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					Compact with Texans

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A Customer Compact is an agreement made with the customers of an agency or institution to provide services that follow a predetermined set of guiding principles. It sets forth the rights of the customer and defines the standards that customers should expect. The “Compact with Texans” should be an operational document that explains in a simple and concise way (e.g., 1-3 pages) how a customer can access services (e.g., contact names, office addresses, telephone and fax numbers, email addresses, complaint processes, etc.). The language of the compact should be written from the customer’s perspective (e.g., “you have the right to . . ”). The Compact should cover elements of customer service quality, including: facilities, staff, communications, Internet sites, complaint handling processes, service timeliness, and printed information. Requirement  Agency Name  Brief description of services offered  A statement of the agency’s customer service principles, goals, objectives and standards for wait times, complaint handling, and other agency related functions  The process within which customers receive information and file complaints  The names and contact information for the agency’s customer relations representative or other agency personnel Additional Resources United Kingdom, Government Charters Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts, Texas Performance Review United Kingdom’s Six Service Standards for Government 1. Answer letters quickly and clearly. 2. See people within 10 minutes of their appointment. 3. Provide clear information about services and at least one telephone number for inquiries. 4. Consult users regularly about the service provided and report on the results. 5. Provide at least one complaint procedure for services provided and send information about this procedure as requested. 6. Do everything reasonably possible to make services available to everyone, including those with disabilities.