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                     BEING AN EXCELLENT
                      PROJECT MANAGER
                         Andrew Beard

16th January 2007
Making it Happen
Philharmonic Hall, Liverpool
Who is the Project Manager?
  Complex projects often have several clients
  Project Manager may also have role of client
  Can be direct client for community projects
  eg public realm, community facilities
  Project Manager / client for consultants or design advisers
  eg master-planning
  Procurer of developers eg housing, city centre sites

Project Managers can be employed from an external
organisation, but who manages the Project Managers?
Southey Owlerton Area Regeneration

Hub and parks schemes project managed by HMR project team
What are the responsibilities of the
Project Manager?

   Influence nature and character of large areas of the city
   Lead and coordinate project team
   Protect community interests – public servants
   Ensure positive social impact
   Manage quality – delivery to agreed standards
   Manage programme – delivery on time
   Manage budget – delivery within budget
   Ensure long term viability – sustainability
Community engagement and the
Project Manager

  Manages consultation with the community
  Participation or public relations?
  Guardian of the city – public realm etc
  Establish community ownership of projects

Exhibition over a weekend in    Southey Owlerton residents
city centre for a city centre   visit housing schemes prior
                                to interviewing and selecting
The Fourth Grace, Liverpool
Public poll for preferred project.
Alsop design received lowest number of votes.
Planning the project

  Project plan
      - identify vision and objectives
      - map out stages
  Business plan / feasibility study to assess viability
  Sufficient capacity and resources to successfully deliver
  Realistic timetable
  Political and stakeholder support
Project brief      Fully explains to project delivery team
how to reach required destination.
        Key objectives
        Context / background information
        Urban design and town planning context
        Parameters – quality, time and cost
        Technical information
CABE diagram of inputs to brief
Procuring the right team

 Crucial to get the right people
 A second rate team will rarely deliver an excellent project
 Right skills and experience essential
 Client Design Advisers
 Need a strong project champion
 Design champion
Behind every excellent project lies an
excellent client
                 Tate Modern

                      Sir Nicholas Serota,
                      Director, Tate Gallery
Selecting a procurement process

 Design competitions
 Developer architect competitions
 Two stage competition
 Negotiation or partnering
Design competition

Bluecoat Gallery extension
Open design competition won by BIQ Architecten, Rotterdam
1. Strong leadership
                                    Single minded
                                    Problem solving

                                    Provide strong leadership

Ideally all the clients will possess these qualities
2. Committed to team working

                                       Specialist Advisers

                                                    Design Team

                     CLIENT Team

 The Board

                                                  Construction Team

                       Design and Construction
                       consultants and advisers
Get the right structure for the
project delivery
 Understand everyone’s roles and powers
 Project Team - involving all key players
 Steering group(s) - of stakeholders
 Advisory group – experts, influencers
 Project board – executive decision makers
Project teams working in a
collaborative way
    Ensure appropriate membership
    Regular meetings, properly recorded
    Build team culture
    Identify positive outcomes
    Clearly defined responsibilities
    Shared ownership of decisions
    Clear prioritization – all pulling together
    Rapid clearing of blockages
    Establish milestones
    Monitor progress
    Celebrate successes!
3. Clear about the vision
Clarity of aims
Link vision to objectives
Well defined outputs
Regular monitoring
4. Learn from other projects

  Foresight        Insight     Hindsight
                        Don’t reinvent wheels
                        Find successful exemplars
                        Monitor journals
                        Look for useful websites
                        Spread word of successes

Selwyn Street, Oldham
Dean Aggett
5. Develop a clear brief

                             VISION STATEMENT


                               MARKET BRIEF

                           DEVELOPER SUBMISSIONS

                             EXCELLENT SCHEME
6. Enough at the right time


VALUE                                         COST
        Prepare        Design   Development

Set a realistic timetable
Invest time at the outset
Ensure sufficient resources
Get commitment from key players
Set milestones
Monitor regularly and honestly
Sign off key stages
7. Find the right partners

     Funders – English Partnerships, etc
     Other agencies – health, education etc
     Design Teams
     Advisers – CABE etc
     Local businesses
8. Involve stakeholders
Develop strategies to involve all relevant stakeholders:
- residents
- Council members
- senior officers
- schools and education providers
- health services
- businesses
- public transport

Establishes ownership of the project

Ensures appropriate context
– social, cultural, economic, physical
9. Be flexible and adaptable
  Respond to changes
  Have strategies to overcome problems
  But maintain vision
10. Commit to sustainability
Sustainable communities
Location and access
Materials: robust, non-toxic, easy
Energy efficiency
Flexibility and adaptability
11. Adequate budgets to ensure viability
                                    Cost £ per sq m
Ensure an adequate budget for project
Ensure adequate resources for project
Establish capital receipt/ quality balance
Understand financial constraints
Monitor viability/ costs regularly
Get approval for financial changes
12. Plan a review process

 Special session of Project Group to review
 successes and shortcomings
 Seek feedback from stakeholders
 Post completion evaluation
 Identify lessons for future
 Publicise successes
 Communicate to others
 Twelve key ways to be a successful client
1 Provide strong leadership
2 Commit to team working
3 Clear about vision
4 Learn from other projects
5 Develop a clear brief
6 Enough time at the right time
7 Find the right partners
8 Involve stakeholders
9 Be flexible and adaptable
10 Commit to sustainability
11 Adequate budget for viability
12 Plan a review process

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