tay            Sales Manager                  In charge of sales department.
                                                                 Make sales calls at clients’ offices
        4     Michael Tee         Sales Executive                Make sales calls at clients’ offices
        5     Jason Tan           Sales representative           Prepares sales documentation
        6     Jane Chia           Inventory Executive            Check inventory on board ships
        7     Winnie Lau          Operation Executive            Prepares shipping documentation
        8     Mohd Shak Ismail    Operation Executive            Prepares shipping documentation
        9     Janice Wee          Admin officer                  Handles all office administration
        10    Serene Aw           Finance/admin executive        Handles all finance, HR and admin

                                               Note: Please provide sample survey completed by employees
    iii. Employee Needs Assessment

        Item                  Details
        Mode of assessment Survey/ Focus group/ Meetings/Interview (*delete accordingly)
        No. of respondents    27
        Work-Life issues identified
        a) Work overloading and long working hours (75%)
        b) Heavy commitments in life eg. children, family (50%)
                  Work-Life suggestions made
                  a) Pay more attention to employees (12.5%)
                  b) Implement 5-day work week (37.5%)
                  c) Improve work system to increase efficiency (25%)
                  d) More welfare for employees (37.5%)

                                      Note: This section explains the main purpose of the project, items
        2. Project Plan               that will be purchased, as well as specific examples of how the
                                      items purchased will be used

                i. Description of Work-Life programs                    Include only programmes which are
                                                                        partially funded by WoW! Fund

                           a) Telecommuting
                               I. Offer the option for management and sales staff to work from home at
                                  least once per week.
                              II. Employees do not need to return office unless there are meetings.
                             III. To provide remote access for 10 staff.

                           b) Developing a flexible benefits program
                               I. To provide a variety of benefits to staff with a fixed budget, so that staff
                                  can choose the benefits that fit them most
                              II. This will be provided to all 30 staff

               ii. Description of other current or new Work-Life programs

Include programmes
                           a) Compressed 5-day work week with flexi start-and-end hours
which will be offered as
part of the Work-Life          I. 5-day work week to allow employees spend more time over weekend
package but not directly          with families
funded by WoW! Fund.          II. Employees can choose to start work at either fixed specified time or
This allow us to                  anytime between 8am to 9am from Monday to Friday. The core
understand your entire            working hours is 10am to 4pm.
Work-Life package to
make a better assessment     III. Implemented to all 30 employees

                           b) Part-time
                              I. Offer part-time working arrangement to mothers who need to take care
                                 of their young children on case-by-case basis
                                 Note: This section shows the approximate timeframe plan for the project.
   iii. Time frame               The sample shows a 1-year plan for project estimated to start in May 07

                 a)   Work-Life Training                             - Feb 07 (Before project)
                 b)   Purchase of equipment                          - May 07
                 c)   Setup of system and policies                   - May – Jun 07
                 d)   Implementation of project                      - Jun 07 – Feb 08
                 e)   Staff post-project evaluation                  - Mar 08
                 f)   Review and final report                        - Mar 08

3. Proposed Outcome Targets

    This section details the targets which the applicant is committing to as part of the WoW! Fund package.

    For the remaining 60% of the grant, applicants will need to propose outcomes on number of employees
    benefiting from the proposed project:
    “X” number of employees on Flexible Work Arrangements (FWA), or who have benefited from other Work-
    Life programs if FWA is not the focus of the project; and/or
    “Y” number of employees with specific needs who are hired or facilitated to remain in company, e.g. mothers
     i. children below the outcomes
    with Overview of 12 years, older workers above 50 years
    Applicant proposing targets on employees with specific needs (i.e. second group) will receive priority in

           a) 5 employees on Telecommuting
           b) 1 mother with newborn whom we target to retain in the company by offering the
              part-time working arrangement.
                                                              Note: This list of staff will form the preliminary
                                                              committed outcome targets for the applicant. If there is
                                                              any staff movement, e.g turnover, new hires, a revised
    ii. Details of Employee Beneficiaries                     list will be requested at the final report

          Work-Life           Name of             How proposed outcome will help beneficiaries in brief
          Outcome             employee
          Telecommuting       Aaron Lim           He needs to travel about thrice per month. Previously,
                              Director            documents which require his attention will have to wait till his
                              S1653890C           return. With remote access, he can settle the outstanding
                                                  issues when required. He can now monitor work progress
                                                  easily and need not worry even on 2-week business trips.
          Telecommuting       Beatrice Yeo        She had thought of quitting after giving birth in Dec 2006.
          Retained mother     General Manager     With the option of part-time working, she can choose to work
                              S2177851C           less and spend time with her family.
          Telecommuting       Carl Tay            He is able to help out with his wife on taking care of their 2
                              Sales Manager       young children, age 3 and 5, such as sending them to school
                              S0528736B           and monitoring their schoolwork. His commuting time will
                                                     be reduced.
            Telecommuting       Michael Tee          His commuting time will be reduced. He need not stay in the
                                Sales Executive      office for OT and can spend more time with his family.
            Telecommuting       Jason Tan            His commuting time will be reduced.. As a single, he can
                                Sales Executive      spend more time on social activities after work.

     iii. Measurable business outcomes

        These are outcomes which the applicant will track throughout and after the project. To retain the first
        40% of the grant disbursed, applicant must show effort towards addressing the Work-Life needs of
        employees. These include:

             Conducted employees needs assessment;
             Developed a Work-Life strategy/plan to address these issues;
             Sent relevant staff to attend Work-Life training; and
             Tracked how staff are impacted by the Work-Life programmes e.g. turnover, absenteeism, overheads,

             a) Employee Turnover Rate
             b) Employee Opinion Survey Rating
             c) Cost savings arising from programmes

4. Project Budget

                                                For official use only
Items                           Projected       Claimable cost ($)        Details on how item support
                                cost ($)1       (Claimable cost after     project2
                                                cap) ($)
a) Server & laptops                 8,000          5,000 (IT Cap)         To support telecommuting
b) Vendor to develop                6,000                4,200            To provide flexible-benefit program to
flexible-benefit program for                                              allow staff variety of benefits at similar
30 staff                                                                  costs
c) Work-Life training course        1,000                 700             To have a better understanding on the
( 2 pax)                                                                  Work-Life concepts
d) Consultancy                      5,000                3,500            To employ consultant to lead the project

Total grant                                        10,000 (Cap)
Initial disbursement                                   4,000

         The cap for IT infrastructure is $5,000.
         Provide details and justification how this purchase will facilitate your Work-Life project. Provide
quotations for the purchase.
5. Consultancy         Note: Only Work-Life consultants approved by MOM will be funded
                       for training or consultancy

     i. Details of consultant
                a) Consultant company:     ABC Consultancy Pte Ltd
                b) Consultant:             Ms Sharon Tan

    ii. Consultancy proposal (attached)

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