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					The ISSE Update

December 2007

The ISSE Update is a joint venture of the Parents’ Committee and the School
Editors: Andrew Deutsch, Parent Jeanne Verhagen, Parent Copy for the November edition should be submitted before Friday 11 January 2008. Email your contribution as an attachment to the editors’ email address: International Secondary School Eindhoven Venetiëstraat 43, 5632 RM Eindhoven, the Netherlands

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The ISSE Update


December 2007

Principal’s Column Students leaving Calendar Music Department CIS Accreditation Recognition Diploma Matters Mr Zey’s Hi-Ed Corner Canteen Food Prices The Whole School Walk 4 October 2007 MYP Awards Ceremony 27 November 2007 Christmas Family Day 8 December 2007 Top prizes in the Christmas Family Day Raffle Volunteer Parents Coffee Morning 16 January 2008

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The ISSE Update


December 2007

Principal’s column Marcella Watts

So here we are - the end of another year! We have had so many things going on inside and outside of the school this month that the time really has just flown by. On Tuesday 27 November, we held a whole school assembly to hand out the former MP5 students’ IB MYP Certificates. This was a lovely opportunity for the whole school community to come together and celebrate. Everyone was impressed by Cathy Ockwell’s eloquent speech about her experience of her Personal Project. Mike Lein surprised the students with a slide montage of the students involved in activities over the last years of their MYP. This year we introduced two new awards; award for Academic Achievement and one for Academic Endeavour. Anghard Edwards received the Academic Achievement Award, which is awarded to the student who obtained an MYP Certificate and received the highest overall points in the MYP results for the ISSE. The award recognizes a high caliber of achievement by a student who consistently strove for, who achieved excellence in, the academic realm; and who exemplified most, if not all, the characteristics of the IB Learner Profile. Having received 62 points out of a possible 63, Angharad joins the top few percent of students around the world to obtain such high results. Cathy Ockwell received the award for Academic Endeavour, which is given to a student who worked consistently, and to the best of his or her ability, in all subjects throughout their MP5 year. The award recognizes the effort and continuous improvement by a student who exemplified most, if not all, the characteristics of the IB Learner Profile. Congratulations to both!

The ISSE Update


December 2007

The ISSE once again had the privilege of hosting the celebration of Divali, hosted by the IndoDutch Association. Many of our parents and our students performed in the evening, and many were at the heart of the organization. And now, the rest of this month also has us enjoying a number of exciting events. We celebrate Sinterklaas this week with the usual mischievous activities that accompany his Piet helpers. In all Dutch classes students have been engaging in traditional activities that go along with Sinterklaas. Several students have also put together a display outlining the origins of Zwarte Piet and how this tradition is perceived by both Dutch people and others. From the festivities of Sinterklaas is the annual Christmas Family Day on Saturday. Fun. Food. Festivities! Come along and join us. The following week sees the culmination of almost three months work by students and staff in the presentation of the school musical. We are proud to present “The King, Katrina and the Cabbage Stuffed With Diamonds,” a play written and directed by our own Mrs. Bowker, with Ms van Roosmalen providing the musical direction. Tickets are now on sale for both the 13th and 14th December. Amongst all these events we also have a couple of important academic events. On 11 th December we will host an information evening on the Diploma Programme, and from the 17 – 19 December, DP1 students will undertake semester exams – a tough set of exams, but they will at least have a holiday following it! With the New Year will come a new addition to our community – Ms van Ekeren will begin her maternity leave and we wish her all the best as she and her husband start this new phase of their life. Also, as the year ends we have also added to our school family – Mr. Lima joins the staff and will be teaching Geography and will be taking some supervision lessons. Mr. Lima is Portuguese and has also worked in the UK. We welcome him and wish him all the best as well. Finally, I hope you have a wonderful holiday. May you have an enjoyable time with family, and with friends wherever you might be spending the holidays!

