(Senior Project Manager) Information Technology Management Consultant by jls43972


									(Senior Project Manager) Information Technology Management Consultant

Position Summary:

Under the general supervision of the Deputy Chief Information Officer in the Department of Workforce
Development, Chief Information Office, Project Management Office. This position is assigned project
management and portfolio management related duties. The position will act as a project manager for
large, complex projects. The position will also assist in the development, implementation and
management of agency IT portfolio and project management policies and procedures within the Project
Management Office (PMO). This position provides training and mentoring related to PMO systems, and
portfolio management policies and procedures and the agency project management methodology.

Because of the nature of the project assignments, the incumbent must maintain a working knowledge of
information technology and best practice for the deployment of information technology.

Goals and Worker Activities:

40%    A.      Manage one or more projects within the constraints of scope, quality, time, and cost, to
               deliver specified requirements and meet customer satisfaction. Deliver to time and cost
               within agreed tolerances, balancing the needs of project, client, organization
       A1.     Manage projects for PMO or the CIO’s office according to the DWD Project
               Management methodology.
       A2.     Assist in the development and management of the Business Case, Justification, and Cost
               Benefit Analysis, as appropriate
       A3.     Perform facilitated planning sessions to build consensus among project team members
               regarding task definitions, task sequencing and task interrelationships and dependencies
               with the project. Based on the finding from these sessions, create, review, and update
               program/project schedules, supporting documents and corresponding project management
       A4.     Clearly define milestones and deliverables and ensure all project requirements and
               objectives are properly documented
       A5.     Manage sign-off of key deliverables such as scope, budget, schedule, quality, and
       A6.     Manage project schedules using the full capabilities of Microsoft Project.
       A7.     Monitor project schedule baselines, status of key milestones, and deliverables.
       A8.     Establish and update plans with actuals and forecasts.
       A9.     Monitor project budgets
       A10.    Monitor issue resolution.
       A11.    Manage change control process. And document, obtain approval, and track all changes in
               project parameters
       A12.    Conduct regular status meetings with team members, stakeholders, and sponsor.
       A13.    Prepare project reports and presentations for project status meetings, for senior managers,
               and other stakeholders.
       A14.    Conduct risk reviews and facilitate project risk reviews and appropriate mitigation
       A15.    Work with technical and business managers to select, develop and oversee an effective
               team and allocate team members to project tasks.
       A16.    Measure and report progress of project teams weekly to project team members and
       A17.    Guide and evaluate the performance of the project team.
       A18.    Oversee and manage supplier and contractor representatives
       A19.    Conduct Quality Assurance reviews.
       A20.    Monitor and report on cost and performance criteria and metrics.
       A21.    Prepare an end of project report
30%    B.      Provide consultation, training, coaching and mentoring to agency project managers,
               agency managers and other PMO customers.
         B1.     Maintain a high level of knowledge of PMO policies, procedures and processes.
         B2.     Create and present PMO related briefings and training sessions.
         B3.     Provide PMO customers with portfolio management and project management
                 consultation services.
         B4      Guide agency staff in the use of standard agency project management.
         B5.     Use project schedule and work breakdown structure produced from the methodology tool
                 to guide team in the implementation of the project.
         B6.     Increase project management skills through discussions and demonstrations of processes,
                 techniques, templates, best practices, etc.
         B7.      Provide mentoring to agency staff on project management best practices and techniques.
         B8.     Assist individuals and teams in resolving project management questions and problems
                 that need to be addressed.
         B9.     Provide feedback to the PMO on changes to improve processes and deliverables based on
                 working with project managers, team members and other stakeholders.

25%     C.       Assist in the development, implementation and management of portfolio management
                 and project management policies and methodologies.
         C1.     Assist the manager in the development of portfolio management and project management
                 policies, and methodology including procedures, processes, templates, etc.
         C2.     Review portfolio management and project management written policies, procedures and
                 processes and provide critical feedback.
         C3.     Create or assist in the creation of informational and instructional presentations related to
                 portfolio management and project management policies, procedures and processes.
         C4.     Execute training and communication plans related to portfolio management and project
                 management policies, procedures and processes implementation.
         C5.     Participate in the development of the project management repository structure and design.
         C6.     Develop repository processes and procedures, including document submission, approval,
                 and categorization and purging.
         C7.     Coordinate common processes for document management procedures that can be used
                 internally on individual project teams.
         C8.     Review deliverable submissions and determines how the document should be categorized
                 in the repository.
         C9.     Work with the PMO staff and BITS on marketing strategies to increase the use of the
                 repository. Determines ways that the repository can be better leveraged by the
         C10.    Work with large project teams that need to create project specific document management
         C11.    Track access to the repository to gauge its effectiveness and usage.

5%       D.      Participation in Employee Development Programs.
         D1.     Consult with business analyst and technical staff from DWD and other agencies about
                 current and future technical projects focusing on new technologies they are deploying.
         D2.     Read books, periodicals, and other internal documents to improve knowledge of the DWD
                 and industry best practices.
         D3.     Attend schools, conferences, training sessions and workshops to stay current in IT best
         Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities Requirements
         Goal orientation and action-focused, pragmatic and self-disciplined, good at project planning,
         organizing, communication, team motivation and delegation
     Ability to work independently and to learn and acquire information independently.

     Expert knowledge of project management and facilitation principles. Including:
     • Planning and estimating
     • Scope Management
•   Budget Management
•   Risk and Issue Management
•   Time Management
•   Quality Management,
•   Communications Management
•   Estimating Techniques
•   Project Work breakdown structures (WBS development)
•   Use of scheduling tool, i.e. Microsoft Project or Open Workbench

Expert knowledge of systems development:
• Understand business and technology requirements.
• Convert business requirements to technology system requirements.
• Recognize how and when to improve a process or system.
• Recommend and implement change.
• Thoroughly understand system development life cycle and activities.

    Project and Process Management Skills.

    Demonstrated proficiency and experience in project management Strong working knowledge of
    project management principles

    Demonstrated knowledge and experience in systems development methodologies and best
    practices. 10+ years in systems development, integration and support. Full understanding of the
    development life cycle.

    Excellent verbal and communication skills

    Ability to identify issues and risks.

    Able to direct project outcome based on long term business objectives.

    Microsoft Project skills

    People Management Skills


    Good listening skills

    Providing performance feedback to staff

    Ability to coach and advise other project managers.

    Excellent interpersonal and communication skills.

    Ability to 'see the big picture' and remain objective.

    Flexibility and adaptability to ever-changing goals and objectives.

    Adaptability; self-starter; team player; quality minded; focused; committed; work independently.

    Able to stay committed to long-term project goals.

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