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A wedding day – the most important day of a girl’s life some might say. And after the dress and the venue and the honeymoon, well the food is pretty crucial too! Whilst there are a thousand ways to do the food at a wedding – from fish and chip van to Indian buffet to sit down five course banquet – great food means happy guests, and an even more memorable day. So it’s important to get it absolutely right. Paying a wedding caterer is the answer for many couples. And there are a huge number of companies specializing in wedding catering in the UK – companies who perhaps do corporate and private parties too, but who, overall, make wedding business their business. Much of your decision making process about your wedding caterer should be dictated by the type of wedding you want. Are you looking for an urban city affair with a minimalist reception venue and a modern European menu? Or will it be a rustic day, with spring flowers in ribbon tied jam jars, hay bales to sit on and a hog roast by the barn? Perhaps you are thinking about a theme – do you have a seaside venue in mind, then serve local fish and seafood. Or lots of Caribbean family - how about a Caribbean style barbecue? Wedding caterers can vary hugely in price and in product. Low key, casual and less formal weddings may benefit from smaller, more relaxed catering companies. But if budget is no issue, then the world is your oyster and you can find companies who will provide ice towers laden with the finest caviar and luges pouring the most superb vodka. Choosing your wedding caterer is therefore crucial. Do your research - ask for recommendations, speak to other brides, or to the planning staff at your chosen venue (venues often provide a list of professionals they prefer to work with). Ask your photographer, florist and other wedding suppliers whether they can recommend a great caterer. Look for testimonials that might give you a steer on whether a wedding catering company really knows what they are doing. If a number of brides have recently written glowing letters of recommendation after their big days, then you can be pretty sure a caterer is able to do the same for you. The lovely thing about paying a proper wedding caterer is that you can really relax

on the big day, safe in the knowledge that a whole team with all the relevant skills and experience will be responsible for getting it right, so that you can concentrate on the vows, the speeches and first dance! At the outset, it is very important to focus on the menu – and you can talk to your potential wedding caterers about this very early on. Get them to suggest ideas. Talk about what suits you as a couple, and get advice on what is right for the venue, the overall occasion and for your guests. If the produce is excellently sourced and excellently cooked, even sausages and mash can be perfect for a wedding meal. Ask your caterer about what is seasonal, and what they think of as their signature wedding dishes. If you want canapés before the meal, when people arrive and drink their first glass of icy champagne, then ask to see a canapé list – getting these right really makes an important first impression and is a great way of wowing your guests before they have even sat down! Don’t forget your wedding cake - most wedding caterers will look after that too – ask to see photos of past cakes and you will soon get an idea for what you do or don’t want. Traditional white tiered fruitcake? Or gorgeous fun and frivolous cupcakes with your initials on? Some of the larger wedding caterers such as “The Admirable Crichton” and “rhubarb” will also look after the decorative side of things for you. Lighting, linen, staff uniform, candles and table centerpieces can all fall under the remit of the wedding caterer, so make sure you get yours right! - By Sara Allom View Source: Rhubarb Food Design –

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