Effort begins to promote urban gardening in Oak Park

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					                       OP/FY I
                                                                                                                  A NEWSLETTER
                                                                                                                     FROM THE
                                                                                                                    VILLAGE OF
                                                                                                                     OAK PARK

                                                                          VOLUME 21         •     ISSUE 2

Effort begins to promote urban gardening in Oak Park
       hether you have a large or small backyard — or even no yard at all — growing
W      vegetables in Oak Park is possible and soon may be even easier than you
    Village and Park District staff, along with representatives from throughout the
local gardening community, have launched a cooperative effort to spread the word
about urban gardening and how it can work in the community. The goal of this
effort is to develop ways to educate and promote urban agriculture as an environ-
mentally friendlier — and tastier — way to bring fresh fruits and vegetables to the
palates and dining tables of Oak Parkers.
    The Oak Park Department of Public Health is spearheading the initiative, which
began in February by bringing together those in the community who can help.
    In addition to Village municipal staff, those involved in the effort include the
Farmers’ Market and Environmental & Energy Advisory commissions, staff mem-
bers from the Oak Park Conservatory and Cheney Mansion, and members of the
                                                                                                Local groups,
Garden Club of Oak Park & River Forest, the Green Advisory Committee and Friends                volunteers needed
of the Oak Park Conservatory.
    Developing plans to use local experts and resources to help residents become                for A Day in Our
successful — or more successful as the case may be — at growing their own fruits
and vegetables, is the first step in the process.
    While the effort may not be in full swing for the upcoming growing season, par-                  lanning is well underway for
                                                ticipants say laying the groundwork
                                                now is essential to getting residents
                                                                                                P    the 36th annual A Day in Our
                                                                                                Village, Oak Park’s annual festival
                                                who want to lessen their reliance on            celebrating diversity and community
                                                mass-produced or imported food,                 involvement, scheduled for Sun.,
                                                reduce their carbon footprint, foster a         June 7. Local groups wishing to
                                                sense of community or save on their             attract volunteers, clients or new
                                                grocery bills to start thinking about           members, and civic-minded volun-
                                                becoming urban gardeners.                       teers are invited to participate.
                                                    The long-term goal of the group is to       Last year more than 150 Oak Park
                                                produce a comprehensive guide to                organizations set up activity and
                                                starting a successful garden in Oak Park        information booths in Scoville Park
                                                — no matter the amount of available             at Lake Street and Oak Park
                                                garden square footage. But in the mean-         Avenue, local restaurants sold food
                                                time, efforts will focus on compiling           nearby and the Park District of Oak
                                                information about where to look for             Park sponsored activities in Rehm
                                                guidance on a wide range of related             Park. In addition to participants,
                                                topics, such as soil assessment, plant          volunteers are needed to donate an
                                                selection, proper watering, container           hour or two of time well before the
                                                gardening, raised gardens and light. A          event, distributing promotional liter-
                                                special page will be created on the             ature and hanging posters around
                                                Village web site to provide a clearing-         the community. Volunteers also are
                                                house of links to information valuable          needed to help on the day of the
                                                to urban gardeners.                             event. For more information on par-
                                                    For more information on Oak                 ticipating or volunteering to help
Master Gardner Charles Ruedebusch               Park’s urban gardening initiative,              with the 2009 A Day in Our Village
among the heirloom tomato plants                e-mail health@oak-park.us or visit              celebration, call 708.358.5408 or
he grew last year at Cheney Mansion,            www.oak-park.us/environment and                 e-mail community@oak-park.us.
220 N. Euclid Ave.                              look for the link.
Property inspectors on the lookout                                                        Nominations sought
for violations                                                                            for preservation
     uilding & Property Standards Department inspectors are continually checking          awards
B    single-family homes and apartment buildings with up to three units for mainte-
nance and nuisance code violations as part of the Neighborhood Walk Program.
For nuisance violations such as garbage, debris and overgrown brush, inspectors
will leave a notice on the door as a reminder to clean up and remove the materials.
