Management Science, Project Management and Operations Management by wxz21301


									      Management Science, Project
      Management and Operations Management

        Single Majors                                                              UCAS Code                       Typical A-Level Offer
        Management Science †                                 BSc   Hons            G200 BSc/MS                     ABB (Maths or Stats)
        Management Science (Study Abroad)                    BSc   Hons            G201 BSc/MSSA                   AAA (Maths or Stats)
        Project Management (Industry)*                       BSc   Hons            N213 BSc/PMInd                  ABB
        Operations Management †                              BSc   Hons            G220 BSc/OpsMgt                 ABB
        Operations Management (Study Abroad)                 BSc   Hons            G221 BSc/OpMSA                  AAA

        Combined Degrees
        Business Computing and Information Systems †         BSc Hons              GG25 BSc/BCIS                   ABB
        Management Mathematics †                             BSc Hons              NG21 BSc/MathOR                 A(Maths)BB

        † A four-year work experience variant of this degree is also available, please indicate your proposed intention to take the work
        experience variant in Section 3 of your UCAS form.

        * New for 2010

        £1000 scholarships available – see appendix

        See also: Accounting and Finance, Business Studies, Economics, European Management, Management, Management and
        Entrepreneurship, Management and IT, Management and Organisation, and Marketing and Advertising.

      Management Science is taught within              Our degree courses have been designed to
      Lancaster University Management School           be flexible, allowing you to focus upon             TYPICAL ENTRY REQUIREMENTS
      (LUMS), one of the best Schools in Europe.       aspects of the subject areas that particularly
                                                                                                           UCAS Tariff: 320-360 pts
      LUMS offers a wide variety of related            interest you. In addition to the traditional
                                                                                                           IB Diploma: Normally 30-32 pts overall
      degrees which may interest you –                 forms of learning, you will take part in real
                                                                                                           with 16-18 pts from 3 HL subjects
      Accounting and Finance, Business Studies,        or realistic projects. Much of this work is
                                                                                                           including Maths HL. Maths not a
      Economics, European Management,                  done in small groups and can involve the
      Management, Management and                                                                           requirement for G220/G221.
                                                       use of modern computer software,
      Entrepreneurship, Management and IT,                                                                 Scottish Highers: Normally AABBB-
                                                       culminating in management reports and
      Management and Organisation, and                                                                     AAAAA, inc. Maths or Stats (not
      Marketing and Advertising.                                                                           required for G220/G221).
                                                       Study Abroad                                        Irish Leaving Cert: Offers will be made
      In today’s fast changing and competitive         Our Study Abroad degree courses enable              on the basis of 5 or 6 HL subjects
      world, organisations need ways to think          you to spend your second year studying at           BTEC: DDM–DDD grades overall (not
      through the consequences of decisions            an approved university in either the USA,           accepted for G221).
      before taking them. Management Science           Canada, Hong Kong, Singapore or                     GCSE: Maths and English Lang (min.
      looks at an organisation’s operations and        Australasia. The marks you obtain during            grade B in both); G221=Maths and
      uses mathematical/statistical or computer        your second year abroad count towards               English Lang, both grade A.
      models, or other analytical approaches, to       your final degree classification. The year of       Required subjects: Maths or statistics
      support decision making. Operations              study abroad is conditional upon an                 A-level (or equivalent) for certain
      Management is a practical side of                acceptable level of performance in first year       degrees
      management concerning the running of day-        examinations. If we cannot offer you a place        Preference: Three A-levels
      to-day operations and deciding how to            on this course, you will automatically be           Other qualifications: Please see
      improve them. Project Management                 considered for the standard Management              appendix
      concerns the management of bespoke               Science (G200) or Operations Management
      project work from inception to completion        (G220) degree - you do not need to list             CONTACT DETAILS
      and tackles the issues involved to achieve       both courses on your UCAS form. Please see
      success.                                         page 24 for further information.                    Admissions
                                                                                                           Tutor      Dr Chris Kirkbride
      Management Science methods are used in           Assessment                                          Email
      many organisations, whether large or small,      Coursework contributes approximately 50%            Website
      private or public sector. The work is            to the total assessment, depending upon                        undergraduate
      enjoyable and satisfying because it is varied,   module choice. Our examinations are                 Tel        +44 (0)1524 594062
      intellectually stimulating and well-paid. We     designed to test your ability to make use of        Enquiries Undergraduate Office
      have been teaching in this academic field        methods and ideas, rather than to simply                       Management School
      since 1964 and have an extensive network         remember material. Hence, many exams are                       Lancaster University
      of graduates in the business world. Our          “open book”, i.e. books and notes may be                       Lancaster LA1 4YX
      courses are being continually updated to         taken into examinations.
      reflect current management thinking and
      practice. This not only keeps our courses
      relevant and interesting but will help you
      greatly when looking for a job afterwards.
      Our courses are highly-rated by employers,
      who seek out people with problem solving