Saying goodbye:
Fabienne van de Loo MP 5B (last day 20 December) Tejas Srinivasan MP 1B (last day 20 December) Claire Melia MP1A (last day 20 December)

The ISSE Update


December 2007

December 2007
1 4 6 6 8 9 10 11 11 12 13 14 17 20 21 Varsity girls & boys basketball matches, Rotterdam, Ms Hofstra & Mr Hendrikx in charge Ski-trip/London lottery forms to office SinterKlaas celebrations taking place today Ski-trip/London lottery decisions posted on noticeboard Christmas Family Day DP2 Chemistry excursion to Zinc factory, Budel, Ms Baaijens in charge 13:20-17:00 Musical technical rehearsal 19:00 IB Diploma Information evening for MP5 students & parents 16:00 deadline for Ski-trip/London deposit (in cash in a marked envelope) to office 13:20-17:00 Musical dress rehearsal 19:30 ISSE School Musical tickets will be on sale in the last week of November 19:30 ISSE School Musical tickets will be on sale in the last week of November First day DP1 Internal exams (last day 19 December) 11:45-13:00 end of year assembly. Students will be dismissed at 13:00 First day of Christmas holiday last day 4 January

Monday 7 January 2008
Please note that school starts at 11:00 on this day, not 09:00.

The ISSE Update


December 2007

January 2008
7 11 14 14 18 18 22 26 27 School opens 11:00 with an assembly for all students 19:30-22:00 New Year party DP1 Visual Arts exam 15:50 Fitting of ski boots for students going on ski trip MP5 students Personal Project deadline for final product Winter Concert Book Fair Junior & varsity basketball, The Hague, Ms Hofstra & Mr Hendrikx in charge THIMUN, The Hague, Mr Bowker in charge

The ISSE Update


December 2007

**Musical News****Tickets on Sale****Musical News**

"The King, Katarina and the Cabbage Stuffed with Diamonds",
our school musical written by our own Ms. Bowker Performance Dates: Thursday, December 13th at 19:30 in the Aula and Friday, December 14th at 19:30 in the Aula Tickets are 5 euros for adults and 2 euros for children 18 years old and under Free refreshments served during the Intermission. Come join in the fun and support our students.

The ISSE Update


December 2007

Last Day of school, December 20th, there will be an assembly. This will be a talent show. Anyone wanting to perform, please speak to Ms. van Roosmalen. Sign up sheets will be posted by the Music Room, DP Lounge and outside the Caretakers Office. Sign up soon for a solo or group slot. This will be lots of fun and a great way to celebrate the start of our winter break.

Winter Concert Friday, January 18th, 2008
Start working on your best piece, song, dance, monologue for the Winter Concert. The concert takes place in the Aula on Friday, January 18th, 2008. So, polish up your best performance pieces and sign up. Slips will be available in the school office by December 17th, 2007.

The ISSE Update


December 2007

CIS Accreditation Recognition
At the Annual ECIS Conference, held in Madrid in November, the ISSE officially received recognition of Accreditation at a special awards ceremony. The Council of International Schools is the premier worldwide accreditation organisation for international schools. The CIS Accreditation Service manages a peer to peer Accreditation Programme which encourages school improvement through a process of continuous self-study and peer evaluation. Working in partnership with member schools it sets the standards for International Education. The final award of full accredited status demonstrates that the member school has achieved high standards of professional performance in international education and has a commitment to its continuing improvement. Heads and teachers from member schools play an active role in assessing and evaluating the progress of peer institutions as Visiting Team participants and over the rest of the accreditation cycle, sharing knowledge and Best Practice ideas. We have already begun to take action on the recommendations as one of the ways to increase learning outcomes in a positive supportive environment here at the ISSE.

A photograph taken at the recent ECIS conference in Madrid where the ISSE officially received its plaque for CIS Accreditation

The ISSE Update


December 2007

Diploma Matters
DP1 Exams
DP1 students will sit semester exams from 17 – 19 December. They will sit exams in all subjects except Visual Arts. Ms Groot-Antink has been offering stress management classes after school on Mondays and those who attend will have received some advice on how to manage the possible strains related to exam taking.

DP2 Calendar and Deadlines
DP2 students have had a busy semester with many internal assessments falling due, not least of which has been the Extended Essay. Within the week, DP2 parents will receive a detailed mailing with regard to the calendar and remaining deadlines. Although this semester is heavy, we think that our redistribution of Internal Assessments for this cohort has helped make these past months more manageable!

