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					         In Tune                                                            with the

                                          Hunterdon Chapter (Flemington, NJ), Northern Division, Mid-Atlantic District
                                                                        Founded 1984
                                 —Meetings are held Tuesdays at the Elks, 165 Highway 31 in Flemington at 7:30 p.m.—
                                                Northern Division Intermediate Chorus Champion 1996, 1997, 2004, 2005
VOLUME 9, No. 2
February 20, 2007                                                    International Competitor 1997

Bulletin Editor
  Linda Williams
  24 Toad Lane
                                                  A SNOWY VALENTINES’ DAY
  Ringoes, NJ 08551
  lindaw23@earthlink.net                                                                                    Sorry, Charlie, but our Charlie
Associate Editor                                                                                         (Mohr) had crack-delivery teams on the
  Rusty Williams                                                                                         road delivering a flurry of Valentine
Photos by Lee Roth                                                                                       greetings all day! Neither rain nor sleet
Contributors                                                                                             could stop our singing postman and
  Bruce Budde
  John Fiess                                                                                             friends from completing their appointed
  Ron Newsom                                                                                             rounds. Untamed, with Rusty filling in
  Don Reckenbeil
  Lee Roth                                                                                               for Tom, was decidedly “Unbrained” for
  Bill Sabor                                                                                             going out in that mess, but as always, the
  Max Sabor
  Tony Weber                                                                                             smiles we received made the mushing
  Rusty Williams                                                                                         worth the effort. Jimmy Maitland drove
Website                                                                                                  2½ hours to get to Flemington, and Art
                                                                                                         worked several hours before arriving at
  Michael W. Fordice, PhD                                                                                Lee’s to start our day at 9 a.m. That’s
2007 OFFICERS                  Jim Maitland, Art Cole, Pat Cerillo, & Rusty Williams shiver and deliver.
                                                                                                         dedication! Pat was working, too—when
President                                                                                                we saw a “near-miss” at an intersection,
  Lee Roth                     On February 14, Charlie Gibson opened the ABC                  he was all ready to go into action, armed with a
Executive VP/President Elect   Evening News with the statement, “If you live                  quartet of witnesses and some leading questions
  Ron Newsom
VP Financial Development
                               in the Northeast and ordered Valentines, you                   to the tune of “Sweet Adeline:”
  Ron Todd                     were probably disappointed. Twelve states were                               We saw a wreck (we saw a wreck)
VP Marketing & PR              virtually shut down, (by) sleet and freezing rain                            She hurt her neck
  Open                         all along the eastern seaboard.”                                                 (she hurt her neck)
VP Membership
                                                                         PHOTO SUPPLIED BY RON NEWSOM
                                                                                                          Thanks to that jerk
  Bill Sabor
                                                                                                                 (thanks to that jerk)
VP Music & Performance
  Mike Fordice                                                                                            She’s out of work
VP Program
                                                                                                                 (she’s out of work)
  Rusty Williams                                                                                          It takes much cash
Chorus Manager                                                                                                   (it takes much cash)
  Graham Cleaves                                                                                          To treat whiplash
Secretary                                                                                                        (to treat whiplash)
  Tony Weber                                                                                              So the judgment should be sweet,
Treasurer                                                                                                       and add a fine
   John Fiess
                                                                                                                 (Sweet And a fine).
Immediate Past President
  Art Cole, Jr.                                                                                            We sang in about a dozen places,
Musical Director                                                                                        including some freebies for our helpful
  Don Reckenbeil
                                                                                                        civic friends, and had a great time.
Assistant Director
  Rusty Williams                                                                                        Untamed (with Tom Mariano) were
Administrative Assistant                                                                                also delivering smiles on Sunday.
  Sharon Cole                  Rich Kacvinski asks if we’re at the right house ... yes, we are.         Valentine stories are continued inside.
                                                  In Tune . . . February 20, 2007, page 2

