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					                 ZIE (UK)

Project Management – Special Interest Group

           26th September 2009

     Prepared By : Wilmore Makonese
         ZIE (UK) – Project Management SIG

   We understand project management to be the overall input required in ensuring that a project is
    delivered on time, within budget, safely and within the conditions of an agreed contract.

   That input is the directing and coordinating human and material resources throughout the life of a
    project by using modern management techniques

   Not to be confused with programme management, which is: the process of managing several related
    projects, often with the intention of improving an organization's performance.

   We can all be project managers – but can we deliver?
ZIE (UK) – Project Management SIG

        ZIE (UK) – Project Management SIG

   Costs (Earned Value Analysis (EVA), Cost performance index (CPI))
   Schedule (Critical Path Analysis, Milestones, Delays, Schedule Performance Index (SPI), P3e)
   Safety
   Contract (NEC, ZGCC, ICE, JCT)
   Resources (resource levelling, organo-grams)
   Quality
   Risk (pert master, risk logs)
  ZIE (UK) – Project Management SIG

KEY ITEMS – Monitoring & Controlling Process
        ZIE (UK) – Project Management SIG

 KEY ITEMS – the overall picture
   Example – Construction of a 3 Bedroom family house in Mbizo Residential Area of Kwekwe.

   Full Project Life Cycle – 1) Output Definition 2) Feasibility 3) Option Selection 4) Option
    Development 5) Detailed Design 5.1) Tendering and Award 6) Implementation 7) Handback 8) Defects
    liability period 9) Close out

ZIE (UK) – Project Management SIG

           PART 2
        ZIE (UK) – Project Management SIG

   Identify key areas of concern within Project management in Zimbabwe
   Support Zimbabwean Project Management professionals
   Encourage Engineers to take up Project Management
   Improve Project Management systems in Zimbabwe
   Harness international experience for the benefit of Zimbabwe
   Provide a focal point for issues of project management for members
         ZIE (UK) – Project Management SIG

 Project Management in Zim Vs the rest of the World
   Brain drain to brain gain
   Zimbabwe has a significantly high education rate
   Carrier progression for Zimbabwean Engineers abroad
   Tendency to give work to foreign companies
   Engineers are jack of all trades – do we need to specialise (Bechtel – CNM)
   Less interfaces due to sparse development
   “Corruption” – “Brown envelopes” –
   Software
      ZIE (UK) – Project Management SIG

 Chairman        - Wilmore Makonese

 Members so far – Dagama Gumunyu
                  - Collen Steamer
                  - Mufaro Sibanda
                  - Fred Musoko
                  - Godfrey Mhlanga
                  - Francis Chigara