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									                                       20072007 Annual Conference
                                            Annual Conference
                                                & Trade Show
                                            & Trade Show
                                                           August 29 & 30, 2007
                                                      August 29 & 30, 2007
                                                   Sheraton♦ West Des Iowa
                                                Sheraton  West Des Moines,Moines, Iowa
                                                                         1800 50th Street
                                                               1800 50th Street
                                                           take I-35 take the University Ave. -
                                                 From I-35From the University Ave. Exit - #124 Exit #124

                                 This year IALA will be presenting:
                           “Keeping the Home Fires Burning!”
You won’t want to miss this year’s jam packed conference with a new twist. This conference is highly
recommended for Administrators, Directors and Nurses. This year our keynote speakers will be
available on the first day and Ann Martin with DIA will be with us on the second day. Who are our
keynote speakers? Back by popular demand, Rachel & Mary (the Mother/Daughter team) that spoke
at our “sold out” Summer Conference will present on “Building a Championship Team.”

At the conclusion of our time with Rachel & Mary, we will then board vans and be swept off to an
exciting, fun filled evening as we journey to two assisted living communities in the area. Not only will
you get to walk through these beautiful facilities, but you’ll also get to participate with a Progressive
Supper, games, prizes, and fun galore! Don’t miss out!

The second day is guaranteed to be a “WOW !” as we hear from our IALA President, Allen Phillips,
camp out with Ann Martin, DIA, peruse the Vendor Hall, and top off the day with prizes, great food, and

“Keep your Home Fires Burning” at your communities by treating yourself to this conference.
                                         See you there!

The Edcon Group is a mother/daughter speaking team focused on teaching skills for communicating and
interacting with individuals who have dementia.

                        Mary Sharp is a career educator, veteran counselor, and experienced family mediator.

                        Rachel Kail (her daughter and partner) is a seasoned
                        speaker, practitioner of advanced adult learning techniques,
                        and student of those with dementia.

                        Together, Mary and Rachel have conducted programs for
                        health care professionals, nurses, administrators and family
                        members in the US, Canada, Scotland and the South Pacific.

                       Both are Certified Professional Management Consultants,
Authorized Gordon Training Instructors, and Certified Eden Alternative Associates.

                      Ann Martin is the Bureau Chief of Adult Services at the Department of Inspections and
                      Appeals (DIA). She supervises the regulatory processes for 280 assisted living
                      programs, elder group homes and adult day service programs. She has served as a
                      monitor since the recertification process began in 2000 and served as Quality Manager
                      at the Department of Elder Affairs, before moving to DIA in 2002. Ann graduated from
                      Mercy Hospital School of Nursing.
               2007 IALA Partner Sponsors
                                                   On behalf of the IALA Board of
  PLATINUM SPONSOR                                 Directors, a special “thank you”
                                                   goes out to this year’s IALA
                                                   Partner Sponsors. It is because
                                                   of our Partner Sponsors that
                                                   IALA is able to continue to
                                                   provide our growing membership
                                                   with ongoing educational


                                                       Be sure to thank
                                                          our sponsors
                                                      at this year’s event!
Healthcare Information Systems/Medi-Bill Systems

                                 STAR Award Program
The IALA STAR Awards Program will recognize two individuals, an assisted
living community, an associate member and a community that offers the “Dare
to Dream” category, whom exemplify the spirit of the Assisted Living industry.

Five categories available for nominations:

     Employee of the Year                          Community Property of the Year

     Administrator of the Year                     Dare to Dream Winner of the Year

     Associate Member of the Year
Criteria for…
These individuals have demonstrated exceptional professionalism and service in a management or non-
management position.

To qualify for an Employee/Administrator STAR Award, the candidate:
�      Must exhibit service above and beyond their normal job responsibilities through outstanding
leadership qualities, performing heroic deeds, &/or consistently adding to the general well being of the
�      Must be employed by an active IALA provider member.
�      Must have been employed at his/her property for a minimum of one (1) year.

Property – This award is presented to an IALA property that demonstrates outstanding performance.
Examples might include consistently high occupancy, innovative renovations or remodeling, special events
offered, awards received and tenant comments. This is an opportunity for the property and all the people
associated with it to shine.

Associate Member - IALA wishes to recognize and thank all associate members. However, each year one
member goes beyond the norm and exceeds expectations. Candidates for this STAR Award should have
demonstrated year around participation, involvement with conference and educational meetings and offered
IALA members exceptional value and service.

Dare to Dream-This is a brand new award that was launched last year at our annual conference. At that time,
we had the pleasure of hearing first hand from two tenants residing at Courtyard Estates who dared to dream
to ride in a helicopter. What thrill they expressed when this dream came true, because Courtyard Estates
made it happen!