But for building maintenance related code violations the homeowner will be notified
by mail that the property is in violation of Village Code. Serious violations include
deteriorating wood, sagging eaves, crumbling chimneys, missing downspouts, peel-
ing paint, overgrown grass and trees, open garage doors, missing address numbers
and unsafe conditions such as rotted porches and stairs. If you receive a Neighbor-
hood Walk violation letter please take care of your repairs within the period specified
in your letter. If you need more time, contact the inspector who sent the letter to set
up a maintenance schedule. Any homeowner who fails to remedy a violation will
receive a citation that could result in a fine of up to $750. For more information call
                                                                                               ominations for the 2009 Historic
708.358.5430 or e-mail building@oak-park.us.
                                                                                          N    Preservation Awards Program are
                                                                                          being sought by the Oak Park Historic
                                                                                          Preservation Commission. April 13 is
                     E N V I RO N M E N TA L N E WS                                       the deadline for submissions. Single-
                                                                                          family residences, apartment buildings,
                           www.oak-park.us/environment                                    commercial buildings, public/institu-
                                                                                          tional buildings or religious structures
Green Tuesdays lectures…The Environmental & Energy Advisory Commission
                                                                                          may be nominated in the categories of
has partnered with the University of Illinois Chicago to present a series of free
                                                                                          restoration, rehabilitation, adaptive use
lectures focusing on environmental issues. Lectures are scheduled for 7 – 9 p.m.,
                                                                                          and additions/new construction. Awards
Tuesdays, at the Public Works Center, 201 South Blvd. For more information, call
                                                                                          also are presented for stewardship,
708.358.5700 or e-mail publicworks@oak-park.us. Upcoming sessions are:
                                                                                          detail and design. Projects must be in
• April 7 – The Self-Sufficient Village: Striving for a higher quality of living in       Oak Park and should have been created
  pleasant surroundings…Topics will include self-reliance and self-sufficiency,           within the past five years. Nominations
  urban homesteading and the Green Blocks Initiative.                                     need not be in an historic district.
                                                                                          Interior work also may be considered in
• April 14 – The Importance of Soil…Topics will include land use and land cover,
                                                                                          conjunction with exterior work. Any resi-
  soil biodiversity, nutrients, composting and rainwater.
                                                                                          dent, owner or tenant of eligible struc-
• April 21 – Food: Fresh and Organic…Topics will include food-producing back-             tures, members of local preservation
  yard and community gardens, and urban agriculture.                                      and historical societies, and members
                                                                                          of the Oak Park Community Design
• April 28 – At Home…Topics will include energy efficiency, energy conservation,
                                                                                          Commission and Historic Preservation
  renewable energy, green renovation and indoor air quality.
                                                                                          Commission may make nominations.
Green Awards…Nominations are being sought for Green Awards, a program created             The judges’ decisions will be based
by the Environmental & Energy Advisory Commission to recognize specific deeds             upon the Historic Preservation
or actions that embody and advance work toward a sustainable future. Nominations          Commission’s Architectural Review
may be submitted by anyone on behalf of anyone. A nomination form is posted at            Guidelines, which are based on the
www.oak-park.us/environment and must be received by April 22. For more infor-             Secretary of the Interior’s Standards
mation call 708.358.5700 or e-mail publicworks@oak-park.us.                               for Rehabilitation, as well as considera-
                                                                                          tions of contextual and design appropri-
Stop unsolicited telephone books…Opt out of receiving both yellow and white
                                                                                          ateness. Nomination forms are available
pages book deliveries by visiting www.yellowpagesgoesgreen.org. Although tele-
                                                                                          in Village Hall, 123 Madison St., or by
phone books are recyclable, it is better to reduce waste whenever possible.
