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Fellow’s Orientation & Enrollment Guide

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The Columbus Foundation Citizen-Scholar Fellowship Program is supported by Alice and Robert Estrich and J. Ray and Lillian W. Waller funds of the Columbus Foundation.

Congratulations on being selected as a Columbus Foundation Citizen-Scholar Fellow! This is an opportunity to demonstrate that young adults have the ability to make a difference in their communities. You are a part of a group of Central Ohio campuses who have committed to engaging college students, working with community partners and building strong connections. I hope that in the next year you not only see the importance of civic engagement and service, but that you also take the time to develop friendships and have fun. Remember that there is a team of students and staff within your institution that are helping make your year as positive and worthwhile as possible. If any questions arise during your term of service please feel free to your Campus Fellowship Coordinator or me. My best to you during this exciting adventure; Annie O’Neill Program Director: Student Outreach & VISTA Leader Ohio Campus Compact 615 N. Pearl Street Granville, OH 43023 740.587.8568 740.587.8569 fax occannie@alink.com


About Ohio Campus Compact (OCC) …
Ohio Campus Compact (www.ohiocampuscompact.org) is a coalition of Ohio university and college presidents who are committed to the civic purposes of higher education. The national organization was founded in 1985 and since that time state network offices have been established. While state network offices operate autonomously, we share a commitment – indeed, a “compact” - to supporting member institutions, students, faculty, staff, and community partners in developing thoughtful and innovative approaches to community service and civic engagement.

Welcome to the OCC/Columbus Foundation Citizen-Scholar Fellowship Program!
Congratulations on your entrance into the program, and welcome to a community of diverse but like-minded people devoted to service. We are confident that your experience will change your life and the lives of others. As a CF/CS Fellow you are given the opportunity to:    Work with a cohort of students within your own college or university to actively participate in the betterment of your community. Commit to 300 hours of service. Receive a $1,000 scholarship from Ohio Campus Compact & The Columbus Foundation upon completion of your term of service.

What is the Columbus Foundation Citizen-Scholar Fellowship Program?
Officially created in 2006, the program is a newly established program conceptualized as a scholarship program to support college students who have demonstrated academic abilities while maintaining involvement and passion for community building through service and civic engagement activities. The CF/CS Fellowship Program is a pilot program that seeks to tap into infrastructures/programs that may already exist at OCC member campuses. This program supports innovative, new and existing campus-based programs with scholarship funds for participating students.

What are the Columbus Foundation Citizen-Scholar Fellows Responsibilities?
      Perform at least 300 hours of community service or civic engagement efforts on campus and/or in the local community (based on local priorities). Service hours can take place between the beginning of Fall semester/quarter 2007 and June 30, 2008. Log service hours and complete timesheets on a weekly basis. Communicate results of activities to your Campus Fellowship Coordinators on a weekly basis. Attend and participate in trainings, orientations, and reflection activities that relate to the fellowship program. Participate in weekly communication between Fellows and the Campus Fellowship Coordinator for peer support, idea sharing, and reflection of the experience. Provide an end-of-service evaluation report concerning the community service and engagement activities. Abide by all terms and conditions and policies and procedures of the CF/CS Fellowship Program.


What are the responsibilities of the Campus Fellowship Coordinator?


       

   

Provide oversight for the Fellows and serve as liaison between the campus cohort of Fellows and Ohio Campus Compact. Recruit, interview, and select Citizen-Scholar Fellows with the guidance of the Ohio Campus Compact and CF/CS Fellowship Program Coordinator – this may be in collaboration with the campus admissions, financial aid, or other relevant offices. Provide access to transportation to/from at least one annual state training event. Provide each Fellow with appropriate resources to ensure successful completion of the program, including access to a computer with Internet, printer, email, telephone, and fax machine. Work with the Fellows to identify community issues/priorities that relate to the goals and objectives of the program and specific educational interests of the Fellows. Provide weekly oversight, mentorship, and academic support for the local cohort of Fellows. Approve CF/CS Fellows’ service logs (timesheets). Monitor, verify, and compile Fellow activities through timesheets, evaluations, annual reports and other documents as necessary. Complete all reports for Ohio Campus Compact in a timely manner and support efforts to evaluate the program – particularly with respect to data regarding the retention of the Fellows. Provide anecdotal stories concerning the successes and challenges related to the CF/CS Fellowship Program, and assist in evaluating the effectiveness of the program at your campus. Provide the opportunity for orientation, civic engagement, service-learning, and community-based training opportunities for the Fellows throughout the year. Integrate and/or develop key partnerships on campus with existing programs (Federal Work Study, service-learning courses, TRIO programs, first-year experience programs, student leadership programs, civic engagement programs, etc.) to guarantee the success of the Fellows. Abide by all terms and conditions and policies and procedures of the CF/CS Fellowship Program.