Candidates for this Star Award will be the person/persons responsible in your facility who encouraged a
tenant/tenants to dare to dream, then were instrumental in making it come true.

Documentation… Please provide narrative of why this nominee is deserving of this year’s STAR Award.
Additional materials may be submitted for the judges’ consideration, but are not required. These may include
photos, letters of commendation, tenant comment cards or news clippings. All submitted material becomes
the property of IALA and will not be returned unless a special request is made.

Awards Presentation… STAR Awards will be presented at the IALA 2007 Annual Conference on August 30, at
the West Des Moines Sheraton during the Closing Ceremony at 1 p.m.
Please submit
Name of Nominee/Property:                                Deadline for Nominations – August 10, 2007
Position/Company:                                        Nominations must be submitted to the IALA Awards
Address:                                                 Committee by August 10, 2007. Mail or email to
Phone:                                                   IALA at: IALA, 9001 Hickman Rd, Ste 220, Des
Name of Person Submitting Nomination:                    Moines, Iowa 50322 or email: info@ialaonline.org.
Wednesday, August 29, 2007
Wednesday,        29, 2007                                  Upon completion of this seminar, participants should
                                                            be able to:
9:00 – 9:30 a.m. Registration & Continental
Breakfast                                                       •   Name two positive impacts of having a clear
                                                                    understanding of what “person centered care”
9:30 – 10:00 a.m. “Opening Session & Theme                          means in practical terms for the client and
Kickoff”                                                            healthcare staff
                                                                •   Describe the outcome of both positive and
10:00 – 5:00 p.m. “Building a Championship                          negative mindsets (aka, preconceived notions)
Team” Speakers: Rachel Kail & Mary Sharp                            leaders have about individuals on their
                                                                    healthcare staff
           Lunch Break 12:00 – 1:00 p.m.                        •   From a list of options for locating talented
          Afternoon Break: 2:45 – 3:00 p.m.                         applicants, attendees will name two that they
                                                                    have not previously used on a regular
The skills of finding and hiring top quality people is              basis…but will try.
something most healthcare leaders would like to                 •   Describe one applicant processing step they
develop. We frequently make the best selection we                   are not currently using but will try on an
can from a limited number of options. And, there are                upcoming selection and hiring process for
times when “I sure wish I had learned that in the                   healthcare staff
interview” moments pop up after hiring a new staff              •   List two reasons why structured interviews
member. These issues are the foundation of the                      gather more valuable information quickly
morning program.                                                •   Offer a thought provoking opinion about the
                                                                    outcome and value of healthcare teamwork
In the afternoon, the emphasis shifts to fundamental            •   Correctly list all four things staff members must
things leaders must do on a daily basis to develop a                know to perform effectively in healthcare
strong, cooperative, productive staff.                          •   With the aid of the handout, be able to verbally
                                                                    list the steps in an effective goal
This portion of the program focuses on two vital                    setting/achievement cycle related to healthcare
qualities characteristic of strong leaders: vision and          •   Give one acceptable reason why the concept
compassion.                                                         of “areas of freedom” encourages healthcare
                                                                    staff members to complete assigned tasks
Ultimately, outstanding leaders “see it.” They have a           •   Summarize one of two ways in which leaders
vision of what would be happening if things were                    can more effectively explain tasks and desired
going the way they should. More importantly, their                  outcomes
healthcare teams have internalized that mental                  •   Name two ways in which “on the spot”
picture. In such an environment, one can pick staff                 performance feedback and recognition can be
members at random, ask why they do what they do                     given to effectively improve performance of
each day, and hear coherent descriptions of                         healthcare workers
excellence in healthcare… spoken from the heart. But
                                                                •   Verbalize three key sentences to use when
first, leaders must explain ideas of this type in clear
                                                                    dealing with complaints and/or unhappy people
and understandable ways.
                                                                    whether health clients or staff
The glue that holds the team together, however, is
                                                            5:00 p.m. Session concludes
compassion. Leaders of high performance healthcare
teams show genuine concern for the opinions of
                                                            5:15 p.m. Bus Tour & Progressive Supper
others (staff, elders, families, etc.) and offer a steady
                                                                         See details on next page
stream of positive, appreciative comments and
carefully worded suggestions for mid-course
corrections.                                                              CONTINUING EDUCATION

Rachel & Mary will briefly share our observations from      Wednesday, August 29 program is approved for 6.9
visiting some of the finest care teams across the           contact hours for nursing Continuing Education by Des
country…ones that know where they’re going and              Moines Area Community College, IBN Provider #22.
                                                            Thursday, August 30 program is approved for 3.3
have sincere connections to those in their care, as
                                                            contact hours for nursing Continuing Education by
well as those on their healthcare team.                     DMACC, IBN Provider #22.
                                                            CEUs will be granted for each day individually.
              Don’t miss the bus!
              Don’t miss the bus!
You won’t want to miss out on this after-hours event!
Join us for an old-fashioned progressive supper with a
modern twist. We’ll whet your appetite with the first
course on the way to The Gardens Assisted Living
located in Des Moines where a tour and chef-prepared
meal will be served. Then we will travel to Courtyard
Estates in Bondurant where we’ll enjoy dessert and
entertainment in their scenic setting.