                       VALENTINES ON THE
                   One of our quartets, Voice Odyssey (Max                                                PRESIDENT
                   Sabor, Lou Barile, John Fiess, and Carmen
                   Olivo), took to the airwaves on Thursday,
                   February 1, to publicize the Hunterdon
                   Harmonizers’ upcoming Singing . . . and
Bruce Budde Flying . . . Valentine Program. The hour-                                                                                            Lee Roth
                   long show was on WDVR 89.7 FM, and the
quartet was the featured guest of Richard Gerstner on his “Out                                                          GET FAMOUS
and About with Richard G.” program, airing between 5 and
                                                                                                         Do you think we, the Hunterdon Harmonizers, are well
6 p.m.
                                                                                                      known in our community? It would be easy to think so, if
    Bruce Budde was our spokesman on the show while Voice                                             only based on the number of times we had stories or photos
Odyssey provided the Valentine music along with a few of their
                                                                                                      in local newspapers, posters all over the place, and
favorite songs. While Bruce gave the audience the details about
                                                                                                      coverage on the radio, during our “Singing Valentine”
our Singing Valentines program (and our newest Flying
Valentines offering), the quartet members were asked by Richard                                       promotion during the past few weeks.
to talk a little bit about themselves; what they did for a living and                                    We had flyers and posters all over the community.
how they got interested in barbershop music. Max Sabor shared                                         They were full color with a photo of a quartet and tear-
his experience being a high school student who sings with the                                         off tabs to help people know how to reach us. One of
Hunterdon Harmonizers.                                                                                our singers was interviewed on the radio during a
                                                                                                      program that included a quartet singing the Valentine
                                                                            PHOTO SUPPLIED BY BRUCE

                                                                                                         We filled the front page of the Weekender with a
                                                                                                      quartet in reds and had a full story inside We had an
                                                                                                      additional story, and a photo, on the inside the
                                                                                                      following week about our “Flying Valentine” offer.
                                                                                                      We were on the front page of the Democrat with the
                                                                                                      “Flying Valentine” photo and had an additional story
                                                                                                      on the inside. The Observer featured a front page story
                                                                                                      and included a photo on an inside page.
                                                                                                         We know about all of this coverage because we look
                                                                                                      for it and our friends look for it and tell us about it.
                                                                                                      The realization of just how well we are known or not
                                                                                                      known was brought home to me a week ago. Ron
Voice Odyssey (L-R: Max Sabor, Lou Barile, John Fiess, and Carmen Olivo).                             Newsom and I attended a marketing class at Raritan
                                                                                                      Valley College. We had talked to the college about
   Backed by Bill Sabor, our Membership VP, Bruce also had                                            the possibility of having some marketing interns work
time to talk a lot about our chorus and encouraged listeners to                                       with us promoting the December “Holiday Show,” and
come out and give us a try on Tuesday nights. Hopefully, we’ll                                        I was to address the class and tell them about the
get a few good men to take us up on our offer.                                                        Harmonizers. Ron was to talk specifically about the
   To give the audience a feel for how good the entire chorus is,                                     show and the possible assignment.
we supplied Richard with a copy of our new CD and he was
                                                                                                         I started my presentation by asking how many of
gracious enough to play a few key tracks including “Rainbow”
                                                                                                      the thirty-five students, almost all from Hunterdon or
and “I’ll Fly Away.”
                                                                                                      Somerset County, had ever heard of us. Four hands
   All in all, Richard has been very supportive of the                                                went up. Four out of thirty-five. About 11% of the
Harmonizers. This is the second year for us on WDVR for
                                                                                                      college class of people of all ages had ever heard of
Valentines. We also had Untamed on his Christmas show in
                                                                                                      the Hunterdon Harmonizers. We have a lot of work
December. And for those of you who didn’t know, Richard is
also the webmaster for www.mainstreetflemington.com . If                                              to do if we really want to be well-known. If we want
you visit his site, you’ll see our Valentines banner on the front                                     to attract singers, and if we want to attract an audience,
page.                                                                                                 we have to really become well-known in our
                                         In Tune . . . February 20, 2007, page 3

