Freestanding easel _French Easel_ for outdoors_ but you can carry

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					LET THE PAINT TALK Josephine Robinson
Disposable paper palette or wooden palette Canvas/Linen sketch Pad. (this is like buying a sketch pad filled with paper, but it is filled with primed linen or canvas instead. This will be your painting sketch book) 11” x 14”, OR 14”x18” Canvas Panels sold in packs of 3. Start with 1 pack as you may find you would prefer a larger, or smaller size. Can of Odorless Turpentine/Paint thinner Medium-sized Jar to hold turpentine for cleaning brushes Paint Brushes (for oil Painting); sizes #2, 4, 6, 8 Natural Bristle Filberts and a #1 or #2 round #4 #6 Bright Palette Knife. There are many different ones, so I can show you the ones I use at the first class. Rags or paper towels to clean brushes. Oil Paint List: Titanium White; Ivory Black;

Large Tube Small tube

Buy small tubes in the following colours, to see how you like them; Cadmium Yellow Light Yellow Ochre Cadmium Red Light Cadmium Red Deep (You can buy Alizarin Crimson as a substitute for this as Cad Red Deep is quite expensive!) Burnt Sienna Sap Green Chrome Oxide Green (optional) Cobalt Blue (optional) Lovely colour! Ultramarine Blue There are many, many colours available. Please bring any colours you may already have. This is a good all round set of colours to begin with.

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