Meet us at the West Des Moines Sheraton at 5:15
p.m. sharp to board the buses (mini vans). We will
arrive back to the hotel at approximately 10:00 p.m.
Plan for an informative evening of fun and fellowship.        Courtyard Estates at Hawthorne Crossing
(Be sure to listen for the announcement on which side        601 Hawthorne Crossing Dr, SE, Bondurant
of the hotel the buses will be located.)
                                                           Courtyard Estates at Hawthorne Crossing in
                                                           Bondurant will welcome the first residents on
                                                           September 4th. This community consists of 40
                                                           apartments, with 7 choices of floor plans. Amenities
                                                           include all meals; all utilities including cable TV and
                                                           wireless internet; housekeeping and laundry; bed-
                                                           making daily; two RNs on staff and on-call at all times;
                                                           24-hour on-site staff; 5-7 activities daily;
                                                           transportation; all on one-level, in a bucolic, rural


                                                           Entertainment will be provided by The Stu Calhoon
             The Gardens at Luther Park                    Duo from 7:30 p.m. – 9:30 p.m. at Courtyard Estates.
          2910 E. 16th Street., Des Moines, IA             They are a Jazz duo, popular in the Des Moines area.

The Gardens allows independent seniors to choose           We are in for a treat!
from two different types of service - Catered Living or
Assisted Living and has 48 apartments.

Catered Living is an independent lifestyle that is ideal
for those seeking housekeeping, linen and complete
dining service, without the need for medication
management or nursing services.

Assisted Living is a lifestyle that includes medication
management, nursing services, linen and house-
keeping service, social events and a full range of
dietary opportunities.

  Did you know…
  that the Iowa Assisted Living Association
  Community membership has an
  accumulated total of 543 tenant rooms/
          August 30, 2007
Thursday, August 30, 2007
8:00 – 8:30 a.m. Registration, Continental Breakfast             - - CONTES T
                                                                 - - C O N T E S T -- - -
& President’s Remarks

8:30 – 10:00 a.m. “Regulatory Insufficiencies”             What do YOU do at YOUR community
Ann Martin, Department of Inspections & Appeals
                                                           to give your tenants that warm homey
10:00 – 11:00 a.m. “Visit the Vendors”                     feeling of… “Keeping the home fires
11:00 – 12:15 p.m. Continue “Regulatory
Insufficiencies” with Ann Martin

An update of the most frequently cited regulatory
                                                           We want to hear from you! Please
insufficiencies over the last fiscal year.                 send to us in story form what you have
                                                           sparked, ignited, fanned into flame,
Upon completion of this seminar, participants will be
able to:                                                   kindled, and is glowing or blazing at
                                                           your community that is “Keeping those
   •   Identify most frequent RI’s (regulatory
       insufficiencies), and understand how to enhance     home fires burning!”
       quality in their assisted living programs
   •   Identify nursing practice issues that will assist
       providers to comply with the rules                  During the Awards ceremony one entry
   •   Utilize data gathered from all on-sites with some   will be selected for a special prize.
       analysis provided to enhance their program

12:15 – 12:30 p.m. Break                                   Submit your entry by email to: info@ialaonline.org
                                                           prior to August 28th, 2007.
12:30 – 2:00 p.m. Vendor Hall Open
   • Lunch with the Vendors
   • STAR Awards Program
   • Vendor Prizes

2:00 p.m. Program Concludes
   • Sign out for CEUs
   • Turn in Evaluations Forms

We hope you enjoy this year’s conference. Please
play a part in helping IALA plan next year’s
conferences by entering your
suggestions/comments for future conferences on
the evaluation form.

Thank you!
IALA Conference Planning Committee
Iowa Assisted Living Association
                                                                          “Keeping Assisted Living - Assisted Living” SM
Annual membership fees run January 1 through December 31. Membership dues will be pro rated to the first of the month in which the
application is received.

Company Name: _________________________________________________________
Contact Person and Title: ___________________________________________________
Address: ________________________________________________________________
City/State/Zip: ____________________________________________________________
Phone:                                                                      Fax:
Email:                                                                      www.
Please check the membership type that best fits you or your company.

