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									Reboot @ Parkfield Special Package

Work is hectic. Schedules are tight. Your Career is flying And then the Body and Mind Gives away PROBLEM? No Problem. Take a Break. Be proactive. Unwind. Refresh yourself this season @ Ayuralaya with Our Special Rejuvenation and Detoxification Package

3 days & 2 Nights Spend in the midst and peace of serenity

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Heal the aching mind and body. And get energized body to fight another day. To make sure you get the best out of it, this package comes with unique Ayurvedic bodycleansing medication and purification diet.

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The Itinerary and package details are as follows: Day 1  Full Body Massage+Steam Bath – Morning  Leg Massage for Improved Circulation – Evening Day 2  Herbal Leaves Bundle Massage and Body De-Toxification – Morning  Vital Points Massage for Rejuvenation of Body functions – Evenings Day 3  Warm Oil Therapy – Rejuvenation of vital Cranial Circulation – Morning  Facial Followed by a Neck and Shoulder Massage – Afternoon

Details of De-Toxification Diet are as follows:
    No non-vegetarian food, liquor or smoking Day start with medicated drink supplied in the room at 6.00 AM Vegetables included in the Lunch will be boiled Vegetables Dinner will Included Chapatti, Fruits and a light vegetable curry

This Rejuvenation and De-Toxification Package is priced at an all inclusive price of INR 14,499/-

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This Package comes with a complimentary bottle of Dasamoolarishtham (An Ayurvedic medicine which helps proper digestion and other vital gastric functions)

Terms and Conditions:
       Therapies are performed between the morning hours of 6.30 AM and 11AM and the Evening hours 4PM and 7PM All Required Medicines and Oils for prescribed external therapies are included in the package If any additional internal medicines are required (besides the Dasamoolarishtham), such items will be billed separately, over and above the package price of INR 14,499/The results of this therapy will vary person to person. So, we make no claims and can’t be liable in any way, shape or form for the effectiveness or lack thereof above prescribed Ayurvedic Treatments. Prescribed diet need to be followed strictly in order to enhance end results of therapy. All meals shall be served via room-service, to reduce temptation/s by our guest/s to indulge in normal buffet items. As always, and with all things concerning the human body, please consult your physician with any concerns before enrolling in this or any other holistic therapy.

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