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									                1969 - 2007                           “Community Bankers Raising The Bar”

July 27, 2007
                                    CBA TODAY                                                                    Issue 15

                  The 39th Annual Convention & Trade Show at the
                    Fairmont Banff Springs Was a Huge Success!
                                       The 39th Annual Convention & Trade Show at the beautiful Fairmont Banff Springs,
                                       Banff, Alberta, Canada, was on of the best convention yet! The convention, held
                                       July 18 - 22, attracted over 600 community bankers, directors, spouses and families,
                                       providing attendees with excellent networking opportunities and learning experi-
                                       During the general and business sessions, participants learned about leadership
                                       challenges faced by Chief Richard Picciotto, retired Battalion Chief for the New
                                       York City Fire Department during the September 11th World Trade Center tragedy,
                                       as well as about the history of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.
Industry experts discussed regulatory hot topics, technology trends, banking the Hispanic market, how to utilize positive
energy to encourage efficiency and productivity. Thanks to everyone who helped
to make this one of the best conventions ever!
We sincerely invite you to consider joining us at one or all of the 2008 CBA Con-
ventions. The Spring Convention will be held at the Grove Park Inn in Asheville,
North Carolina, April 17 - 20, 2008. The 30th Annual Leadership Division Con-
vention & Mini-Trade Show will be at the Grand Floridian, Walt Disney World
Palace in Orlando, Florida, June 25 - 29, 2008. The 40th Annual Convention &
Trade Show will be at the breathtaking Four Seasons Aviara in Carlsbad (North
San Diego), California, September 17 -21, 2008.