What is Ohio Campus Compact’s role?
        Select campus programs and Campus Fellowship Coordinators through a competitive and consistent process. Provide Fellows opportunities to network with other Fellows. Visit each campus host site at least twice a year to provide technical assistance, support, and make certain the Fellows’ activities adhere to the goals and objectives of the program. Coordinate at least one Central Ohio retreat/training event. Develop program resource materials (reporting mechanisms, application, exit forms & request for scholarship payment). Upon successful completion of the Fellows service, process paperwork for dissemination of scholarships. Upon receiving and reviewing the Fellows’ monthly time records from the host sites, input all information into the System. Collect campus program reports and information for annual progress reports (to be compiled and sent to the Columbus Foundation). Submit the annual progress report and other information to the Columbus Foundation.


Logging Your Time
Each Fellow will be responsible for keeping track of their service hours. Remember that these hours will be confirmed with your Campus Fellowship Coordinator, so make sure that they are aware of what you are logging so there are no discrepancies. The term of service is from the beginning of Fall semester/quarter 2007 to June 30, 2008. 4

Tips and Resources: Having a Successful College Experience
The CF/CS Fellowship Program is purposely designed as a service-scholarship program with your personal success in mind. We care about you completing your service for others; however we feel that your personal achievement in college is also an essential piece of the Fellows Program experience! Various tools have been listed below, that may be helpful in learning more about yourself and the way that you operate. Remember school isn’t just about reading, studying, and going to class, it’s also about staying healthy, meeting people, and learning about you! Time Management Tools: Visit http://www.muskingum.edu/%7Ecal/database/general/time.html. This website put up by Muskingum College in Ohio provides some wonderful tools that allow you to do a personal inventory of how you currently manage your time, as well as some helpful resources that you can actually print out and use on a daily basis to keep track of your upcoming tests, assignments, and due dates. The pointers that this website offers are great to keep in mind for all people who struggle with the issue of time and never seeming to have enough of it! Study Skills: Visit http://www.ucc.vt.edu/stdysk/studydis.html to do an exercise that will help you look critically at the places which you study to see how effectively they are helping you remember information. If you have a hard time delineating your time most appropriately try utilizing the study schedule at http://www.tulsa.oklahoma.net/~jnichols/StudySchedule.html and map out your time for each week to get a sense of the tasks you must complete and how long they may take. Memory Development: If you have a difficult time remembering information for tests, the Mind Tools website http://www.mindtools.com/memory.html has outlined different techniques that may help you better retain more of the information that you need for tests. Test-Taking Skills: This brief website http://www.ncsu.edu/felder-public/Papers/testtaking.htm, gives some pointers on how to best prepare for college exams, as well as some effective ways to maintain control and perform most effectively during the time a test is being administered. Stress Management: Visit http://stress.about.com/ and take some time to think about what triggers your stress-related feelings. Learn about some techniques that may help you with relaxation, and help keep you healthy. Learning Styles: Take a brief survey at http://www.metamath.com/multiple/multiple_choice_questions.html and get some insight into what style of learning best suits you. Goal Setting: Don’t forget to remind yourself that you are in college to achieve your goals. If you don’t know exactly what these goals are, try sitting down and making a map of where you want to go. Even if your goals change it is 5

good reflection to think of what motivates you and where you would like to go. Get some help in doing this by visiting http://www.coun.uvic.ca/learn/program/hndouts/goals.html. Additional resources on these topics as well as general college success skills:   First Year Focus: http://www.abacon.com/firstyearfocus/index.html, offering tips on surviving your first year of college. Student Success: http://www.prenhall.com/success/index.html centered on exploring majors, career paths, money management, and fitness and well-being. Student Success Handouts: http://www.cla.purdue.edu/asc/studentsupport/handouts/ give you tools to manage your schedule, stay focused, and study effectively.