          �     Certified Assisted Living Providers and Licensed Residential Care Facilities: A facility that provides
                assisted living services. Provide a list of these communities on the reverse side. Also attach a copy of the
                certificate of occupancy or certification evidencing resident capacity. If a multi-facility provider, all facilities
                must join individually.
          �     Non-Providers: Independent living, nursing homes, hospitals, and any other senior housing/service/care
                alternatives, including developers. Flat fee based on resident capacity.

          �     Associate Members: Individuals or organizations that provide products/services to the assisted living
                industry, such as architects, insurers, attorneys and lenders.

          �     Government/Other: This category includes any government agency, area agency on aging, full-time
                student and senior citizens.
State Membership
                                                 Certified             Non-Providers                     Associate              Government/
                                                 Provider                                                                             Other

                     Base Fee                           N/A                           N/A                       $300                         $70

          Per Resident Fee                             $12           $250 20 or fewer                            N/A                         N/A
                 Minimum                              $200              $500 21 - 74
                                                                     $750 75 or more
             ANNUAL FEE
            Jan. 1 - Dec. 31
          PRO RATED FEE
               NOW DUE
Payment mode:
Check #_________ payable to Iowa Assisted Living Association (IALA)
Please bill my: ____AmExp      M/C         Visa (Please note credit card statement will reflect the charge
from “Walter & Associates”. Fax to: 515-278-0245
Card # _____________________________________ Exp. Date ___________ Amount $__________

Name on Card: ____________________________________________
                                                                                                         To confirm your dues amount
Please return this form and your payment to:                                                             Call or email the IALA office.
        Iowa Assisted Living Association                                                                          515-278-8700
        9001 Hickman Road, Suite 220                                                                      Email: info@ialaonline.org
        Des Moines, Iowa 50322
Contributions or gifts to the Iowa Assisted Living Association are not tax deductible as charitable contributions for federal income tax purposes.
However, they may be tax deductible under other provisions of the Internal Revenue Code.

Effective January 1, 2006: IALA is the official state affiliate of the Assisted Living Federation of America (ALFA). Membership with ALFA is
separate from membership with IALA. To join ALFA, call (703) 691-8100 or go to www.alfa.org.
                                               Iowa Assisted Living Conference
                                             Iowa AssistedLiving Conference
                                              Event Registration
                                              Event Registration
                                                     August 29 30, 2007
                                                     August29 && 30, 2007
                                                    Ph: 515-278-8700  Fax: 515-278-0245
                                                        Ph: 515-278-8700♦Fax: 515-278-0245

                                             Sheraton  West Des Moines, Iowa
                                            Sheraton♦ WestDes Moines, Iowa
                                                               1800 50th Street
                                                            1800 50th Street
                                              From I-35 take the University Ave. Exit - #124
                                                From I-35 take the University Ave. - Exit #124

  Registration fee:        $99.00 member rate with no CEUs                        $199.00 non-member rate with no CEUs
                           $149.00 member rate with CEUs*                         $249.00 non-member rate with CEUs*
                                  Registration includes: Lunch, Breaks, CEUs & Classroom Materials

  Please indicate which day(s) you will be attending.
  I will attend on the following day(s): Wed., Aug. 29th_____, Thur., Aug. 30th _____, or both days ____
  Will you be participating on the Tours & Progressive Supper?            Yes           No

  Name ___________________________________                         SS# _____________________________________
  Company Name____________________________________________________________________
  Address __________________________________________________________________________
  City, State, Zip_____________________________________________________________________
  Telephone _______________________________                        License#__________________________________
  To register additional attendees from your company, please photocopy the registration form.

  Indicate (X) payment mode:

  Check #_________ (Payable to IALA) or AmExp ____ Discover____ M/C____ Visa ____ Check #______

  Credit Card # _________________________________ Exp. Date _______________________
  Signature ____________________________________ Total Amount Enclosed $ __________
  Please note your credit card statement will reflect charge from “Walter & Associates”.

                               CANCELLATION POLICY: NO REFUNDS will be made after August 13, 2007.

           Special Hotel Rates: $87 available until August 14, 2007 ♦ Call 515-223-1800 or 1-800-325-3535
         When you call to make your reservation, please tell them you are with the Iowa Assisted Living Assoc.

9001 Hickman Road, Suite 220
Des Moines, Iowa 50322
Phone: (515) 278-8700
Fax: (515) 278-0245

“Keeping the Home Fires Burning!”
             Recommended for:
   Administrators, Directors and Nurses
  Deadline to register: August 13, 2007

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