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									                                Sales Process Flow Chart

Developing                                                       Marketing Prepares
‘Suspects’                                                      Business Development
                                                                    * Advertising
                        Sales Manager (SM) Makes                      Press Releases
                         Status Check Phone Calls                  * Trade Shows
                     * Quarterly to Selected Customers         * Direct Communication
                      * Monthly to Small Distributors            * User Conferences
                      * Weekly to Large Distributors

                    Significant Items                                                                 Marketing
                      Recorded in                                                                      Provides
                       Goldmine                                                                    Distributors with
                                                                                                      * Mailshot
                                                                                                      * Cold Call
                                                               Customer Responses:                     Materials
                      SM Visits to Distributors:                  * Bingo Cards
                    (Quarterly- large distributors;                  * Email
                  semi-annually – small distributors)              * Phone Call
                           * Review Forecast                     * Business Card
                       * Review Key Prospects
                        * Joint Customer Visits
                         * Blue Sheet Review
                   * Review sales / marcoms needs
                        * Provide sales training                   SalesAdmin:
                                                               Log Info in Goldmine
                 Significant Items                                  Advise SM
                   Recorded in
                                                               Respond to Customer:
                                                                    * Literature
                                                                      * Email
                                                                   * Phone call

                 Application Engineer (AE)
                    Visits to Distributors
                    (as agreed with SM):                     Customer Interest from:
                   Joint Customer Visits                     * Marketing Campaign
                                                             * Distributor Contacts
                 Provide Technical Training
                                                                * SE Phone Calls
                                                           * Product Support Contacts
                                                         * Prior Contact with Company

                                                                   Sales Admin:
                                                               Logs Info in Goldmine
                                                                   Advises SM

                                                                SM Qualifies the Prospect
                                                           (via direct phone or via distributor)
                                                                  * Prospect’s business
                                                                    * Buying concept
                                                                       * Application
                                                                         * Budget
                                                                         * Timing
                                                                   * Buying influences
                      Engineering Review                             * Product needs
                   * Possible phone call to or                * Non-standard requirements
                      visit with customer                    (Non-standard requirements &
                    * Provide advice to SM                  opportunities >£250k referred to

                                                                                     Info Logged
                                                                                     in Goldmine
                         Info Logged                                          Info Logged
                         In Goldmine                                          in Goldmine

                             AE May Telephone                                       SM May Visit Customer
                                  Customer                                    (if opportunity is large or strategic)
                         * To discuss technical issues                             * To build the Relationship
                            * Resolve open issues                                 * Continue the Qualification
                              * Advise the SM                                                Process

                            AE May Visit Customer
                      (as requested by SM to qualify the
                             customer technically):
                              * Discuss application
                          * Contact buying influences
                        * Discuss product performance
                           * Present Sp irent solution                                  Customer Requests
                             * Differentiate Spirent                                    Proposal & Quote
                       * Overcome technical objections
                      Info Logged
                      In Goldmine

                                   Sales Admin                                            * Defines Quote
                                 * Prepares QPA                                          * Defines Proposal
                               * Obtains Approvals                                       * Initiates QPA (if

                                   Filed in       Sales Admin
                                  Goldmine       Prepares Quote

                                      Filed in               AE                               Reviews Quote &
           Engineering               Goldmine         Prepares Technical                          Proposal
        Provide Technical                               Proposal (with                       Attaches Electronic
       Assistance (if req’d)                         Engineering, if req’d)                       Signature
                                                                                            Transmits to Customer

Closing the
                                                                         Logged in      Follow-up Phone Call(s) or
                                                                         Goldmine      Visit by SM (or via distributor)
                                                                                            * Review Proposal & Quote
                                                                                               * Needs confirmation
                                                       AE Customer                          * Contact buying influences
                                                     Contact to Resolve                          * Confirm timing
                                                      Technical Issues                         * Differentiate Spirent
                                                                                              * Overcome objections

                        Customer Requires
                         Formal Contract:
                         MD involved in
                                                                                          Purchase Order or Signed
                      Negotiation & Approval
                                                                                             Contract Received

                                                                                Sales Admin obtains User Customer
                                                                                details & enters information in HEAT
                                                                             Sales Admin
                                                                          Acknowledges Order
Begin Contract

       Sales Order                    Sales Admin                                    Sales Admin
       Follow-up     * Provide soft copy of Welcome Letter to                   * Provide website login
                     Production. Letter includes statement of thanks,              & password to SF
                     our contact details, website access information,
                                                                                   Customer Support
                     SM electronic signature
                                                        All other

                               * Prints Welcome Letter
                          * Attaches system-specific information
                       * Includes Letter & attachment in box with
                                                                                             Includes system-specific
                                         product                                          information in the box with the

                                  Sales Admin
                            (2 weeks after shipment)
                         * Email to distributor: ‘everything
                              received in good order?’
                         * Reminder to SM, via Goldmine, to
                                  contact customer

                     Except customers served
                          by W. Sales

                     SM call to distributor or call/visit with customer
                            (within 2-3 months of shipment)
                         * ‘Is your equipment operating OK?’
                         * If ‘yes’ – ‘pleased to be of service!’
                          * If ‘no’ – initiate corrective action
                     Except customers served
                          by W. Sales

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