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Job Description Store Manager

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									Job Description Store Manager

Job Description Store Manager


(The main reason for the position, in what context and what is the overall end result)

The Store Manager is responsible for maintaining the store in order to ensure Customers and visitors have access to necessary supplies and accommodations.

(The way that the position contributes to and impacts on the organization)

The Store Manager is responsible for maintaining customer service, maintaining cash controls, selling, purchasing and maintaining the store and services.

(Major responsibilities and target accomplishments expected of the position including the typical problems encountered in carrying out the responsibilities.)

Profit Centre Management 1. Achieving the overall Revenue Target 2. Achieving Department wise Targets 3. Keeping the costs with in the cost budgets 4. Ensuring all the media in the store is managed as per the guidelines of NSR Manager 5. Identifying opportunities for selling space at Choupal Saagar for different activities Customer Satisfaction Management 1. Ensure customer service is delivered at the stores as per SOP 2. Ensure customer complaints are addressed with in the agreed time frame 3. Ensure customer comments reach state manager and merchandise managers of relevant categories 4. Building relationships and personal rapport with top 200 customers 5. Spending time on shop floor between 5PM to end of shift to interact with customers as well as guide ASI, CSA’s and cashier. People Management 1. Ensure that entire store team works as a single team with clear focus and high energy 2. Ensure that team is highly motivated and works with clear goals. 3. Provide Objectives to Stock incharge and ASI. 4. Monitor the performance of Stock Incharge and ASI on a monthly basis 5. Aiding Stock incharge and ASI in building their capabilities 6. Recruitment of CSA’s by taking approvals from ASM or SM 7. Training of CSA’s 8. Ensuring discipline among all the people working in the store Job Description Store Manager


Visual Merchandizing 1. Ensure that store rack layout is as per the approved planogram 2. Ensure stock arrangement in each rack as per the planogram as circulated by the merchandising team with zero deviation 3. Ensure show windows are always maintained as per SOP 4. Ensuring change of mannequin’s clothing once in a fortnight 5. Ensure Impulse bins are put to good use by stocking either seasonal products relevant to that season or products on promotion in them Promotions Implementation and Communication 1. Implement marketing activities for Choupal Saagar with an objective to improve footfalls and sales revenue. 2. Conduct Farmer Meetings at each of the e-Choupals before every season and explain the products available at Choupal Saagar, their prices and their benefits to the Sanchalaks and farmers. 3. Organize the communication to the Choupals regards the Special Offers, Promotions done by using appropriate advertising medium 4. Developing a Local Marketing Plan and get the same approved by ASM/SM 5. Driving Footfalls and sales for Hypermarket through Sanchalak Referrals. 6. Implement the Local Marketing programs as per LMP 7. To carry out neighborhood walks to communicate various offers, new range arrivals to customers by reaching them at their home Store Operations Management 1. Ensure that the following processes are managed as per SOP a. Manual Bills b. Price Override c. RP schedule Adherence d. Stock check Schedule Adherence e. Stock out-Grocery f. Store Opening and Closing g. Scanning % h. Cash Deposit and Recon 2. Backroom is managed as per SOP Inventory Management 1. Ensure shrinkage levels are below stipulated levels 2. Ensure that GRNs and MIROs are completed as per SOP 3. Ensure completion of stock checks as per stock check claender 4. Carry out perpetual inventory

Job Description Store Manager


Statutory Compliance Management 1. Maintain a list of all the statutory approvals required to carry out retail business in the store location 2. Maintain a calendar showing the expiry of various approvals 3. Maintain a schedule to renew the requisite approvals 4. Ensure that the Documentation with respect to different licenses (namely Registers, Boards and Relevant Information) is maintained at the Choupal Sagar as per the requirements of different licenses. 5. Ensure that the returns with respect to storage of Agricultural Inputs are filed with the relevant Govt Agencies as per the requirements. 6. Maintain good relations with all the authorities whose approvals are required to carry out retail business viz., DAO, Weights and Measurement Officials, PFA officials, Officials of Labour department Store Upkeep: 1. Ensure that store premises is maintained neatly including garden, children play area, toilets, approach roads to the stores 2. Ensure that there are no weeds inside and outside the premises 3. Ensure daily cleaning of floor, shelves and merchandise on shelves so that they are free from dust MIS Reporting 1. Send DSR, WSR, Expiry report based on agreed frequency 2. Send relevant information sought as and when demanded 3. Extract reports like sales report, stock report, promotions report from BW 4. Analyze reports and take necessary actions based on the analysis Internal Linkages: 1. Hub Incharge: Store Incharge need to work very closely with HIC to ensure a single face to the external world 2. Merchandise Managers: To interact with MMs continuously to provide inputs from field as well as learn latest trends w.r.t to the categories 3. State Finance Team: To ensure vendor payments and store expenses are paid out on time External Linkages: 1. Government Machinery. 2. Trade Associations 3. Suppliers (both local suppliers as well as representatives of companies) Each of these External Agencies plays an important role in the running of Choupal Sagar and Buying operations. It is necessary to have a common interface with the external agencies to ensure single point for communication and to avoid confusion. Hence it is important to have close coordination with HIC on all the statute related issues. Job Description Store Manager


(The knowledge, skills and attitudes required for satisfactory job performance)

Knowledge The incumbent must have proficient knowledge in the following areas:  customer service  accounts payable and accounts receivables  office administration  store management and administration Skills The incumbent must demonstrate the following skills:  excellent customer service and interpersonal skills  bookkeeping skills  analytical and problem solving skills  decision making skills  effective verbal and listening  communications skills  effective written communications  computer skills including the ability to operate a cash register, computerized accounting, spreadsheet and word processing programs at a highly proficient level  time management skills Personal Attributes The incumbent must also demonstrate the following personal attributes:  be honest and trustworthy  be respectful  possess cultural awareness and sensitivity  be flexible  demonstrate sound work ethics The Store Manager would normally attain the required knowledge, skills and attitudes through related in experience in a retail setting. Equivalencies will be considered.

Job Description Store Manager


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