Release for Property Damage

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									This document allows for one party whose property was damaged by another party's
negligence or misconduct to release any claims the property owner may have against
the damaging party in exchange for an amount paid by the damaging party. The
property owner, or the Releasor, releases the damaging party, Releasee, from any
claims or liability resulting out of the damage to the Releasor's property caused by the
Releasee. As drafted, this document does not release the Releasee from any claims
the Releasor may have or will have in respect of bodily injury sustained.
____________________ [NAME OF RELEASOR] (the “Releasor”) hereby remises, releases,
and forever discharges _______________ [NAME OF RELEASEE] (the “Releasee”) from any
and all responsibility, liability, and obligations as follows.

Releasor hereby releases and forever discharges Releasee from any and all responsibility and
liability for any and all claims, both known and unknown at the present time, in connection with
or arising out of the property damage sustained by Releasor with respect to
_____________________ [PROPERTY DESCRIPTION AND ADDRESS] caused by Releasee.

This Release shall only apply damage caused to the property of Releasor and shall not apply at
any time or times to any claim or claims made by Releasor in respect to bodily injury or any
other physical or emotional damage or trauma incurred by Releasee as a result of the damage
caused to the above-described Property.

Releasor, by executing this Release, does not waive his/her/its right to assert claims against any
person, firm, company, or other entity that Releasor may have or will have in the future.

Releasor hereby acknowledges and agrees that upon execution of this Release, Releasee does not
admit any liability or responsibility for the above-referenced property damage or its

Releasor hereby acknowledges and agrees that he/she/it has received the sum of
_________________ [AMOUNT IN WORDS] dollars ($__________) [AMOUNT
INNUMERALS] as good and adequate consideration for the above property damage.

Releasor hereby further acknowledges and agrees that upon execution of this Release, this
Release shall be binding upon Releasor’s heirs, executors, successors, and assigns as well as to
Releasee’s heirs, executors, successors, and assigns.

Releasor acknowldges that the terms of this Release are fully understood and that this Release is
given voluntarily by Releasor for the purpose of making a full compromise and settlement of all
claims as to the property damage referenced herein.

This Release for Property Damage is herebu executed on this ______ day of _______
[MONTH], _____ [YEAR], at _____________ [CITY], __________________ [STATE].

WITNESSETH                                   )
___________________________                  )      ________________________
Witness:                                     )      Releasor

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