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Promotional DVD Players - Entertainment on the Go By Miles Lovegrove

Something that has become increasingly popular in the recent years are DVDs. People have gotten away from using the old VHS tapes and VCRs, and are now watching their movies with the help of players for their DVDs. That is one reason why a lot of companies are using printed DVD players to promote their businesses. Let's take a look at why printed DVD players are a good item for companies to put their names on. 1. It's something everyone likes Almost everyone enjoys watching movies, and more often than not they own more than one television, so they aren't going to mind having more than printed DVD player. And when they are away from home, they are going to love watching movies on promotional DVD players that are portable. 2. They are something that people are going to use Unlike a lot of promotional items that people don't enjoy, you know that when a company has printed DVD players they are going to get used and their money isn't going to be wasted. For it to be good, a promotional item should be something that people are going to use. Along with having a couple of good reasons why printed DVD players are a good promotional item, there are a few ways that you can use them to promote your business. 1. Conventions Conventions are a great place that you can take printed DVD players. One of them can be taken as a sample item that people will get when they sign up for an account or make a purchase with the company. It's also a handy way to show people a DVD of what the is happening in the company and what it does. 2. Employees They make a great gift to give to employees, especially the portable promotional DVD players. They
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are an item that they can take with them when they are on the road and need something to do, or a great way to show a promotion when an employee is representing the company at a convention. 3. Clients They are great items that you can give to clients when they have been with the company for a long period of time. They can be given to a client to show them that the company appreciates their business and their loyalty. Promotional DVD players are a great item to put a company name and logo on. They make wonderful incentive gifts for people at a convention, as well as a great way to show people what is going on in the company. They can be given to employees and clients in order to thank then for their hard work and their loyalty to the company. Portable promotional DVD players are an item that just about everyone can use, because people who are on the road a lot likes to have something to watch while they are travelling on a plain or on a train. When you give an employee or a client a DVD player, you will give the world. Miles Lovegrove is director of Fluid Branding (, the UK's largest supplier of Promotional DVD Players and Branded Items. For Eco Friendly promotional products, including Recycled, Organic and Sustainable items visit Eco Incentives at

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Presented by Daniel Toriola
Play it Again: Branded DVD Players By Miles Lovegrove

When you first hear the idea of giving branded DVD players to clients or employees, it can sound a bit unrealistic. It would seem at first that both the cost and size were prohibitive. But this isn’t necessarily the case. Every year, advances in technology make electronics smaller, lighter, more efficient, and less expensive. And more desirable; the more people acquire electronic devices, the more people want them. Your business can be part of this ever-increasing wave of popularity, and your logo can be right there in people’s hands in their most enjoyable moments. There can hardly be a more enjoyable or useful promotional item than a branded DVD players. Everyone likes to watch movies, and most people have already converted their electronics systems from VHS to DVD. Portable DVD players are designed to be taken with your customer wherever they go. They can fit in people’s pockets, purses or briefcases and be pulled out in moments of waiting or leisure, allowing a client to watch a favourite movie at the airport or on an airplane, in a doctor’s office, or in the backseat on a long car ride. Parents also give them to children to keep in their bedrooms instead of purchasing the bulky separate television and DVD player units. They are ideal for travelling, for watching a movie in bed, sitting on the front porch, or catching a few scenes at halftime at a sporting event. Another advantage of these branded DVD players is the perception they give of your company. For one thing, you look modern, up to date, and fully in tune with the contemporary need for modern electronics. People will notice your focus on the future, your understanding of your customers, and your understanding of the resources and needs that are available to businesses. For another, you look successful and generous. While other companies are giving away inexpensive things like pens and rulers, you are rewarding your best customers with high quality, high class promotional gifts. You can look more successful, more intelligent, and more modern than your competitors with branded DVD players. Of course, since DVD players are a significant investment, you can’t just stand on street corners and give them out like you would pens or notepads. But not all promotional items work that way; some can be used as incentives or rewards for the most valuable people in your business, either employees or clients. A longstanding client might merit a gift of a DVD player after reaching a certain mark, say, 10 years with the company. Or a new client might receive this gift when he or she opens an account worth a certain amount—a thousand dollars, or ten thousand dollars. They can be excellent sales incentives, also; a sales team can increase its output enough so that it more than pays for whatever you spent buying branded DVD players as rewards. While it seems unlikely at first, branded DVD players are really an excellent choice for promotional gifts. They may cost more, but you will not regret the investment. Miles Lovegrove is director of Fluid Branding (, the UK's largest supplier of branded dvd players and Promotional Products.  For Eco Friendly promotional products, including Recycled, Organic and Sustainable items visit Eco Incentives at

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Presented by Daniel Toriola

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