The Thanet COMPACT by hcj


									The Thanet COMPACT

Getting it Right Together

How the COMPACT Benefits YOU!
The Thanet Compact encourages the Voluntary and Community Sector and Statutory bodies to:      LISTEN to one another and promote mutual understanding LEARN about the constraints that each sector faces that affects policy development and funding, and work to accommodate them WORK to enhance Thanet’s capacity and capability through sharing resources such as information, funding opportunities and major events DEVELOP strategies for joint working that promote and share good practice and celebrate success ENSURE accountability and transparency in management and monitoring procedures. Better Partnership working means GREATER    TRUST and understanding COMMUNICATION and community accountability ABILITY to meet the needs of Thanet’s Community through agreed ways of working …which all helps you to provide better services. So what are you waiting for? Sign up to the Thanet Compact NOW! Visit for more information or contact: Barry Coppock Thanet Senior Citizen’s Forum 10 Darren Gardens Broadstairs Kent CT9 1PR Tel: 01843 864487 Email: Suzanne Dowse Corporate Projects & Improvement Thanet District Council P. O. Box 9 Cecil Street Margate Kent CT9 1XZ Tel: 01843 577042

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