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					Project Management Boot Camp                                                                                                          COMMuNIty COLLEgE Of ALLEghENy COuNty

Project Management: End-to-End
CCAC is pleased to offer another session                                                                                              PROjeCT
of Project Management: End-to-end in the
spring of 2010. The Project Management
curriculum combines in-class, online, web
and telephone mentoring.
A certified, working Project Management
Professional (PMP®) with more than 10 years
                                                                                                                                      BOOt CAMP
experience in the field instructs the class and
will help prepare PMP candidates to sit for
and pass the PMP exam within a six-month
period. Successfully passing the exam will earn
participants PMP certification, which will
help participants advance in their careers
(exam requires separate fee and registration).
A Project Management Institute (PMI)
Credential Leads to:
•   Higher earnings
•   Greater achievement
•   Greater commitment, skills and knowledge
•   Self-confidence
•   Peer recognition
Objectives of the program include:
• Introducing the PMP certification exam
• Identifying stakeholders and managing                          CCAC Nondiscrimination Policy
                                                                 The college does not discriminate based upon race, color,
  their expectations
                                                                 religion, national origin, ancestry or place of birth, sex, gender
• Defining scope and sequence of project                         identity or expression, sexual orientation, disability, marital
  activities                                                     status, familial status, veteran status, age or use of a guide or
• Estimating resources, durations and costs                      support animal because of blindness, deafness or physical
• Developing a human resources plan                              disability of any individual. Questions may be emailed to
• Performing qualitative and quantitative
  risk analysis                                                  Individuals with disabilities who are requesting
                                                                 accommodations should contact the Supportive Services
• Acquiring and developing a project team                        for Students with Disabilities office at 412.469.6215.
• Monitoring and controlling risks, project teams                This publication is available in alternate formats. Call the
• Closing a project or project phase                             Supportive Services for Students with Disabilities office
• Employing professional and social responsibility               at 412.469.6215.
                                                                                                                                                      The first choice for faster results.
PMI, PMBOK and PMP are registered trademarks and service marks   Created by the CCAC Marketing and Communications department.
                                                                 Project Management Boot Camp-BRO-SD-OCT09                               CENTER FOR
of Project Management Institute, Inc.
Project Management Boot Camp

Project Management Professional                                                                       Out-of-class Activities:
Professionals with a PMP® designation have                                                            Days 2–6
an average annual salary of $101,695, ranking                                                         One-on-one mentoring on topics discussed
the PMP certification as the highest paying                                                           on day 1.
certification according to ZDNET’s Tech
Republic organization. If you are interested in                                                       Days 8–18
advancing your career, but lack the PMP                                                               One-on-one mentoring on exam application
certification then this program is for you!                                                           development.
                                                                                                      Days 24–28
By taking part in this 120-day boot camp, you                                                         Finalize exam application for submission to PMI.
will become a member of a cohort of professionals
                                                                                                      Days 29–39
seeking the valuable PMP certification. In
                                                                                                      Mentoring, cohort interaction and discussion
addition to guiding class activities, our PMP
                                                                                                      through website on all topics to date. Guidance
instructor will provide resources, mentoring and
                                                                                                      also available on following items:
open-ended communication and accessibility.
                                                                                                      • Practice exams
                                                                                                      • Preparation for potential audit
Potential employers recognize the PMP               In-class Activities:                              • PMBOK® Guide self-study
certification, so position yourself for career
                                                    Day 1                                             • PMI applications pending
advancement with this newly-created program. In
these tough economic times, a PMP certification     Project Management 101: Participants will learn   Days 41–104
can be the distinguishing factor in helping to      about project management, PMI careers and         Continue study and mentoring on following
secure the job of your future by helping to add     PMI credentials.                                  topics:
value to your employer.                             Day 7                                             • Application feedback from PMI
                                                    What to expect: Learn about the application       • Scheduling exam for day 121
                                                    process and the PMI audit process.                • PMBOK® Guide self–study
                                                                                                      • Evaluating practice exams
                                                    Days 19–23
                                                    Project Management Overview—35-hour               Day 121
                                                    education requirement—3.5 CEUs awarded.           Exam Day at Prometric Testing Center
                                                                                                      (separate exam fee)
                                                    Day 40
                                                    Tips and lessons learned from certified PMPs as   For more information, contact the Center
                                                    well as what to expect on a PMP exam.             for Professional Development at 412.788.7357,
                                                                                                      email or visit
                                                    Days 105–107
                                                                                            , search keywords “project
                                                    PMP® exam prep class, focus on PMBOK®
                                                                                                      management bootcamp.”
                                                    Guide 4th edition (December 2008) and new
                                                    knowledge areas.