                       CBA Announces the 2007 QSA Winner & Finalists
                                 Congratulations to All!
                           Congratulations to The Peoples Bank, Winder, and Chris Maddox, President and CEO, for be-
                           ing selected as the winner of the CBA’s 2007 Quality Service Award and Georgia’s Community
                           Bank of the Year. The winner and finalists were announced at CBA’s 39th Annual Convention
                           and Trade Show at The Fairmont Banff Springs, during the Chairmans’ Ice Palace Reception
                           Gala Dinner on Saturday evening.
                           Allyson Summerour and Patti Faglier were present from The Peoples Bank to accept the
                           award. They both said how proud they were of all the bank employees who worked so hard
                           to win the award.
                           CBA also congratulates the three finalists: Integrity Bank, Alpharetta, Steven Skow, President
and CEO; Colony Bank Southeast, Douglas, Mike Miller, President and CEO; and The Bank of LaFayette, Dave Gilbert,
Jr., Chairman & CEO.
Don’t miss the opportunity to be recognized as the best in the business for this coming year! Request information today
on the 2008 Quality Service Award. The deadline to submit the 2008 QSA application is July 1, 2008. Email Lauren@ to request your application today!
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                        “Community Bankers Raising The Bar”
  Member Mentions                                                        Success Through Knowledge
James H. Powell, President/CEO,
Highland Commercial Bank, Mariet-
ta, is pleased to announce the promotion    Register Today For The 2nd Annual CBA Compliance School!
of Beverly Carter to Banking Officer.
Richard Hunt, President/CEO, GB&T           CBA is pleased to present the 2nd Annual CBA Compliance School to be held Oc-
Bancshares, Inc., Gainesville, is           tober 15-18, 2007 at the beautiful King & Prince Beach Resort, St. Simons Island,
pleased to announce that Mike Whit-         GA. Once again, we are pleased to partner with Professional Bank Services (PBS),
mire has been named CEO of the com-
pany’s lead bank, Gainesville Bank &        Louisville, KY, to present this one-of-a-kind compliance school.
Trust.                                      The school was developed in close conjunction with PBS, who is also the compliance
Derek       Watkins,     President/CEO,     provider for the popular CBA Compliance Membership Program. PBS speakers are
GB&T Mortgage, Inc., Gainesville, is
pleased to announce that John Thomp-        nationally recognized and they provide compliance expertise to financial institutions
son has joined the company as Vice          throughout the country.
President, Mortgage Lending.
                                            The compliance school curriculum includes federal regulations covered in on-site
Henry J. Pope, Jr., President/CEO, Ex-
change Bank, Milledgeville, is pleased      compliance examinations by federal regulatory agencies. Students will:
to announce the addition of Lisa Beall,
as Loan Officer, the promotion of Neil      •    Develop an understanding of the compliance laws and regulations governing financial
Hewitt as Loan Officer-Commercial                institutions.
Lender, and Jonathan Pope as Loan
Officer.                                    •    Learn to anticipate and prevent potential violations
Kessel Stelling, President/CEO, Bank        •    Receive practical instruction and advice from instructors that work with
of North Georgia, Alpharetta, an-                compliance issues daily.
nounces that Timothy Buursema has           •    Learn how to develop a comprehensive compliance management program
joined the bank as Senior Vice President
and Community Executive. He also an-        •    Receive a detailed reference manual which will serve as a valuable reference and
nounces that Lisa McLean has joined              training tool
the bank as Assistant Vice President        •    Have an opportunity to network with other community bank compliance officers
and Private Client Services Relation-
ship Manager, working at the Roswell
Office.                                     For more information or to register, please visit the CBA website at www.cbaofga.
Mark Stevens, President/CEO, Atlan-         com or contact the Education Department at 770-541-4490.
tic Southern Bank, Macon, announces
the promotion of Jodi Sappe to Branch                                         CBA NEWS
Manager of the Forsyth Road location.
William Gafford, Jr., President/CEO,
McIntosh Commercial Bank, Car-                     Credit Card And Open-Ended Credit Disclosures
rollton, is pleased to announce the pro-
motion of Sheila Mauk as Head Teller        The Fed has issued for public comment proposed amendments to Reg. Z that are
of the Bremen location.                     intended to improve the effectiveness of the disclosures consumers receive in con-
Rich Guinter, President/CEO, North-         nection with credit card accounts and other revolving credit plans by ensuring that
side Bank, Adairsville, is pleased to an-   information is provided in a timely manner and in a form that is readily understand-
nounce that Mark Swanson has joined
the bank as Executive Vice President/       able. The proposed amendments principally focus on general-purpose and retail
Senior Credit Officer/Senior Lender.        credit card plans rather than HELOCs. The changes largely reflect the consumer
Michael Knowles, President/CEO,             testing conducted on behalf of the Fed as part of its comprehensive review of the
NorthWest Bank & Trust, Acworth,            open-end credit rules.
announces that Stacy Bradshaw has
been promoted to Banking Officer, and       Disclosures accompanying credit card applications and solicitations would highlight
Judy McKneely has been promoted to          fees and the reasons penalty rates might be applied, such as for paying late. Periodic
Operations Officer.
                                            statements would break out the costs for interest and fees. Two alternatives are
J. Donald Boggus, President/CEO,            proposed regarding the “effective” or “historical” annual percentage rate disclosed
Crescent Banking Company, Jasper,
is pleased to announce the promotions       on periodic statements. The proposal would also expand the circumstances under
of David Cox as Vice President, and         which consumers receive written notice of changes in the terms applicable to their
LeAnne Gochee Vice President/Com-           accounts, including requiring an advance notice before a penalty is required, and
mercial Lender, both at the Cartersville
location.                                   increases the amount of time these notices must be sent before the change becomes
Jorge L. Forment, President, United         effective. Comments must be received not later than 120 days after the notice is
Americas Bank, Atlanta, was inter-          published in the Federal Register, which will be shortly. The link to the federal
viewed in Independent Banker this           press release is
                                                       Guest Column

                       Minimizing Risk With Change-In-Control Agreements
 In today’s consolidating environment, change-in-control (CIC) agreements or provisions not only provide peace-of-
 mind to executives, but can also help ensure that management is focused on increasing shareholder value.
 Sometimes a stand-alone agreement or sometimes a provision within an employment agreement, CIC documents are
 designed to:
      • Help protect key executives in the event of a change in control of the bank’s management.
      • Encourage or discourage a potential merger or acquisition.
 A CIC agreement or provision generally addresses three issues: 1) it defines CIC payment triggers, 2) it outlines sever-
 ance payments tied to a CIC and 3) it directs the integration of Section 280G.
 Internal Revenue Code Section 280G addresses the topic of golden parachute payments. If a payment related to a CIC
 is in excess of 2.99 times the Base Amount (five-year average of W2 earnings as statutorily defined), this will result in
 a 20 percent excise tax to the individual and a loss to the bank of deductibility for any compensatory payments over the
 Base Amount.
 Penalties resulting from excessive payments can be costly for both the bank and the executive. In some cases, they may
 even undermine negotiations during acquisition discussions. There is limited flexibility to reduce or eliminate parachute
 costs. Incorporating “safe harbor provisions” can maximize payments to permissible levels without triggering a negative
 tax treatment. Consulting contracts and noncompete agreements can also be used to reduce amounts subject to Section
 Every 18 months to two years, a review of your bank’s formal agreements may enhance the ability of the bank and the
 executive to avoid the risk of additional tax expense. By planning carefully—before your bank is confronted with a
 merger or acquisition—you can offer your executives the security of a golden parachute . . . without getting tangled in
 the strings.
                                               Article Submitted by:Bill Cunningham, Senior Consultant, Clark Consulting, Inc., CBA Associate Member

