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This is the site for Peaceful Valley Farm &
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n/ipm/hgonlineguide.html                                                                                                    Two Office Locations:
        A California based organization. This                                                                    3695 Lake Drive    1455 Treeland Blvd. SE
is a very user-friendly website that is light on                                                                Cocoa, FL 32926     Palm Bay, FL 32909
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                                                                                                                            FS 6105 HORT
Remember - It’s                                     •   When growing vegetables that                (or higher of milk in water) applied
                                                                                                    twice a week, controlled powdery
                                                        produce a fruit like tomatoes, green
       Different Here!                                  peppers and cucumber use a                  mildew on zucchini squash as
* Before planting vegetable plants amend the            fertilizer that is NOT high in              effectively as conventional fungicides
          soil. Add organic matter like                 nitrogen which is the first number      •   Use aspirin to fight fungus too!
          compost, manures, coffee grounds              in the analysis. (Ex. 4-8-8) The            Dissolve ¾ of an aspirin in a gallon of
          etc. to the sandy soil. Continue to           first number should be lower than           water, and spray every two to three
          do this once or twice a year.                 the second number.                          weeks. The aspirin will boost the
* Healthy soil=Healthy plants=Healthy people        •   Vegetables like lettuce, corn and           plants defense mechanism.
General Tips!                                           spinach can be fertilized with a high   •   Sanitation. Clean up diseased plant
                                                        nitrogen fertilizer.                        parts and throw them away.
When planting vegetable plants remember:
  • Vegetables that produce a fruit like
                                                    •   Liquid seaweed (ex. Maxicrop)           Weed Control
                                                        makes a great foliar spray for plants   •   Mulch, mulch, mulch!
      tomato, cucumber, green pepper, etc.
                                                        that produce food or are under
      need a location that receives full sun (a                                                 •   Corn gluten is not only a natural pre-
                                                        stress like drought, flood or cold.
      min. of 6 hrs of direct sunlight a day.)                                                      emergent herbicide but it is also a
                                                        Spray both sides of the leaves until
      Plants that produce leaves like lettuce                                                       great source of organic Nitrogen..
                                                        they drip weekly for vegetable
      can handle partial sun/shade which is                                                     •   Vinegar has been found to kill annual
                                                        plants and monthly for fruit bearing
      morning or afternoon sun that does not                                                        weeds!
                                                        trees, etc.
      reach 6 hours total per day.
                                                  Insect Control                                Vegetable Gardening
  • Plant the vegetable plants or seeds                                                         •   Continually add organic matter (OM)
      during the correct time of the year .         •   Insecticidal soap. (Before spraying
                                                                                                    to the soil to keep it healthy! Add the
      Refer to the Florida Veg. Gardening               either the soap or oil make sure that
                                                                                                    OM on top of the soil and disturb the
      for this information.                             the plant has been watered well.)
                                                                                                    soil as little as possible.
Watering                                            •   Ultra-fine Horticultural Oil.
                                                                                                •   Grow heirloom vegetables for more
                                                    •   To control caterpillars use Bt.
   •   Water deeply but infrequently!                                                               flavor and nutrition.
                                                        Spray Thuricide late in the day
   •   It is best to water early in the morning                                                 •   Use foliar applications of liquid
                                                        because Bt is broken down by
       so the leaves dry off quickly.                                                               seaweed weekly once the vegetable
                                                        sunlight & heat.
Fertilizing                                         •   Mechanical Controls such as
                                                                                                    plants have begun to bloom and
                                                                                                    produce fruit or even before that!
   •   Organic fertilizers are plant, animal or         Agrofabric row covers, staking or
       mineral based. They are also generally                                                   •   Use cover crops to increase the OM
                                                        caging plants & sticky traps.
                                                                                                    and add nutrients to the soil.
       slow release and can’t burn the plants.    Disease Control                               •   When planting sweet corn, plant in a
   •   BROADCAST the fertilizer over the
                                                    •   Mulch!                                      block instead of in a long row for
       ground at the base of plants (but not
                                                    •   Milk can help fight fungi such as           better pollination and therefore more
       too close to the stem.)
                                                        powdery mildew. A 10% mixture               kernel production.

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