Interested to receive the latest version of the ISSE Student Directory 2007 – 2008?
By the middle of December we will distribute a new (electronic) version of our Student Directory 2007-2008. Check if your address and e-mail details are correctly registered. If you need to update your details or you are not registered yet, just fill in a form or send us an e-mail at Parents’ Committee

The ISSE Update


December 2007

Mr. Zey's Hi-Ed Corner - - November 30, 2007
Good News
The Dutch Ministry of Education is now extending Studifinaceering (financial assistance) to candidates who choose to pursue their higher education outside the Netherlands. There are a few conditions to this, such as the residential status of non-Dutch applicants. Read more. Two ISSE alumni have started to receive the monthly allowance for their studies in the UK.

UK University Application Timeline
For most UK universities, January 15, 2008 represents the closing date for EU students. For some art and design courses (also known as Route B), there is a later closing date than the normal cycle. It is intended to allow students time to create a portfolio. Students can apply for up to three Route B courses out of the maximum of five choices. There is evidence that students who apply early obtain more favourable admission conditions compared to late applicants. January 15 UCAS Application Deadline Except for Route B Art and Design March 14 Start of UCAS Extra Process March 24 UCAS Application Deadline for Route B Art and Design June 30 UCAS Deadline for all Applications before Clearing July 7 Last Date for Referrals through UCAS Extra

DP1 UK University Workshop on Thursday 15 November
This was well-attended and those participating expressed satisfaction with the quality of information. Thank you Mrs Prest for another valuable contribution! By way of introduction, Mrs Anne Prest was a volunteer parent from 2001-6, and is an associate of the school. During 2005-06, I underwent a serious spinal operation and was efficiently substituted by Mrs Prest for approximately six months. Her credentials include working for a university in the UK as a distance-learning tutor, and having had the experience of putting three children through UK universities, two of whom are graduates of the ISSE. Mrs Prest is an experienced public speaker and a very reliable source of information about UK higher education.

UK University Workshop pictures
The ISSE Update 12 December 2007

Continuing on the theme of introductions, I work part-time at the ISSE and my responsibilities include higher education guidance counselling, teaching Environmental Systems in the DP section, maintaining / updating the school web site and coordinating alumni activities.

Dutch University Application Timeline
Friday, November 30 is the recommended date by which students should register their university choice with the IB-Groep. Some universities also require a direct application. For example this is a requirement for all University of Tilburg International courses. We have various magazines and handouts at school that help students arrange meeloopdagen. These are university experience days, when students can tag along regular university students for a day or two, gaining useful experience15 December 2007: University College Utrecht deadline for courses that begin in September 2008. For most Dutch universities and hogescholen, applications should be lodged with the IB-Groep before May 15, 2008.

Liberal Arts and Science courses in the Netherlands
This is a term that originates from USA, where universities at undergraduate level expect their students to study a broad range of subjects and only engage in specialization (or majoring) in the second half of the course. University College Utrecht, University College Maastricht, and Roosevelt Academy have been the pioneers of this type of education. Now, another institute, Tilburg University, is joining this trend and is already recruiting for September 2008. Find out more.

Located in both ’s-Hertogenbosch and Breda, bachelor and postgraduate courses are on offer in fine art and design, with some courses taught in English. Find out more by visiting their home page. University or Hogeschool: Is there any difference?

University (WO)
Three-year theoretical course leading to the Bachelor qualification On average 10 hours a week of contact time. Students do much of the work alone. Relatively high drop out rate. Best for students with IB diploma score in excess of 30 points A number of courses, such as medicine, only available at universities Few university courses offer internship, so graduates proceed to either post graduate school, or require a period of training in order to enter the jobs' market.

Hogeschool (HBO)
Four-year practical course leading to the bachelor qualification Full-time instructions and close supervision. Relatively low student drop out rate Recommended for IB diploma holders of less than 30 points A number of courses, such as Hotel Management and Art, are only available at Hogescholen Graduating students trained and ready for employment, as they have had practical experience during their traineeship. Students can also proceed to postgraduate studies.

The ISSE Update


December 2007

Here below are two contrasting examples of English medium, international Bachelor courses: International Bachelor's Programmes at Fontys Hogeschool in Eindhoven. International Bachelor's Programmes at Utrecht University.