          The Department of Banking and Finance Uses Parity Authority to Allow
             State-Chartered Bankers to Assess a Fee to Cash “On Us” Checks
The Department of Banking and Finance issued a declaratory ruling on August 3, 2007 indicating state-chartered banks will
no longer be bound by state statutes prohibiting the charging of fees to cash “on us” checks for non-account holders. The
United States District Court for the Northern District of Georgia has preempted the applicable statutes for national banks
operating in Georgia, by stating “the Georgia statutes are in direct conflict with the National Bank Act, and are therefore
preempted.” In view of that court ruling and the fact that the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC) filed a friend
of the court brief in this case, the Department determined that its authority under O.C.G.A. 7-1-61(e) could be used to al-
low state-chartered banks the benefit of this preemption. With the issuance of this declaratory ruling, state-chartered banks
are now authorized to charge fees to cash “on us” checks for non-account holders. The Department does provide a word of
caution indicating if any part of the federal court ruling is “overturned, clarified or revised, then state chartered banks will
be subject to those provisions to which other federally insured institutions are subject.”
Upon this disparity being brought to CBA’s attention by member banks, the CBA had requested the Department of Bank-
ing and Finance consider using its parity authority to level the playing field for the state-chartered banks operating in the
Georgia. The full text of the declaratory ruling may be found on the DBF’s website,, under “Rulings
and AG Opinions,” which is a submenu under “Banks and Bank Holding Companies.”
We want to thank Commissioner Braswell for his willingness to consider using his authority under the parity provisions of
Georgia law.

                 Service corporation Feature    Alliant Insurance Services - Health Insurance Program
                                  Alliant Insurance Services and the CBA have worked together to bring a competitive solu-
                                  tion to the community banking industry. Collectively, there are more than 300 community
                                  banks in Georgia. Independently, community banks often lack the size and scale required
                                  to deliver cost-effective benefits programs. By leveraging the collective size of the asso-
                                  ciation with the national presence and ongoing relationships of Alliant Insurance, we are
                                  able to arrange preferred pricing on products and services critical to member banks. For
                                  more information, please contact Pete Freeman at (678)867-6134.
                                                UPCOMING 2007 EVENTS
                                    Vendor Management               Understanding Commercial Loan
                               September 13, Telephone/Webcast      Structuring, Loan Agreements and
                                   Commercial Real Estate          NEW
                                                                           September 20, Macon
                               Appraisals: Review & Interpreting
                                    September 18, Macon                   How to Pass a CRA Exam
                                 Financial Manager’s Forum               Small Banks: 1/2 day 8:30 am
                                        Dinner Series              Intermediate Small Banks: 1/2 day 12:30 pm
                                    September 18, Atlanta                   September 20, Macon

                                 Opening Deposit Accounts                 De Novo Bank Conference
                                          Online                          September 24 - 25, Atlanta
                               September 18, Telephone/Wecast
                                Community Banking School           NEW    IRAs: Beyond The Basics
                                         Quarter IV                         September 25, Atlanta
                                    September 18, Atlanta                   September 26, Macon
                                    September 19, Macon
                               Using Tax Returns in Credit             Director Series: Director Hot
                                  Analysis and Underwriting                     Topics 2007
                                    September 19, Macon               September 25, Telephone/Webcast

                                    Bank Directors’ College:              Understanding Spanish and
                                          Session II                NEW       Cultural Diversity
                                     September 20, Atlanta                    (2 Day Workshop)
                                                                           September 26 - 27, Macon
                                   Community Banks and
                                    The Reverse Mortgage                         Call Report
                               September 20, Telephone/Webcast              September 26, Atlanta

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