Shareholder Resolution - Appointing New Director

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									This is a resolution provided by the shareholders of a corporation that appoints new
directors to the board. This resolution provides for the names of the current board
members that are resigning and the names of the persons that will be taking their place.
The shareholders can appoint new directors at the annual shareholders meeting or at a
special meeting. This resolution can be used by the shareholders of a small business
that want to appoint new directors to the board.
                            SHAREHOLDERS’ RESOLUTION
                                OF [CORPORATION]
                                             Appointing Directors
WHEREAS, pursuant to the applicable Bylaws of the Corporation, the Shareholders of this
Corporation take the following actions pursuant to this Resolution:

IT IS HEREBY RESOLVED that the following person(s) shall resign from the Corporation as

IT IS HEREBY FURTHER RESOLVED that the following person(s) shall be appointed as [a]
Director(s) of the Corporation.

IT IS HEREBY FURTHER RESOLVED that each officer of this Corporation, acting alone, is
authorized and directed to take all such acts as may be necessary to comply with the applicable
legal requirements, including preparing, executing, and filing any notices required to be filed
with regulatory authorities.

This Resolution shall be filed in the Minutes of the Books of the Corporation and recorded. This
Resolution may be signed in a number of counterparts each of which shall be deemed an original
and all of which together shall constitute one instrument.


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