What can the $1,000 Scholarship Award be used for?
After successfully completing a term of service and submitting the required exit paperwork to the Campus Fellowship Coordinator within 30 days of your exit date, Fellows are then eligible to receive the $1,000 award. You may use the Award in the following ways, or a combination of them:    To repay existing or future student loans; To pay all or part of the current cost of attending an institution of higher education (including certain vocational programs); or To pay for books or other educational expenses as approved by the Campus Fellowship Coordinator and Ohio Campus Compact.

What types of expenses are considered educational expenses?
Educational expenses may include tuition, room and board, books, supplies, transportation, and other various expenses. The financial aid office at your school has information on expenses for specific academic programs, and that office determines the cost of attendance for your particular school.

How and when do I receive my scholarship award?
Upon completion of the term of service (300 hours) the Fellow must fill out the Exit paperwork and turn it in to your Campus Fellowship Coordinator within 30 days. Once all required paperwork has been completed Ohio Campus Compact will send a check to the address noted on the Exit Form or to the institution designated.

If the scholarship is paid to the Fellow is it considered taxable income?
Yes. If issued directly to the student the award is taxed based on the student’s taxable income. Remember, you can split up the use of your award to pay a combination of student loans and/or educational expenses.

What are other ways to stay involved in service?
Here are several options and resources for you to consider after graduation if you are interested in continuing to serve:  Serving a full-time term as an AmeriCorps member; visit the AmeriCorps website www.americorps.org  Applying to the Peace Corps; visit www.peacecorps.gov or call 1-800-254-8540  Volunteering in your community; call the Voluntary Action Centers at 1–800-879-5400 6

What is the contact information for Ohio Campus Compact?
Ohio Campus Compact 615 N. Pearl Street Granville, OH 43023 Phone: 740.587.8568 Fax: 740.587.8569 www.ohiocampuscompact.org Mr. Richard Kinsley, OCC Executive Director Annie O’Neill, Program Director: Student Outreach & VISTA Leader

Are there CF/CS Fellows on other campuses?
The Columbus Foundation Citizen-Scholars Fellowship Program is open to students on Central Ohio campuses. Those include: Capital University Columbus State Community College Otterbein College The Ohio State University

I look forward to meeting and working with you! Annie O’Neill


PLEASE RETURN A COPY OF THE FOLLOWING DOCUMENTS TO: Connie Kramer, CF/CS Fellowship Program Coordinator, 615 N. Pearl Street, Granville, OH 43023

Columbus Foundation Citizen-Scholars Fellowship Program
Fellow Application Contact Information Name___________________________________________________________________ Address_________________________________________________________________ City________________________ State_________________ Zip________________ Phone Number______________________ Cell Number___________________________ Email Address____________________________________________________________
Eligibility: Do you have a high school diploma or GED? Circle one Yes Are you a (circle one) US Citizen US National No Resident Alien

Briefly tell us about your previous community service/civic engagement experience (in the space provided):

Briefly tell us why you are interested in applying to be a Columbus Foundation Citizen-Scholar (in the space provided): 8

Columbus Foundation Citizen-Scholar Fellowship Program

2006-2007 Citizen-Scholar Agreement Form
I. PURPOSE It is the purpose of this agreement to delineate the terms of the Citizen-Scholar Fellowship Program. Fellow Name_____________________________________ is applying to become a Fellow in the Ohio Campus Compact/Columbus Foundation Citizen-Scholar Fellowship Program. II. MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS The fellow certifies that he/she is a United States citizen, a United States national, or a lawful permanent resident alien. By signing this agreement the Fellow will also certify that she/he has a high school diploma or equivalency certificate. III. TERMS OF SERVICE A. The fellow’s term of service begins on ______________________________ and ends on _______________________________ (the term can be no longer than June 30, 2007). B. The member will complete a minimum of 300 hours of service during this period. Of these hours, a suggested 20% may be training, education, or other similar approved activities. C. The member understands that to successfully complete the term of service and to be eligible for the scholarship award, he/she must complete a required Exit paperwork within 30 days of his/her term of service. IV. POSITION DESCRIPTION Fellows serve in cohorts of at least seven at their respective campus as agents of civic engagement to respond effectively to local community issues. All Fellows are required to work with their local Campus Fellowship Coordinator to develop a Community Work Plan. The Community Work Plan must describe the civic engagement activities that they will be involved in during their term of service. A copy of the Community Work Plan must be submitted to Ohio Campus Compact, and this document subsequently becomes part of the member position description. If plans change during a Fellow’s term of service, the Fellow must submit a revised Community Work Plan to the Campus Fellowship Coordinator. The name of the member’s Campus Fellowship Coordinator is _________________________________. V. BENEFITS A. Upon successful completion of the member’s term of service, the member will receive a scholarship award from Ohio Campus Compact. For successful completion of a term, the member will receive an award of $1,000.00.