                                                                                          e-mail to planning@oak-park.us. A
Join Earth Hour…Oak Parkers are invited to turn their lights off for one hour begin-      nomination form also may be down-
ning at 8:30 p.m., Sat., March 28, to stand up, take responsibility and get involved      loaded from the Village website
in working toward a sustainable future. When Earth Hour was launched in 2007,             www.oak-park.us — mouse over the
2.2 million people took part in Sydney, Australia. Last year, 50 million people in        Departments tab, click on Historic
370 cities and towns, in more than 35 countries worldwide switched off their              Preservation and look for the link along
lights. Earth Hour 2009 aims to reach more than one billion people in 1,000 cities        the right margin. Awards will be pre-
around the world, inviting communities, business and governments to switch off            sented in conjunction with National
lights for one hour to send a powerful global message that we care enough about           Preservation Month in May. For more
climate change to take action.                                                            information, call 708.358.5417.
Condo Network                                Preservation workshops offered
to focus on conflict                         T  he Historic Preservation Commission and the Pleasant Home Foundation, with
                                                the help of a grant from the National Trust for Historic Preservation, will offer a
resolution                                   series of workshops in May, June and July. For more information, call 708.358.5417
                                             or e-mail planning@oak-park.us.
     ondo association board members
C    and unit owners are invited to
learn more about managing conflict
                                             • Your Home has Stories to Tell: A Step-by-Step Research Approach – Learn how
                                               to uncover and decipher the details about the history of your building using a
                                               wide range of sources including newspapers, maps, photos and databases. While
between owners and between owners
                                               focusing on the resources in the collection of the Historical Society of Oak Park
and the association at 7 p.m., Thurs.,
                                               and River Forest, this presentation will include tips about resources accessible
March 26, in Village Hall, 123 Madison
                                               through the internet and public records used by researchers. 7 p.m., Tues., May
St. Information also will be provided
                                               5, Pleasant Home, 217 Home Ave.
about services available through the
                                             • Save Money with Historic Preservation – Discuss the economic benefits and
Center for Conflict Resolution, a not-for-
                                               incentives available to owners of historic properties who undertake historically
profit provider of mediation services
                                               sensitive work on their homes. State and local financial incentives and criteria
and conflict management training. For
                                               needed to qualify for these programs will be covered. 7 p.m., Tues., May 12,
more information call 708.358.5411
                                               Pleasant Home, 217 Home Ave.
or e-mail housing@oak-park.us.
                                             • Historic Preservation and a Sustainable Future: A Community Conversation –
                                               As part of the Burnham Plan Centennial Celebration, Unity Temple Restoration
      H E A LT H N E W S                       Foundation, Pleasant Home Foundation, the Oak Park Historic Preservation
                                               Commission, the Oak Park Environmental & Energy Advisory Commission,
Awards to honor efforts to help build          Landmarks Illinois and the Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning (CMAP) will
healthier Oak Park                             team up to encourage active citizen participation in the development of Chicago’s
Nominations are now being accepted             first comprehensive long-range regional plan. This Go to 2040 community conver-
for those who have made exceptional            sation will focus on historic preservation as a green solution. A panel of experts
contributions to helping build a healthi-      will facilitate the discussion, helping to raise important issues and prioritize solu-
er Oak Park in 2008. The Oak Park              tions to improve the region’s quality of life for future generations. Participants’
Department of Public Health will honor         comments will be integrated into the final plan, to be completed in 2010. 7 p.m.,
these individuals and organizations            Thurs., June 4, Unity Temple, 875 Lake St.
with the William Fitzsimmons Award                                  • Historic Windows: The Do’s and Don’ts of Repair and
during 2009 Public Health Week, April                                Replacement – Learn about the importance of original win-
6–12. The nomination deadline is 5                                   dows and window styles to the historic integrity and character
p.m., Fri., March 27. A nomination form                              of a home, the benefits of window restoration rather than
may be downloaded at www.oak-                                         replacement, repair and maintenance techniques for historic
park.us/health — look for the awards                                  windows, and the energy efficiency and costs of renewed win-
link along the right margin. Completed                                dows to new windows. 7 p.m., Tues., June 9, Pleasant Home,
forms should be mailed to Oak Park                                     217 Home Ave.
