Powel Business Process ManageMent for sMart Metering

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					Product fact sheet

    Powel Business Process ManageMent
    for sMart Metering
    Powel’s Smart Metering Suite offers a scalable, vendor independent software platform with the most advanced
    Business Process Management (BPM) and Orchestration functionality dramatically increasing operational control,
    flexibility and cost savings.

    added functionality               time and coSt SavingS               BenefitS acroSS the
    • Facilitating advanced Smart     • Automated business processes      entire value chain
      Metering infrastructure           and optimized workflows           • Extending the Smart Metering
    • Automatic execution of a com-   • Minimized need for human            value chain internally and
      plete range of functionality      intervention                        externally
    • Easy redesign of ready-made     • Efficient handling of large       • Efficient and controlled secure
      basic Smart Metering              volumes of data                     access to information
      processes                       • Responsive and efficient            and functionality                 business processes around
    • User-friendly Web-based           handling of events,               • Easy and accessible               smart energy meters with the
      user interfaces for               exceptions and errors               communication through             help of a model-driven plat-
      operational management          • Maximum control over                web service interface             form that is based entirely on
    • Comprehensive monitoring          processes ,workflows and          • Improved basis for
      and KPI dashboard                 activities                          decision making
                                                                                                              Service Oriented Architecture
      functionality                   • Increased responsiveness to       • Easy integration with business    principles.
    • Flexible adoption to market       new needs and developments          systems for ERP, CRM, GIS and
      developments through a visual   • Improved reliability of             SCM                             Smart energy meters can
      model-driven solution             information                       • Introducing new business        provide real-time informa-
                                      • Increased First-Time-Right rate     opportunities
                                                                                                            tion on energy consumption,
                                                                                                            solve interference issues,
                                                                                                            improve fraud detection,
                                                                                                            simplify relocation processes
    Smart metering iS the future                                                                            - and much more. Ready-
    Today’s energy and utility companies are being challenged to             made basic processes for data collection, handling and
    operate effectively in an ever-changing market environment.              steering commands and the handling of events and errors
    Smart Metering is increasingly becoming a critical building              are just the starting point for innovating these business
    block for the utilities of the future, because it will simultan-         processes. The handling of events and processes can easily
    eously improve consumption measurement and enhance the                   be adjusted or extended, and all processes are covered by
    utilities’ ability to implement smart grid functionality.                the comprehensive process monitoring and KPI dashboard
    Powel is one of the most experienced players within the
    Smart Metering business with more than ten years success                 New technologies and market models make high demands
    in commercial, industrial and large scale residential meter-             on the flexibility of installed solutions. It is critical to be able
    ing programs.                                                            to integrate emerging experiences and developments quickly.
                                                                             The Powel Smart Metering Suite takes advantage of Cordys’
    innovating Smart metering                                                visual tools to map different market models within the
    BuSineSS ProceSSeS                                                       system and the Business Process Management functionality
    Powel’s Smart Metering Suite embedded with Cordys, en-                   makes it possible to quickly re-engineer and re-deploy exist-
    ables energy companies not only to implement an advanced                 ing processes in a safe way to adapt to new insights. Follow-
    Smart Metering infrastructure, but also give them the opp-               ing authorization, the relevant action is handled by the meter
    ortunity to design, execute, monitor and change automated                or the metadata database.

POWEL ASA                NO-7037 Trondheim          Phone: +47 73 80 45 00     info@powel.com
Klæbuveien 194           NORWAY                     Fax:   +47 73 80 45 01     www.powel.com
   Powel also offers a convenient
   and user-friendly dashboard
   for operational management,
   enabling smart energy meters to
   be automatically read on a daily
   basis. It is also possible to issue
   specific commands from the
   dashboard, enabling functions
   such as Connect, Disconnect,
   Change Tariff and Direct Meter
   Read to be activated at the
   touch of a button.

   extending the Smart
   metering value chain
   The owner of the smart meter
   is responsible for the operation
   of the meter and related com-
   munications. Through the agreed                             Flexible workflow with real-time insight into work processes and system activities

                                         communication protocols and after authorization, the system operator gives other market
                                         participants access to the functionality of the smart energy meter. Based on these pro-
      Enabling energy com-               tocols, system operators can design efficient and easy-to-control processes, and enable
      panies to benefit from             other parties both to access raw data from the smart meters and to issue commands.
      increased control, flex-
      ibility and cost savings           The communication between Powel and the market participants are based on open
                                         standards, such as Web services, increasing the usability and flexibility of the solu-
                                         tion. Furthermore, Web 2.0 user interfaces (forms and views) are easily adaptable to
                                         the needs of users. Finally, Powel uses a highly scalable Oracle database enabling the
                                         design, operation and support of large numbers of meters and business processes.

      aBout Powel                        enaBling increaSed control, flexiBility and coSt SavingS
      Powel is responsible for           Powel’s Smart Metering Suite offers a complete range of functionality, including
                                         Data Collection, Meter Management, Data Management, Event Handling and Asset
      controlling and reading
                                         Management. All relevant processes are executed automatically. This is of crucial
      more than one million              importance as the meters supply large volumes of data every day for processing
      smart energy meters                and analysis, making it vital to handle events and errors efficiently. To facilitate this
      throughout Scandinavia             process, Powel’s SOA approach makes it easy to integrate with widely used business
      and has a long history of          systems for ERP, CRM and GIS. Based on the relevant decision models and automatic
      helping customers solve            workflows, Powel ensures that the daily processing is optimized securely without the
                                         need for human intervention. This enables energy companies to improve the re-
      challenges unique to the
                                         liability of their information while simultaneously saving time and money.
      energy sector. Powel has
      embedded Cordys process            Powel’s Smart Metering Suite provides a complete management system with central-
      innovation functionality on        ized control, automated workflow and a high degree of flexibility and scalability. Using
      top of its existing solutions      the technology, energy businesses can retain control and respond flexibly to the new
      allowing energy companies          opportunities offered by smart energy meters.
      to monitor transactions,
                                         aBout cordyS
      analyze and continuously           Cordys is a global provider of software for business process innovation and
      improve processes.                 Enterprise Cloud Orchestration. Cordys offers next generation Business Process
                                         Management, Master Data Management, a scalable SOA Grid and Business Activity
                                         Monitoring in one platform that can be deployed as a SaaS solution: www.cordys.com