Cross Cultural Project Management by wxz21301

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									Cross Cultural Project
  Nora Colliton, MBA, PMP
     PMI-NH Chapter
   September 19, 2007
   Introduction
   Why Discuss Culture in Project
   Levels of Cultural Study
   What Is Cultural Competence?
   Why Should PMs Care About Culture?
   What‟s a PM To Do?
   Future Steps
   About the presenter
   Why a Diplomat?
   Goal: Better communication within
    projects with multicultural teams
     “The single greatest cause of
       difficulties in global business
transactions is not a lack of technical
      expertise, hard work, or good
   intentions – it is a lack of „people
  skills‟ for relating successfully with
  counterparts from other countries
                and cultures.”

Gundling, Ernest, Working GlobeSmart: 12 People Skills for Doing Business Across
                                Borders, page xi.
        Why Discuss Culture?
   Number of PMs staying in country of
    origin with multicultural teams
   Increase in number of projects with
    multicultural team members
        Why Discuss Culture?
   Lack of “soft skills” preparation to
    manage cross cultural teams
   Impact of culture on triple
    Impact on Triple Constraints
   Miscommunication on scope
   Misunderstanding on exact form of
   Attitudes toward schedules result in
    missed deadlines, long delays
   Poorly estimated durations
   Over budget projects
   Sub par product
        Levels of Cultural Study
   Culture – shared pattern of ideas,
    emotions and behavior, crossing national
   Cultural Knowledge – familiarization with
    characteristics, history, values, of another
    ethnic group
   Cultural Awareness – developing
    sensitivity and understanding of another
    ethnic group
   Cultural Sensitivity – knowledge that
    cultural differences and similarities exist
    without judgment
   Cultural Competency
    What is Cultural Competency?
   Development of skills and programs that
    allow individuals and groups to function
    effectively and appropriately in diverse
    cultural interaction and settings.

   “Ability of people of one culture to
    understand, communicate, operate, and
    provide effective services to people of
    other cultures” from Wikipedia
      Why Should A PM Care?
   Communication – different formats
    for expression and information
   Time – use and views of time: single
    vs. multi focus
      Why Should A PM Care?
   Culture‟s Hiring Practices – hiring for
    today‟s needs vs. future potential or

   Education Style –
    Thinker vs. Doer
      Why Should A PM Care?
   Power Structure –
    Hierarchical vs. Equality

   Environment –
    Control vs. Harmony
         What’s A PM To Do?
1.   Know thy culture
2.   Gain cultural competency
3.   Be a cultural leader within your
     project team and organization
       What’s A PM To Do?
4. Observe some language basics:
   1st 300 words learned in first year of
    language study.
   Use words with single meaning
   Beware of expressions, slangs and
5. Place team members in position of
        What’s A PM To Do?
6. Build impact of culture on Project plan
   Time differences
   Identify in risk assessments
   If there are language differences, take time
    to explain scope, deliverables, etc.
   Communication Plan – decision makers
7. Do NOT underestimate the importance of
   building individual relationships!
              Future Steps
   Continue to learn about cultures
    along with PM-related courses.
   Build relationships.
   Mentor team mates.
   Share your culture.

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