Anita Roddick by popteen


									Anita Roddick -The history of the entrepreneur “Anita Roddick “ - Building the Body Shop 1. Brief the history for business  The first store was started in 1976 by Anita Roddick in Brighton, England  Franchises were granted in 1977 and the first overseas franchise opened in Brussels in 1978  The Body Shop saw considerable growth in the 1980’s and shops were opening at a rate of two per month  1985 -The Body Shop went public on the UK unlisted securities market  Anita is selected with as the Veuve Cliquot Business Women of the Year  Became officially involved with Greenpeace and in 1986 The Body Shop created an Environmental Projects Department with “Save the Whales” as it’s first official campaign  1987 “Friends of the Earth” campaign was launched  1988 Anita Roddick is awarded the Order of the British Empire by the Queen of England  Opens first store in the US in NY  1990 The Body Shop Foundation was  Established which funds human rights and environmental protection groups -How has the Body Shop been so successful while defying industry norms? -What are important components of the success of the Body Shop? - Leadership 1. Anita Roddick ethical leader 2. Vision 3. Commitment 4. Philanthropy -What are some interesting decisions that Anita Roddick made as a manager? -Brains behind the Body Shop “Anita Roddick” 1. How would you evaluate how Anita Roddick makes decisions as a manager? 2. How did Anita Roddick deal with the following characteristics of managerial decision making?  Risk  Uncertainty  Conflict  Lack of Structure - Lessons learn from the Body Shops’ success 1. Authenticity Adds Value 2. The Importance of Staff Selection 3. Globalization Can Lead to Greater Success. -Lesson learn from the Body Shops’ failure 1. Don’t Confuse Your Personal Strategies with Business Strategies 2. Advertising and Marketing Add Value 3. Do Not Underestimate Your Competition

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