University of Maastricht
Offers the following undergraduate courses in English: Economics, Econometrics, International Business, European Studies, European Public Health, Knowledge Engineering, Language and Culture, European Law and of course, the famous University College Maastricht.

Revision Courses
For some time Oxford Study Courses have been running revision courses for DP students. The spring 2008 course is intended for DP2 students and the summer 2008 revision course for DP1 students. Read more at Please be reminded that accessing this newsletter online starting point alumni.php#newsletter facilitates following up the various web links to the Internet. Parents and students can contact me by phone during school hours [040-2927673] and by email:

For some reason, the hyperlinked words are not functioning in the above article. Fortunately, there is a remedy. Click below to view the article as a web file:

The ISSE Update


December 2007

Canteen Pricelist 2008
As you all know, the Parents’ Committee is running the canteen supported by the Volunteer Parents and we like to continue to do. We have noticed that over the last couple of months our profits in the canteen declined and that we are making hardly any profit. We started to investigate the course of this all. First of all we found out that our purchase prices of the food for the canteen went up (as most of us noticed from our own grocery shopping) and secondly over the course of several years the PC never increased any prices. So we need to have a price-increase for the food and drinks we are selling in the canteen.

We would like to keep the prices at such a level that snacks and drinks are affordable and at the same time that we still make a (small) profit through which we can support the school and our community. Our PC wants to maintain its position to be the sponsor for various activities and donation requests from the students or the school, i.e. supporting the sport tournaments, sponsoring maths competition, helping financially on extra curriculum activities, etc. In this ISSE Update you will find a new pricelist of things we are selling in the canteen. One last issue to be mentioned: during these pricing discussions we have expressed our concerns about the amount of soft drinks, chips, sweets and junk food students are consuming. Various PC members and the school management are of the opinion that we should get rid of all that junk stuff in the canteen or limit the time we are selling this. For the time being we will keep things as they are. However in the next month or so we will come up with a new pricelist in which we hope we will be able to price out things in such a way that healthier food gets our students’ preference. Secondly we will review the access times the kids get to the vending machines. Any comments or suggestions are welcome. The Parents’ Committee

The ISSE Update


December 2007

Canteen Food Prices (as of Autumn 2007)
Hot Daily Specials (served at lunchtime): All 1 euro

Daily snack items: Savouries: saucijsenbroodje worstenbroodje (in foil) chicken loempia vegetable loempia cheese souffle Chips: Doritos Lays Pringles Bread Rolls: all Vegetable sticks Cuppa Soup Pot Noodles Sweet items: apple flaps donuts muffins waffles Fruit Salad Tub of grapes or pineapple Fresh Fruit, per item Yogurt 75c 50c 1 euro 1 euro 75c 50c 50c 1 euro 1 euro 60c 50c 1 euro (pay €1,50, then receive 50c back when you return pot) 60c 60c 60c 60c 50c (this may have to go up in the new year) 50c 40c (depends on seasonal variation in costs) 50c

All chocolate and packets of sweets 50c (the price of these will be increased to 60c as of 7th January 2008) Lolly on a stick
The ISSE Update

16 December 2007

Canteen Drinks (since 3 April 2007)
Plain Water – still and fizzy Flavoured fizzy water Chocomel Fristy Milk Minute Maid Orange and Apple All other drinks 50c 75c 1 euro 1 euro 50c 75c 1 euro

Visit the ISSE Christmas Family Day on 8 December 2007!

Open from 11 am to 2 pm.

The ISSE Update


December 2007

This article was written by Rui-Xin Ma and Luwis Choi of MP4B and edited by Ruth Evans, their ELL teacher.

On Thursday 4th October, we had a Whole School Walk. All the students and teachers joined this activity. The weather was lovely on this Thursday. At 12.00 we left school and started the walk. We had an early break and an early lunch to prepare ourselves for the walk. All the students were put into seven separate groups which had special names. Each group also had a colour to represent it and you can see the names and the colours in the table. Name of group Gallant gallopers Hardy hikers Jolly Jaunters Mighty Marchers Roaming Ramblers Sturdy Striders Wondrous Wanderers Colour green purple yellow orange red pink blue Group Leader Ms Walker Ms Niemarkt Ms Volpert Mr Hendrikx Mr Doidge Ms Baaijens Ms de Rijk

This year, we made the groups from students from each year group which is not as usual. In the past, the walking groups were the year groups. The purpose of doing it in the new way was to help the students and teachers get to know each other and make the community spirit of the ISSE better.