Department of Public Health, Village                                   • Historic Interiors – Learn about locating vintage fixtures,
Hall, 123 Madison St., Oak Park, IL            hardware, furniture and accessories, buying salvaged items, installing vintage
60302, Attn: Public Health Awards or           and reproduction elements and guidelines for decision-making. See examples of
dropped off at Village Hall. Nominations       both vintage and appropriate reproduction items in a variety of price points found
also may be sent via fax to 708.358.5116       through local resources. 7 p.m., Tues., June 16, Pleasant Home, 217 Home Ave.
or e-mailed to health@oak-park.us.           • Architectural Styles – Learn about and identify the many different styles of build-
Nominations submitted via e-mail should        ings in Oak Park. 7 p.m., Tues., July 14, 2009, Pleasant Home, 217 Home Ave.
include responses to all fields listed in
the original nomination form. For more
information, call 708.358.5480 or             Seminar for rental property owners,
e-mail health@oak-park.us.                    managers set
Free smoking cessation                           he Annual Management Seminar for rental property owners and managers
patches available
Free smoking cessation patches and
                                              T  will be held on Wed., April 22, in Council Chambers at Village Hall, 123
                                              Madison St. Two identical sessions are scheduled for 9:30 a.m. and 7 p.m. All
counseling are available at no charge         owners and managers of buildings with four or more units are required to attend
to residents who register through the         one session. Owners/managers of smaller properties also are welcome. The
toll-free Illinois Tobacco Quitline,          seminar is designed to keep managers informed of Village programs and activi-
866.784.8937, and mention that they           ties that may affect apartment building operations. A property management
are part of the Oak Park Department           resource panel at each session will make presentations on regulations and pro-
of Public Health’s Break the Habit pro-       grams, and a variety of useful materials will be available. For more information
gram. Call 708.358.5491 or e-mail             call 708.358.5407 or e-mail community@oak-park.us.
health@oak-park.us for more information.
                                              Tune in to Village TV                        Cable television
                                             Cable television subscribers can tune in      service problems
                                             to VOP-TV, Oak Park’s very own municipal
                                                                                                esidents unable to resolve
                                             television station, available to Comcast
                                             subscribers on channel six and AT&T           R    a problem directly with
                                                                                           their cable provider — either
subscribers on channel 99. VOP-TV broadcasts original programming at 6 a.m., 8
a.m., 10 a.m., 6 p.m., and 10 p.m. Regular Village Board meetings are broadcast            Comcast or AT&T — may
live the first and third Mondays, and replayed at 11 a.m., Sundays and Tuesdays,           contact the Village where a
and 7 p.m., Wednesdays. Days and times of live cablecast vary for other meetings,          dispute resolution proce-
but they are replayed at 11 a.m., Thursdays and Saturdays, and 7 p.m., Tuesdays.           dure is in place to help. The
Selected original programming can be viewed at www.oak-park.us — including the             Village also records and
video version of this issue of the OP/FYI newsletter — just click on the camera icon.      tracks all problems and
Select original programming also is posted at www.youtube.com/vopnews. For                 complaints. For assistance
more information, call 708.358.5775.                                                       or to register a complaint,
                                                                                           call 708.358.5770 or e-
Switch to digital TV delayed — but not for long                                            mail village@oak-park.us.
