Midwest Campus Compact Citizen-Scholar Fellowship Program by hcj


									On-line Seminar/D2L Tutorial for Fellows Step 1
1. Go to the University of Wisconsin-Parkside website: www.uwp.edu 2. In the Quick Links section in the lower left side of the page look for “D2L” and click on it. 3. There will be a login prompt in the upper left side.  Enter your username o Usernames are your (first name).(last name) all lower case letters without spaces, even if a name includes a hyphen o ie. Jane Smith-Johnson would be jane.smithjohnson  Password (last 4 digits Social Security number, last two digits of birth year, digits of birth month, without any spaces and in that order). 4. Under “My Parkside Courses” there will be a clickable link that says “M3C Online Seminar”. Click this. 5. There will be a welcome message and more instructions on how to complete the seminar for the fellows.

****If you experience any difficulties with your logon information not working, even though you have insured that you are following the correct format there is a section in the login box that is called “Login Support Form.” If you fill out this form and submit it the Parkside IT staff will work as quickly as possible to troubleshoot your problem.

Step 2
How to navigate the seminar… Read Directions Completely Before Beginning: 1. You will begin the seminar by clicking on the "content" link at the top of the page. Four module sections will appear. Follow the pieces of the module in order. You can use the arrow keys on the upper right to navigate the sections of the module, or just click on the corresponding sections in the upper left hand key. Complete each activity presented.

2. Once you complete a module click on the "Quizzes" icon. Once you reach the list of quizzes choose the quiz title that corresponds to the module you just completed. Click on the quiz and follow the instructions given. If you do not score 100% on the quiz your incorrect answers will be shown. You will be required to complete the quiz until you do so correctly. 3. Once you score 100% on the quiz the next module will unlock in the content section. Follow these steps until all modules have been completed.

Now click on the "Content" icon on the top menu and the first module should appear.

Step 3 (this section for Coordinators only)
To view your fellows’ online seminar progress as a supervisor: Unlike your fellows, you are set as a user with additional privileges so that you can not only access the online seminar, but also so that you can go in and view the progress of your fellows at any time. 1. To utilize this function click on the “classlist” icon in the selection bar (grey bar). A list of all currently enrolled fellows will appear. You can either view this list in alphabetical order (this is how it will show up when you first get in), and find your fellows in this manner or you also have the option of using the “Search For” option and typing in your fellow’s name or clicking on a tab at the top right corner that says “groups.” By clicking the “groups” option the students will come up organized by state, so this option narrows the amount of searching that you would have to do to view your fellows. 2. Once you find the fellow whose progress you would like to view, you will find four icons to the left of their name. The only functional icon is piece of paper with a magnifying glass over the top. When you put your mouse on this icon it will read “view progress.” Click on this icon. The report that you will find will indicate the number of logins that that student has had in the past, the number of seminar topics that they have visited, their number of quiz attempts, and the scores of the quiz. Repeat this method to view all of your fellows, or use the “choose user” scroll down to find your additional fellows.

*** If a Campus Fellowship Coordinator did not provide the Regional Director with password information you will NOT have access to this system.

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