ETD Specialist Project Manager Mentorship Manager Financial by jls43972


									                          Board of Directors

                           Governing Board

                         Programme Director
                                 LE Nombe

ETD Specialist     Project Manager          Mentorship        Financial
                                             Manager          Manager

  MD Ditmars            L Jiya               RM Loate            R Taole

Master Trainer &                 Mentors            Admin & Data Processor

     F Rekhotso                  S Makgae                  S Modipa

     Trainers                    K Wessie

    K Mothosola

    Organisation Personnel Team

    Name           Title            Education                      Work Experience

    LE Nombe       Programme        D Phil Nursing, MSC Nursing,   Director of Seboka 3 years
                   Director         B.A. Cur Honours               District Manager Heath NWP – 8 yrs.
                                                                   Senior Lecturer Uniwest in Research
                                                                   Methodology– 8yrs. Community health
                                                                   Nurse PHC 15 yrs
    MD Ditmars     Education        BA Hons Ed                     Project Manager Seboka 2½ years
                   Training &       Assessor & Moderator (ETDP)    ETD Practitioner 6 years
                   Development                                     Monitoring & Evaluation 3 years
    L Jiya         Project          B Com Economics (Hons)         Teacher/Facilitator 5 years Denel
                   Manager                                         Management 4 years
    RM Loate       Mentorship       Dip B/Man.(under-graduate)     Trainer and Mentor Seboka 2½ years
                   Manager          Pastel accounting              VEP Coordinator 2 years ADAPT
                                    Mentor(MRN)                    Store Manager –Diskom Stores 3yrs

    R Taole        Financial        B Com (under-graduate)         Finance Manager Seboka 8 months

    K. Wessie
    F Rekhotso     Master Trainer   BA. (Vista)                    Master trainer Seboka 2 years Healthy
                                    Assessor (ETDP)                Workplace Management Life skills
                                    Mentor (MRN)                   facilitator 1 year, NW Dept. Education
                                    Master Training (Soul City)    1year – Butti & Ass.
    K Mothosola    Trainer &        Senior Certificate             Trainer and Counsellor Seboka 3 years
    S Makgae       Mentor           Senior Certificate             Mentor Seboka 2yrs
                                    Dip. Computer Literacy
    S Modipa       Admin & Data     Senior Certificate             Trainer and Counsellor Seboka 3 years

       NB/three of our mentors attended the assessor course training and two has attended
       mentors training courses – awaiting completion of their Portfolios for certification

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