CF/CS Fellow (Signature)______________________________________ Date________________ 9

Campus Fellowship Coordinator (Signature) _______________________ Date________________

Columbus Foundation Citizen-Scholar Fellowship Program Informed Consent/Publicity Release
To facilitate your placement as a Fellow, the Program may need to release information such as your name, interests and any training you have received. The Campus Fellowship Coordinator will be in a position to facilitate your placement and are designated to give out this information to organizations or agencies. During the end of term you may require a written or verbal recommendation for employment or admission to a College, University or another program. If requested, the Campus Fellowship Coordinator will be in a position to write a recommendation or give a verbal recommendation. For recruitment and promotional purposes there may be times when the Program will photograph you at your service site or during a training event, or a news agency will be present to conduct interviews. If you are uncomfortable with having your photograph or information published it will be noted. _____ Please indicate here with an “X” if you do not give your permission for your photograph or interview to be published. I have read and agree with the above information:
________________________________________________________ Signature: Fellow ____________________ Date

Columbus Foundation Citizen-Scholar Fellowship Program Emergency Notification
Fellows Information Name ________________________________________________________________________________________________ Address_______________________________________________________________________________________________ City ________________________________________________ State __________________ Zip______________________ Phone Number ________________________________________ (On Campus) In case of an emergency, please contact: Name ________________________________________________________________________________________________ Address _______________________________________________________________________________________________ City ________________________________________________ State __________________ Zip ______________________


Phone Number (s) ________________________________________ (Permanent) _________________________________________ (Cell Phone)

Columbus Foundation Citizen-Scholar Fellowship Program

All Fellows must complete a Community Work Plan at the beginning of their term of service. If necessary, please complete a unique Community Work Plan for each significant project or activity (i.e., you will be working on several projects in different locations). Individual sites may have developed their own forms that serve the same purpose; therefore, alternate forms of the Community Work Plan may be submitted in lieu of this document as long as they provide the information articulated in this document. CF/CS Fellow: _______________________________________________________________________________________



Campus Fellowship Coordinator: _________________________________________________________________________

Community Work Location: _________________________________________________________________________ (The site at which the majority of the work will take place.) Community Work Contact Name: ________________________________________________________________________ (The individual who will directly supervise/oversee the majority of the Fellow’s service.)

Contact Phone: ___________________________________Contact Email: ____________________________________

Please describe the amount of time you anticipate being engaged in this activity/project. If possible, outline a specific schedule.

Please provide a general description of the community work that you will be performing.


Please describe what you hope to achieve or contribute.

Please describe what you hope to learn, the types skills you hope to develop, etc.

Please check all that apply. Education Environment Human Needs Public Safety

By signing below, the CF/CS Fellow, Campus Fellowship Coordinator, and (if appropriate) the Community Work Site Contact certify that they have read, understand, and approve this Community Work Plan.

___________________________________________ ___________________ CF/CS Fellow (Signature)

__________________ Date

___________________________________________ ___________________ Campus Fellowship Coordinator (Signature)

__________________ Date

___________________________________________ ___________________ Community Work Site Contact, if appropriate (Signature)

__________________ Date

Please submit a copy of the completed Community Work Plan to the Connie Kramer, CF/CS Fellowship Program Coordinator Ohio Campus Compact, 615 N. Pearl St., Granville, OH 43023, within 30 days of enrollment.


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