Oak Parkers who rely on antennas for television now have until mid-June to make
sure they are ready for the digital age when all television broadcasts switch to digi-
tal from analog signals. After the switch, those with older televisions who do not
                                                                                           Clip and Save
                                                                                              Who to Call at Village Hall
subscribe to a cable or satellite service will need a converter box to receive broad-
                                                                                                               Dial Direct
cast channels over the air. TVs more than five years old likely have analog tuners         Village TTY                        383.0048
and will need a converter box. Converter boxes are available at most electronics           Police/Fire TTY                    848.1911
and discount retailers for $40 to $70. The federal government is providing each            Automated Info Line                445.3340
household with two $40 coupons to help pay for boxes. To collect the coupons, call         Adjudication                       358.5479
toll-free 888.388.2009 (voice) or 877.530.2634 (TTY). Coupons also are available at        Building and Property Standards 358.5430
www.dtv2009.gov.                                                                              Licenses/permits                358.5433
                                                                                              Codes/status of plans           358.5434
                                                                                              Property complaints             358.5443
                                                                                              Inspections                     358.5440
                                                                                           Community Planning/
Survey: Residents give high marks                                                          Development                        358.5420
to life in Oak Park                                                                           Business Services
                                                                                              Development Services
      hen it comes to quality of life, acceptance of people of diverse backgrounds,           Housing                         358.5410
W     sense of community and overall appearance, Oak Parkers say it doesn’t get
much better than right here. These are some of the key findings of a recent formal
                                                                                              Historic Preservation
community survey. Survey respondents also ranked Oak Park’s fire and police services       Community Relations                358.5405
very high — in the top 10 percent of national comparisons. The survey was conducted           Graffiti Hotline                358.5429
by the National Research Center (NRC), a firm renowned for its comprehensive                  Neighborhood Programs           358.5405
studies of citizen perceptions and views. NRC previously conducted surveys for the         Finance                            358.5460
Village in 2000 and 2004. These past surveys, along with the latest survey results,           Utility Billing Inquiries       358.5478
are posted on line at www.oak-park.us/villagemanager — just look for the link              Fire (non-emergency)               445.3300
along the right margin. For the current findings, Oak Park residents were surveyed         Human Resources                    358.5650
randomly by mail in the fall, a shift from previous survey methods that relied on             Job Hotline                     358.5650
                                                                                           Police (non-emergency)             386.3800
telephone calls, a traditional approach researchers say is becoming less reliable as
                                                                                              Crime Tip Hotline               434.1636
many households shift from landlines to mobile phones. Some 1,200 Oak Park
                                                                                           Public Health                      358.5480
households received the mail survey, and 425 were completed and returned. This
                                                                                              Animal Control                  358.5680
37 percent response rate provided a margin of error of plus or minus 5 percent and
                                                                                           Public Works                       358.5700
a confidence level of 95 percent, giving an accurate, scientifically valid snapshot of     Parking
the entire community, according to NRC. The survey looked at six separate categories          Day Parking Passes              358.DAYS
— quality of life, community design, public safety, environmental sustainability,             Night Parking Passes            358.NITE
recreation and wellness, community inclusiveness, civic engagement and public                 Parking Office                  358.PARK
trust. NRC placed many of the Oak Park findings into a national context through               Snow Hotline                    358.SNOW
comparisons to the findings of similar surveys in other communities across the                Extended Passes                 358.5750
country. The 90-plus page report delves into questions about quality of life, sense        Village Clerk                      358.5670
of safety, municipal services and a range of other categories, as well as into how         Village Manager’s Office           358.5770
respondents’ views were related to length of residency, income, age and gender.            Village Web Site              www.oak-park.us
Village officials and staff will use the information to help focus resources immediately
on activities deemed most important to residents, as well as plan for the future. For      Police, Fire and Medical
                                                                                           EMERGENCIES                             911
more information on the survey, call 708.358.5770 or e-mail village@oak-park.us.
Pet owners urged to renew licenses online                                                   Don’t hesitate
     ak Park pet owners who receive an animal license renewal application in the            to call 9-1-1
O    mail are encouraged to renew online at www.oak-park.us/onlineservices. The
                                                                                                ak Park’s com-
renewal form provides an online renewal number that allows current pet owners to
renew a license without doing any math, searching for a stamp or making a trip to           O   munity policing
                                                                                            approach relies on
Village Hall. The number also allows pet owners to delete pets they no longer own
and add new ones they may have recently acquired. Payment is then made with a               residents taking an
credit card, a receipt sent via e-mail and the actual tag delivered in the U.S. Mail.       active role. If you see
Pet owners still will have the option of mailing in their payment or coming to Village      unusual activity, suspicious people or
Hall, 123 Madison St. All dogs and outdoor cats are required to display a current           vehicles in your neighborhood, don’t
animal license by May 1. The license fee is $10 for a neutered/spayed dog and all           hesitate to call 9-1-1 immediately. For
cats and $13 for any non-spayed/non-neutered dog. Proof of a current rabies inocu-          more information on the Community
lation and spaying/neutering is required for licensing. Licensing your pet is very          Policing Program, or to contact your
beneficial if your dog or cat is lost. Since the license identifies the owner, it allows    Resident Beat Officer, call 708.386.3800
for quick return if the pet is picked up by an animal control officer, rather than a        or visit www.oak-park.us/police.
