Project Management The Basics

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					      Project Management
           The Basics
               Kathy Kuryl
             Project Services
     Inter Agency Policy & Projects Unit
      Department of Premier & Cabinet

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     Project Management
Background – Project Services, IAPPU

  • Role:
      Promote and support the use of best practice project
       management methodology, based on the Tasmania
       Government Project Management Guidelines, with the
       support and involvement of all Agencies
  • Function:
      Quality project management information, resources &
      Project management support & advice
      Project & Quality Management Advisory & Review
      Project Management
  • Project Management Guidelines Version 5.0 (Feb 2002)
  • Templates
  • Fact Sheets
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Glossary
  • A Quick Guide
  • Resource Kits
  • Interactive Tools, including
       Project Sizing Calculator
       Ups and Downs Game
       Hangman
       Crosswords
  • Knowledge Base, including Agency examples
  • An opt-in mailing list, the List Server
    Project Management
Support & Advice:

  • Information & advice on project
    management – all Agencies

  • Information or facilitated sessions – by
    arrangement, provided to groups on project
    management in general, or specifics topics
    e.g. planning and scoping, or risk
    Project Management
Quality Services – fee based:

  • Project & quality management
    advisory service

  • Quality review service

  • Formal project or phase reviews
       Project Management
        Tasmania Government Project
           Management Guidelines

• Basis of our approach to managing projects

• “Home grown” product, reflecting lessons learnt by
  Tasmanian Government Project participants

• Information from John Smyrk, Rob Thomsett and other best
  practice research

• Have evolved, and continue to evolve over time
       Project Management
      Tasmania Government Project
         Management Guidelines
Key Elements:
  •   Planning & Scoping
  •   Governance
  •   Organisational Change Management
  •   Stakeholder Management (including Communication Management)
  •   Risk Management
  •   Issues Management
  •   Resource Management
  •   Quality Management
  •   Status Reporting
  •   Evaluation
  •   Project Closure
      Project Management
The Guidelines:
 • are not an attempt to provide the definitive answer to
   project management, but a chance to enable organisational
   learning through drawing on the experiences of others;
 • are designed to be a working reference and not intended to
   be read as a complete text;
 • do provide the “what” of our methodology; and
 • through continuing effort, provide the “how” with the
   development of Templates, Fact Sheets, FAQs and other
   relevant resources.
   There is, however, no substitute for sharing of
   personal learnings, and this is why Forums such as
   today are important.
    What is a Project ?
• Usually brings about Change

• A group of inter-related activities
  planned and executed in a certain
• sequence

• To create a unique product or service

• Within a specified timeframe
         What is Project
• Project Management is a formalised and
  structured method of managing change

• Develops specifically defined products

• To achieve planned benefits (Outcomes)
    Project Management?
Using sound project management
techniques will help increase the
likelihood that your project will be:

  • On time
  • Within budget
  • To an acceptable level of quality

Will deliver its outputs and achieve
its outcomes/benefits
            Why use Project
• Provides a recognised and tested approach to successfully
  implementing change initiatives.
• Structure for planning/ongoing monitoring/ review
• Promotes communication to stakeholders of reasons for
  change and the impact it may have upon them
• Maintain links between corporate/strategic plan and the
  change initiatives being undertaken
• Ownership by Senior Management/Steering committee
• Safeguard for Project Manager
• Safeguard for organisation to ensure it gets what it needs on
  time and in budget and to the planned level of quality
• Details of changes clear for Project Manager, Team and
  outside contractors
         Project Scoping
The Scope of a project includes:
  • Major objective(s)
  • Outcomes (long term benefits)
  • Target Outcomes (those for which success
    measures are developed)
  • Customers (those who use the outputs &
    generate outcomes)
  • Outputs (services/products)
  • Work (activities/tasks to deliver outputs)
  • Resources (human and financial)
         Project Scoping
The ITO planning & scoping model

  • Project is scoped from the “end” and works
    back to the “beginning”
  • Project is implemented from the
    “beginning” and works towards achieving
  • Helps establish what the project aims to
    achieve before scoping what has to be
    done, how, who and by when
           Project Life
Initiate: Project Proposal/Brief,
Project Business Case

Manage: Project Business Plan,
Project Execution Plan

Finalise: Outcome Realisation Plan,
Project Review, Project Closure
Project Management
     The Basics


      Project Management
           The Basics
               Kathy Kuryl
             Project Services
     Inter Agency Policy & Projects Unit
      Department of Premier & Cabinet

Web Address:
Telephone: 03 6233 3836
Facsimile: 03 6233 2678
Address: Level 8, 144 Macquarie Street, Hobart