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									ERC/HC Compact Concept Paper

Purpose The purpose of the Compact is to: (a) help HCs identify and focus on priorities (b) provide a documented basis for mutual accountability (of the HC to the ERC, and of the ERC – and, through him, of OCHA and IASC agencies – to the HC). General remarks - The Compact is a personal “contract” between the ERC and the HC; it is not an inter-agency tool - The Compact is not a one-off exercise; it should be part of a structured and continuous dialogue between the ERC and the HC - The Compact is a constituent part of the HC Performance Appraisal System (when the HC is also RC, the RC/HC/DO and UN Country Team Performance Appraisal System) - The Compact should be consistent with HCs’ Terms of Reference - The Compact should be aligned with the CHAP (or the local inter-agency strategic planning document) - The workplan of the OCHA Office should be aligned with the Compact. Time frame - The Compact should be developed immediately after the CHAP (or the local interagency strategic planning document) - For newly appointed HCs, the Compact should be developed upon appointment, and revisited after 3-4 months - The Compact should have a time frame of one year (coinciding with the CAP cycle, or that of the local inter-agency strategic planning document) - If the country situation changes dramatically, the Compact should be revisited at an earlier date - At the end of the one-year cycle, the ERC and the HC take stock of progress made in reaching the objectives of the Compact before developing a new one Format - The format of the Compact should be the same as that of the Compact between the SG and USGs (see template below) - The Compact should contain up to five objectives - The Compact should not be longer than two pages Procedure The following steps should be taken to develop a Compact: 1) The HC makes a first draft of the Compact, with the support of the OCHA Office and the Desk Officer, as necessary 2) The ERC and the HC have an in-depth phone conversation on the draft 3) The HC finalises the Compact and shares it with the ERC and with the Humanitarian Country Team.


Role of the HC System Strengthening Project The role of the HC System Strengthening Project is to: - Provide guidance and advice to Desk Officers on the drafting of Compacts - Ensure that Compacts are of high quality and conform to the template - Serve as the repository of Compacts Next steps  September 2007: Compact piloted in up to six countries  January 2008: Compact introduced for all new HCs  September 2008: Compact introduced for all HCs Pilot countries - Afghanistan - CAR - Chad - Sri Lanka - Sudan - Zimbabwe


Compact Template Country: xxx Timeframe: xx/xx to xx/xx [one year]


Expected accomplishment

Performance measure (incl. timeframe)

ERC/OCHA support

[signature] John Holmes Emergency Relief Coordinator

[signature] xxx Humanitarian Coordinator for xxx

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