trip to the shelter. For more information call 708.358.5680 or e-mail health@oak-
                                                                                            Meter keys offer
Nature museum activities                                                                    convenient alternative
C   ook County’s Trailside Museum of Natural History, 738 Thatcher Ave., in River
    Forest, offers a range of programs for children and adults alike:
                                                                                            to coins
• Volunteer workday…Help restore and beautify Trailside’s grounds and surrounding               he Village’s parking meter system
  preserve. Saturdays, March 7 and April 4. Call 708.366.6530 for details.                  T   accepts a cash key as a convenient
                                                                                            alternative to coins. A key can be pur-
• Sky hunters…Hawks, owls and falcons play an important role in the local ecosys-
  tems. Learn about these majestic predators through touchable artifacts and meet           chased at the Parking Permit office in
  a live bird of prey. 1 p.m., Sun., March 8. Families with children ages five and up.      Village Hall, 123 Madison St., and pre-
  Call 708.366.6530 to register.                                                            programmed to any desired amount. A
• Sustainable garden…Learn how, in a healthy garden, everything works together              $15 deposit is required. The key then
  as a balanced system, from microscopic organisms to plants, insects and birds.            can be turned up to the maximum
  Includes mini-workshop about designing a sustainable garden. 1 p.m., Sat. March           amount allowed on the meter. For
  14. Adult program. Call 708.366.6530 to register.                                         more information, call 708.358.5760
• Morning fitness hike…Brisk, one-hour naturalist-led hike on to see what’s hap-            or e-mail parking@oak-park.us.
  pening in nature that month. Meet at the museum entrance, dressed for the
  weather and rough, muddy ground. Free, adult program. 9 a.m., Saturdays, March
  21 and April 18.
• Feeding time…Learn about and view resident outdoor animals such as a fox, coy-            Farmers’ Market
  ote, owl and hawk as they are fed. Free family program. 2:30 p.m., Sun. March 29.
• Nature story times…Nature-inspired stories, crafts and activities for ages three to
                                                                                            seeking volunteers
  five with an adult. $1 per child. 10:30 a.m., Thursdays, April 2, 16 and 30.                  olunteers are now being sought to
                                   • Flying wild workshop…Environmental education           V   become Friends of the Oak Park
                                                                                            Farmers’ Market, with plans well under-
                                   workshop with a focus on birds. 9 a.m. – 2 p.m.,
                                   Fri., April 3. To register, call 708.366.6530 or visit   way for the May 23 opening. Friends of
                                   www.illinoisaudubon.org and click on flying wild.        the Market become part of this quintes-
                                   • Plants for sprouts…Why do plants grow up               sential Village summer experience by
                                   instead of down? How does a seed know when to            helping out at the Commissioners’
                                   sprout? Children ages seven and up will learn the        Booth on Saturday mornings, volunteer-
                                   answers to these and other questions about               ing at special events and contributing
                                   plants. Each participant will receive a plant suit-      to the smooth running of the market.
                                   able for house or garden. Free. 1 p.m., Sat., April      Anyone interested in volunteering
                                   11. Call 708.366.6530 to register.                       should e-mail brbr_dln@att.net or call
                                   • Earth Day…Guided bird walks, spring wild flower        708.763.8104.The market is open
  walks, preserve clean-ups, bird of prey demonstrations, live fish identification,         every Saturday morning, from opening
  environmental information, children’s activities and much more. Free. 7:30 a.m. –         day through October, in the Pilgrim
  3 p.m., Sun., April 19. Call 708.366.6530 for scheduled times of specific events          Church parking lot, 460 Lake St. For
  and for more information.                                                                 more information on the market or vol-
• Wildflower walk…Guided nature walk to enjoy the rare spring wildflowers of                unteer opportunities, call 708.358.5780
  Thatcher Woods. Free, family program, but not suitable for strollers. 1 p.m., Sun.,       or e-mail farmersmarket@oak-park.us.
