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									How To Make An Iphone App Ebook Review

How to Make An IPhone App provides everything aspiring iPhone developers
should have to know about how to form a software product rapidly and simply.

Author Matt Campbell, an iPhone app developer and instructor, shares his secrets
and methods for structure apps and making money off it. It doesn’t matter if you
have little or no skill, and whether you do this just for fun or for your own software
business. This e-book will facilitate you get started and succeed.

This e-book is jam-packed with instruction, information and resources. You’ll learn
the fundamentals about iPhone applications, you’ll learn all about programming in
C and objective-C, about variables, protocols, coding and the other essentials of
creating the application. You’ll also gain knowledge of the final steps, which include
increasing your product idea, polishing your application and marketing your

He wrote this ebook so that you can get started developing your app more quickly,
with less pain and so you can avoid the roadblocks that held him up.

Here Is Everything You Get In The EBook:
• Learn how to program in C, Objective-C and Cocoa-Touch
• Procedural and Object Oriented Programming
• Model-View-Controller (MVC) Design Pattern
• How to assemble a complete working iPhone app
• App Development Formula: Step by Step process of building an app
from selecting a niche, design, planning, coding and promoting
your product
• How to work with iPhone OS, Cocoa-Touch and UIKit
• Learn how to use Interface Builder
• 12 Step App Development Formula:
• Done! task manager app case study
• Learn how components relate together
• Turn your code into a product that sells
• See how to resolve iPhone code quirks
• Tips, Tricks and Resources:
• Find out the essential XCode tools to supercharge your
• Pointers to the must read Apple Developer documents and source
• References to other technology resources that you can use
• 341 pages of iPhone and iPod Touch development goodness!

The ebook how to make an iphone App is delivered electronically in PDF format
and it is 341 pages. How to make an iphone App is simple and easy to understand,
so learning will be fast and fun.The e-book and all bonus material are delivered in a
compressed file format.

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The Ebook "How to Make an Iphone App" Table of Contents:

• Part One: Your First iPhone Application!

• Part Two: Programming 101

• Section One: Procedural Programming in C

Lesson 1: Programming Basics
Lesson 2: Functions
Lesson 3: Variables and Arrays
Lesson 4: Program Flow
Lesson 5: Loops
Lesson 6: Complex Data with Struct
Lesson 7: Putting It All Together

• Section Two: Object Oriented Programming in Objective-C

Lesson 1: What is Object Oriented Programming?
Lesson 2: Using Objects and NSString
Lesson 3: More Strings, Lists and the For Each Loop
Lesson 4: Memory Management
Lesson 5: Designing your Own Classes
Lesson 6: Extending Classes with Categories
Lesson 7: Protocols & Key-Value Coding

• Section Three: Cocoa-Touch and the Model-View-Controller Design

Lesson 1: Model-View-Controller Overview
Lesson 2: Model
Lesson 3: View
Lesson 4: Controller
Lesson 5: A Closer Look
Lesson 6: How to Use Interface Builder
Lesson 7: Exercises

• Part Three: App Development Formula

Step 1: Develop Your Product Idea
Step 2: Define Your Project
Step 3: Outline Components
Step 4: Setup Project and Add Files
Step 5: Add the View
Step 6: Finish the To-Do Item Model
Step 7: Finish the To-Do Item List Model
Step 8: Main Table View Controller, Part One
Step 9: Detail View Controller
Step 10: Main Table View Controller, Part Two
Step 11: Create Marketing Materials
Step 12: Add Polish and Shine to Your Application

• Part Four: Tips, Tricks and Resources

- XCode Tricks

- Essential Apple Developer Docs and Source Code

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The Ebook Also Offers 4 Free BONUSES :

1) The Code Toolbox

This is Matt's personal code swap file. You will find examples of how to do almost
everything that you need in C and Objective-C including: loops,arrays, functions,
variables, classes and objects, categories, name it! You will also see
Cocoa-Touch examples including: buttons,sliders, date pickers, sending emails with
attachments and much more.One big piece is the SQLite wrapper class that is
included here: all the code is written for you to access SQLite data to store and
retrieve strings, numbers and blobs (binary data).

2) Kewl Tees iPhone App

Here is another fully realized iPhone app that you can use as a template.Kewl Tees
shows you how to use a SQLite database to store and retrieve images, strings and
numbers for a fictional tee shirt product line. The app shows off the iPhone's
beautiful table view customizations, tab bar functions and robust data persistence

3) Source Code From the eBook - You will get the downloadable source code
projects and examples from the ebook

4) Social Networking And Forum

You will get Free access to exclusive membership site that provides some impressive
social networking features. It's like a private Facebook and Twitter just for the
members. You get your own profile and then meet other developer geeks going
through the course.

You can use this to make contacts and network, find people at your level that you
can collaborate with. Who knows, maybe you can use this to find the people that
you will build your startup with!

How To Make An Iphone App Success Stories:


Nobody's perfect, but this book comes the closest to being the ideal for helping
beginners to come to grips with what is really a very difficult concept - designing an
iPhone App. I have bought a number of books on the subject, but find I keep
coming back to this one.

Thanks very much
---Arthur Taylor


I really enjoy learning from this book! I've tried others and it seems like they write
just to fill pages, but your book is straight to the point and I'm picking things up
really good.

--Jerome B., Computer Science Major


The book is great for anyone who wants to learn the basics or have a reference point
for the basic to intermediary coding concepts and examples for iPhone programs.
All major areas are covered and it is written well and easy to understand (of course
you have to make the effort as well).

-- Herbert Bosin, Cheltenham UK

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