5S Scan Checklist for Healthcare

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					Lean Healthcare 5S Scan Checklist
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Are unneeded equipment, furniture, etc. present? Are unneeded items (dated books, boxes, etc.) present? Are items present in aisles, halls, corners, etc.? Are safety hazards (equipment wires/leads, etc.) present? Are common refrigerators not cleaned?

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Are items in convenient locations for easy access? Are items not put away after use? Are walkways, nurse stations, and/or equipment not identified? Are there overstuffed drawers and/or closets? Is equipment not labeled indicating current usage?


Are floors, walls, stairs, and/or surfaces dirty or messy? Is equipment dirty or dusty? Are cleaning materials not easily accessible? Are labels, signs, notices, and/or floor lines dirty or damaged? Are areas not shined?


Is work information not visible at a glance? Are 5S standards not known or visible at a glance? Are checklists for 5S procedures not visible? Are quantities for supplies not labeled? Are there items that cannot be located in 30 seconds?


Have employees not had 5S training? Is 5S not performed daily? Are job aids not up to date and accurate? Are employees not capable of identifying waste? Are area audits not performed?