                        Management Science, Project Management and Operations Management
Careers                                                               BSc Hons Operations Management G220
Our graduates are numerate and computer-literate with well-           BSc Hons Operations Management (Study Abroad) G221
developed problem solving and computer skills, and are highly-rated
by employers. They work for organisations in the private sector, in    First year
consultancy companies, in the manufacturing or service sector or in
the public sector. Some are based in a management science group,      Introduction to Statistics and Computing
others are part of multi-functional teams. Their work may include     Introduction to Operations Management
business planning, the development of information systems, the
analysis of marketing decisions, production planning, logistics and
supply chain management. The department has strong links with         Any other Management School subject
companies and organisations including, for example, Tesco, British
Airways, Barclaycard and the NHS. Companies visit the department      A third subject: see page 172
to make presentations and interview students as part of their
selection process.                                                    In the first term you will begin to learn the vital quantitative and
                                                                      computing skills that Operations Managers need, all taught in a
BSc Hons Management Science G200                                      management context. In the second and third terms you will be
BSc Hons Management Science (Study Abroad) G201                       introduced to the problems and concepts of OM, within the wider
                                                                      context of the company or public sector organisation.
 First year
                                                                      Average weekly workload: lectures 2-3hrs, workshop 1hr (plus
Introduction to Statistics and Computing                              private study time) plus work for other subjects
Introduction to Management Science/Operational Research               Assessment: coursework (mainly semi-realistic management
                                                                      decision exercises, some in groups) 50%, exams 50%
Two other subjects: see page 172
                                                                       Second and third years
The first term covers some of the basic statistical and computing
skills that Management Science analysts need, taught in a
management decision-making context. Then you will be introduced       You will take at least five options from the following: quality and
to the methodology and practice of Management Science. This           risk management; supply chain management; innovative
includes various mathematically-based techniques and a number of      development in operations management; statistical methods for
case studies based on real projects.                                  business; statistical modelling for decision making; demand
                                                                      forecasting and revenue management, and market modelling and
Average weekly workload: lectures 2-3 hrs, workshop 1 hr (plus        analysis.
private study time) plus work for other subjects
Assessment: coursework (technical exercises and management            Plus courses on: project management skills; project management in
decision exercises) 50%, exam 50%                                     context, and optional courses in E-business; optimisation; computer
                                                                      programming for management, and business information systems
 Second and third years                                               analysis. Plus, a choice of other options, normally within the
                                                                      Management School.
The second and third years comprise a range of courses on
Management Science techniques and statistics; project management      G221- you take appropriate courses for credit at your university
skills; problem solving; computer programming (recommended for        abroad during your second year.
those not already proficient) and optional courses on business
information systems analysis and E-business.
                                                                      Work experience variant
In addition, you take at least two of six Operations Management       All our staff are actively involved with outside organisations,
options: manufacturing and service industries; supply chain           ensuring that the course is kept fully up-to-date and highly relevant
management; risk and quality management; marketing modelling          to the needs of employers. We can help you arrange, but cannot
and analysis; forecasting and demand management; and innovative       guarantee, a year’s work experience between the second and third
developments in operations management.                                years of study; this is optional but is often of great value.

Plus, a choice of options in one or more other subjects.              The following four-year variants with integral work experience are
G201- you take appropriate courses for credit at your university
abroad during your second year.                                                 Management Science G200
                                                                                Management Mathematics NG21
                                                                                Operations Management G220
                                                                                Business Computing and Information Systems GG25

                                                                      Please indicate your proposed intention to take the work
                                                                      experience variant in Section 3 of your UCAS form.

      BSc Hons Project Management (Industry) N213                            BSc Hon Business Computing and Information Systems GG25
                                                                             This combined degree is for those who wish to pursue careers in
       First year                                                            business IT. Following a common first year, you may choose the
                                                                             Business Management and Information Systems route. This
      Introduction to Statistics and Computing                               programme is tailored for those who are primarily business
      Introduction to Project Management                                     orientated but still require an in-depth understanding of the
      Two other Management School subjects                                   capabilities and limitations of information technologies.

      In the first term you will be introduced to the numerical and          BSc Hons Management Mathematics NG21
      computational skills that are vital to all project management          This combined degree is offered by the department of
      specialists and is presented within a managerial context. The          Management Science and the department of Mathematics and
      second and third terms introduce project management problems           Statistics. It appeals to those who enjoy a business orientated
      and the concepts of operations management and their application        course with a strong mathematical foundation. Students
      in organisational situations.                                          progressing from such quantitative applied subjects are highly
                                                                             prized in the world of business, industry and in the public sector.
      Average weekly workload: lectures 2-3hrs, workshop 1hr (plus
      private study time) plus work for other subjects
      Assessment: coursework (mainly semi-realistic management
      decision exercises, some in groups) 50%, exams 50%

       Second and fourth years

      You take core courses in Project Management Tools, Change
      Management, Managing Projects and Project Management Skills.
      These core topics develop teamwork and negotiation skills. They
      are complemented by a course in strategic management and also in
      data analysis.

      A fourth year dissertation module is also undertaken, based upon
      your industry placement.

                                                                                          I enjoyed my time in Lancaster immensely. The
                                                                                          Management School equips you with the skills you
      In each year, a further four courses can be chosen from with the
                                                                                          need to become a highly employable individual. Since
      Management School.
                                                                             graduating with a BSc in Management Science I have joined the
                                                                             consulting practice within Deloitte, one of the world’s leading
       Third year
                                                                             professional services firms.”
      This is spent in paid employment working for an organisation in a
                                                                             “I believe the BSc in Management Science gives an excellent
      project management role. This important aspect of your degree
                                                                             grounding to students who wish to pursue a career in consulting.
      programme provides valuable experience in understanding how the
                                                                             The degree produces graduates with a good understanding of
      skills you have developed are applied in an operational context. The
                                                                             project management methods, strong analytical skills, and an
      year in industry greatly enhances your employment prospects.
                                                                             excellent grasp of the way in which IT systems underpin
                                                                             organisations. I have personally been very impressed with how
                                                                             relevant my degree has been

                                                                             to the first 18 months of my
                                                                             career as a consultant.

                                                                                                        Ged Feeley
                                                                                         BSc Management Science
                                                                                      Graduate Employer: Deloitte


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