The ISSE Update


December 2007

We walked 12km in total. We went to the north of the school, along the canal in Son en Breugel, around the Science Park and then back to school. When we arrived at school, we had a welcome back party with nice food and drinks which the Parents Committee provided. Some students wrote comments after the walk and those comments were put on a Wall of Discovery. We liked this activity a lot because it was interesting and it also helped people to get to know each other and to work in teams. This activity increased the community spirit of the ISSE. Thanks to the parent volunteer helpers who helped us – some guided us along the walk and some organized the food and drink for the party with Ms Hubertine Koenraadt. Also thanks to Ms Evans for organizing the walk. There are lots of photos and a video film of the walk on the ISSE website in the Activities section and Mike Lien, our classmate, made a short film show which we saw in the Friday lunchtime at school just before the Autumn holiday.

Christmas Family Day 8 December 2007

Helpers needed to supervise the Craft Room.
If you can spare one hour on the day please contact Robyn Kouw.

The ISSE Update


December 2007

MYP Certificates Ceremony 27 November 2007

Angharad Edwards winner of the Academic Achievement Award & Cathy Ockwell winner of the Academic Endeavour Award

MP5 class of 2007 Show off their MYP Certificates

The ISSE Update


December 2007

International Food Hall Santa’s Grotto and Photo Booth

Santa’s Saloon Bar

ISSE Christmas Family Day On Saturday 8 December 2007 11 am—2 pm Bring the whole Family! Invite your friends and neighbours! Fun for everyone!

2nd Hand Book Stall

Children’s Christmas Craft Activities

Beat the Goalie & other games in the gym

Musical Entertainment

Raffle Fantastic Prizes

The ISSE Update


December 2007

Top Prizes in the ISSE Christmas Family Day Raffle
1. Nintendo Wii (Video Game) with 5 sport games

2. Car Satellite Navigation System Europe

3. Lenco MES210 (Portable DVD player with 2* 7inch LCD screens)

4. Guess Evening Bag (black & cream)

The ISSE Update


December 2007

Please note that the stubs of the Raffle tickets which where included with the November ISSE Update need to be returned to the School Office, together with the money due, by Friday 7 December 16.00 latest. Please put them in an envelope clearly marked Raffle tickets into the Raffle box in the School Office. . Could any unsold Raffle tickets also please be returned to the School Office? Thank you very much.

Father Christmas will be attending the ISSE Christmas Family Day from 11.30 to 13.00. Come and have you photograph taken with him!

The ISSE Update


December 2007


Wednesday jANUARY 16TH AT 9AM









The ISSE Update


December 2007

For Sale

Ski and Snowboard Clothes and Items Adverts on the PC Notice Board in school
(on the right wall as you walk towards caretakers’ room)

To sell: pin your advert (with photos if possible) on the notice board with clear contact details
No charge:You do all the work, you get all the money

To buy: contact the seller direct
Adverts will be taken down after the February holiday

The ISSE Update


December 2007

The School and the Parents’ Committee would like to notify you in time of forthcoming events, so could you please make sure we have your correct email address?


Roman Catholic Mass in English at Heilig Hart Kerk, Ploegstraat (near Hoogstraat) in Eindhoven 12 noon on the 2nd and last Sundays of every month Visit or call Patricia McHugh (040 2845692) for further details. If you are interested in catechism classes, please call Patricia Mc Hugh

******************************************************************************************************* ISSE SPORTSNIGHT FOR PARENTS, STUDENTS, TEACHERS AND FRIENDS

An ISSE staff member ? An ISSE parent ? An ISSE student ? An ISSE alumnus ? An ISSE friend ? And in need of a bit of exercise ? Then the ISSE sports night is just what you are looking for. We get together every Monday night at the gym at 7.45 pm for an 8.00 pm start and play a bit of bandy (indoor-hockey) followed by some badminton.



The ISSE Update


December 2007

The ISSE Update


December 2007