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									Ideas to create business for a living

Create your business needs to have an idea that will work quickly. In 2009, the niches are often related to sustainable development at local service and simplified products. To help you find one, we did a little brainstorming and that the result in bulk:

1 - Creating a room siesta concept of allowing workers to make brief naps a few minutes to rest between 12 and 14 hours.

2 - Make the beauty, aesthetics home: In this field, opportunities are numerous (manicure, hairdressing, massage, beauty coach home ...)

3 - Create a company assistance changing suppliers (energy, internet, phone ...): You're a platform that allows consumers to advise on a specific provider and above offer a brokerage service to find the best prices.

4 - Create a company specializing in the legal field 24/24 reachable by phone to respond to consumers and particularly specialized in the field of automotive.

5 - Being a hunter apartment: Looking for apartments instead of the customer and you made it part of your findings via his email.

6 - Create a manger dog: It is a service dog care, grooming, care and various services that will enable owners eager to leave their pet without worrying.

7 - Create a service company to the person: Program, ironing, aid to seniors, computer troubleshooting, gardening, DIY ....

8 - Offering cooking classes with takeaway: You introduce customers bobo, retired, single ... in the kitchen.

9 - Doing handbags recycled: Collection of bags made from recycled materials. Each bag is unique with an affordable price.

10 - Create a rental shop handbags brand at attractive rates.

11 - Create a directory of companies specializing in the field of ecology and sustainable development. Businesses pay to be referenced in the directory.

12 - Become a Doula, the attendant at birth: From Anglo-Saxon, this trade can help parents through the stages of pregnancy and childbirth: physical and moral support.

13 - Creating a call center at home: You work at home and choosing your hours for answering phones to customers in search of information. This will be soliciting operators, VAS, boutiques that outsources the VAS

14 - Create a website: Why? Sell products that meet a need Create a community site for quit Create a blog to tell your life, give your opinions on products and monetize traffic Create a site consignment shop with a physical sign

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