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Grill Charms , the Hottest New Accessory in Grilling Products Grilling gadget girl Leslie Haywood invents the must have grilling accessory that is revolutionizing the American Cook out. /24-7PressRelease/ - June 16, 2008 - July being National Grilling Month and with all the grilling that takes place throughout the year, it is essential for every home to have an optimum supply of grilling tools and accessories this summer. New to the industry, Grill Charms are dime-sized and affixed to your chicken, fish, steak, pork or even vegetables in order to differentiate items from others on the grill. This gives grillers the opportunity to cook their meat to the preferred temperature, season their chicken with as much or as little spice as they like and avoid health or allergy issues all together prior to cooking.. "People have already begun coming into the store looking for updated grilling products," says Danielle Wecksler, General Manager of Charleston Cooks. "Customers are finding that Grill Charms are the 'must-have' new grilling accessory that they need to have on hand for this year's grilling season." Created by Leslie Haywood, a stay-at-home mom turned entrepreneur from South Carolina, Grill Charms are similar in concept to the wine charm. Each charm is made of high quality heat conducting stainless steel with a serrated stem to keep the charm secure in the meat while grilling or broiling and a decorative head designed to differentiate your food from others. "My product is designed to make grilling easier and less complicated. No more worries about the mixing up the spicy food from the non-spicy food. No more worries about over- or under-cooking meat," said Leslie Haywood, founder of Grill Charms . "The idea of Grill Charms came really unexpectedly while grilling one evening. After a mix-up of the spicy chicken and the non-spicy chicken, I said that there had to be an easy way to differentiate the meats from one another on the grill. I thought of the idea of charms, and that was it. I was determined to make the idea work, and here it is a reality." The first collection of Grill Charms available to consumers was designed to aid in cooking meat to its desired temperature. The Steak Collection allows individuals to differentiate their preferred steak temperature by affixing one of four different charms prior to cooking. Grill Charms in The Steak Collection come packaged with six charms per box. Included are two 'R' charms for rare cooking, two 'MR' charms for medium rare cooking, one 'M' for medium cooking and one 'MW' for medium well cooking. The second available collection, the Spicy Collection, is the answer to a griller's dilemma when it comes to telling the spicy meat from the non-spicy meat. Also packaged with six charms per box, the decorative heads are detailed with peppers representing varying degrees of heat (Mild, Medium and Spicy). The Charmed Life Collection has collection has six different and unique charms so food can be personalized prior to grilling to distinguish spices and flavors, to avoid health or allergy concerns or for any reason you can dream up. With the Charmed Life Collection people now can have "season your own" cook-outs. (Perfect for 4th of July and Labor Day cook-outs) This is where either the guest brings their own meat, or the host provides the meat, then guests pick their Grill Charm, and choose from a wide variety of sauces rubs or marinades that the hostess has set out. Guests flavor their meat any way they wish and nobody, including the grill master needs to know or care how it's seasoned. When food is brought to the table on a platter, guests simply look for their Grill Charm. A business woman prior to becoming a stay-at-home mom after the birth of her first child, Leslie Haywood is dedicated to delivering an excellent end product. For more information about Grill Charms or to order, please visit the website at Leslie Haywood is available for interviews, for details please visit the "news" page at

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