  April 26. Call 708.366.6530 to register.
Photo courtesy: Forest Preserve District of DuPage County
                                                                   Thomas W. Barwin      Village Manager
                                                                   Sandra Sokol              Village Clerk

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           Oak Park, Illinois                                           John Hedges Greg Marsey
      Residential Customer Local                                            Jon Hale Colette Lueck
                                                                          David Pope     Village President

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                                             OP/FYI                                             Oak Park, Illinois 60302-4272
                                                                                                123 Madison Street
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                                                                                                Village of Oak Park
      PA I D
   U.S. Postage

Voters to cast ballots                                             PUBLIC WORKS NEWS
for local candidates                                                    www.oak-park.us/publicworks
on April 7                                   Regular yardwaste collection begins…Collection of bundled brush and yardwaste
                            egistered Oak    will begin April 6. Bundled brush no larger than two feet in diameter and four feet in
                       R    Park voters
                       may cast ballots
                                             length and yardwaste such as grass clippings, leaves, shrubs and vines will be
                                             picked up on regular collection days. A green yardwaste sticker must be attached to
                       for candidates        each brush bundle, 32-gallon paper bag and rigid container. Stickers are available
                       seeking local         for $2.05 each from Oak Park grocery and hardware stores and the Cashier’s Office
                       office on Tues.,      at Village Hall, 123 Madison St. Residents are urged to look for alternatives to
                       April 7. Two candi-   bagging yardwaste such as mulching mowers, leaf shredders or backyard compost
                       dates are seeking     piles. For more information, call 708.358.5700 or e-mail publicworks@oak-
                       the Village presi-    park.us.
                       dent slot, two        Great Paint Exchange is coming…On Sat., April 18, residents may safely dispose
candidates are running to be Village         of unwanted, but useable paint at The Great Paint Exchange. Half-to-full cans of
clerk and seven candidates are com-          paint will be accepted from 9 – 11 a.m. at the Public Works Center, 201 South Blvd.
peting for three Village trustee seats. In   Anyone in need of paint may pick it up from 12:30 – 2:30 p.m. For more information,
addition to these municipal roles, five      call 708.358.5700 or e-mail publicworks@oak-park.us.
candidates are running for four open
library board seats and four candidates      Recycle unwanted electronics…Residents are invited to recycle old electronic
are seeking two openings on the park         items from 9 a.m. – 3 p.m., April 24 and 25, in the northwest student parking lot at
district board. The Oak Park Township                        Triton College, 2000 Fifth Ave., River Grove. Acceptable items
election includes two candidates seek-                             include computer equipment, printers, telephones, answering
ing the supervisor slot. Other township                                 machines, cellular phones, fax machines, televisions,
posts on the ballot include assessor,                                   videocassette recorders, stereo equipment, floppy disks,
clerk and four trustees. For more                                      compact discs and tapes. A $5 co-pay will be charged for
information on the local election, call                              each computer monitor and TV set to help offset disposal
708.358.5670 or e-mail clerk@oak-                                 costs. Appliances and oversized copiers will not be accepted.
park.us. Information also is available                          Call 708.358.5700 or e-mail publicworks@oak-park.us for
online at www.voterinfonet.com, a                            more information.
web site operated by the Cook County         Public Works honored…Oak Park’s Department of Public Works has received
Clerk. The County Clerk’s web site           the Illinois Association of Park Districts and the Illinois Parks and Recreation
allows voters to locate their respective     Association Community Service Award. The Park District of Oak Park nominated the
polling places and view a virtual ballot     department for its “recognition and appreciation of the departments’ outstanding
by entering their street address and zip     contributions towards the advancement of parks, recreation and leisure in the
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