                  JUMP INTO THE POOL:
                  GROW OUR 2007                                         Notes from the January Board of Directors Meeting.
                  MEMBERSHIP                                            REMINDER: All members are welcome to attend and
                 This year we want to grow our                          participate in scheduled board meetings, and you can receive
                 membership by 10 to 15 members. We                     copies of minutes and committee reports on request.
                 have a plan but need your help. This year            The board received letters thanking the HH for their performance
                 we’re going to expand on the membership         on 12/05 at the Lights of Love of the Hunterdon Medical Center, and
Bill Sabor,      activities we did last year. The traditional    from Oley Olson and Dave Middlestadt for the good time they had at
Membership       events will begin in May with the               our 1/9 installation night. Also, the Somerset Patriots confirmed that
VP               Memorial Day Parade where, after the            we will be singing the “National Anthem” on 7/31/07.
                 ceremonies, we will discretely hand out            Ron Newsom (Treasurer) indicated that our balance declined
material (our calling cards) to interested individuals and       during January because of CD production costs and Christmas show
maybe sing a song or teach them a tag.                           expenses. The uniform account is low also, so we’re counting on a
   In June, we have a great recruiting opportunity at Deer       successful “Singing Valentine” program. Some grant funding is
Path Park. We’ll set up and staff an information booth with      expected to help with the upcoming expenses of the holiday show,
post cards, magnetic cards, business cards, pamphlets,           “A Capitol Christmas.” Remember that board approval for all new
flyers, our 2 CDs and poster boards with pictures of the         expenses is recommended prior to commitment
Harmonizers performing at all kinds of functions. In                Bill Sabor (Membership) and Rusty Williams (Program) jointly
addition, we’ll invite the audience to sing with previously      endorsed a proposal to create an ensemble that will learn new music
identified quartets after the performance. Last year we had      and promote membership. The board discussed the ensemble proposal
lots of guests approach us after the performance. We’re          and approved the concept for 2007 implementation. Both the music
hoping for better weather this year so that we’ll get double     and membership teams will independently monitor the success criteria
or triple the numbers.                                           of the implementation, with a quarterly report to the board. The
   In July, we plan to sing the “National Anthem” to open a      proposal was subsequently approved by the music team.
Somerset Patriots’ ball game and we’ll set up a table to            Mike Fordice (Music and Performance) presented an updated
attract interest. In August we plan to have a full booth set     program schedule to prepare the chorus for the May 4–5 Division
up and staffed for the Hunterdon County Fair for five days.      Contest. Gary Plaag is scheduled for a coaching session on 3/24.
There will be strolling quartets during the days and, of         Information has been received on how to list the HH CDs at Harmony
course, the highlight of the fair will be a major (advertised)   Marketplace and given to Rich Kacvinski and Lee Roth.
performance by the chorus. In September, we’ll do the Craft         Lee Roth (Marketing and PR) provided a report for the meeting
Fair on Flemington’s Main Street with our table. In the          in place of Bruce who has resigned because of other commitments.
November-December time, we’ll sing at Dickens’ Days to           A replacement is needed to perform duties for this board position.
promote membership and our spectacular holiday show, “A          Bruce has produced a poster for the Valentines committee to
Capitol Christmas.”                                              distribute. Amy Heitcamp has agreed to do the calligraphy for
                                                                 the Valentines cards.
   This is a great schedule, but you may have noticed that          Bruce and Charlie provided detailed reports of planning events
there are some time spans where we’re doing little organized     that are in motion to enable a successful Valentines event for 2007,
recruiting. Rusty already introduced the idea of a “Quartet      including new posters and a broad distribution plan. A “Flying
Pool” to the chorus at our chapter meeting. The pool was         Valentine” with Mike Haller’s new plane will be advertised and
conceived as a self-driven ensemble of singers who want to       corporate newspaper stories, a WDVR radio show appearance, local
learn new music and sing at quartet or small ensemble            newspaper stories, and a link on www.MainstreetFlemington.com to
venues. Pool members will be going out every quarter with        the HH website are all planned.
a goal to bring in six new guests each quarter. You can help
                                                                      The following Harmonizer officers were installed on 1/9:
our membership grow while having fun learning new music
                                                                        President ....................................... Lee Roth
and improving your personal singing skills. The “Quartet
                                                                        Exec VP & President Elect ........... Ron Newsom
Pool” may choose to sing in places like the Flemington Mall,
                                                                        Secretary ....................................... Anthony Weber
Liberty Village, RVCC, The Black River & Western
                                                                        Treasurer ....................................... John Fiess
Railroad, and the Bridgewater Commons Mall. In September
                                                                        Membership VP ............................ William Sabor
and October, we hope to send quartets or expanded quartets
                                                                        Marketing & PR VP ..................... Vacant
to selected town celebrations such as in Holland,
                                                                        Music VP ...................................... Michael Fordice
Alexandria, and Branchburg townships. Once each quarter
                                                                        Program VP .................................. Rusty Williams
we can send a quartet to the Elks Friday night spaghetti
                                                                        Financial Development VP .......... Ron Todd
dinner. All these events, and more, can be yours! So, step
                                                                        Chorus Manager ........................... Graham Cleaves
forward and tell Rusty or me that you’re ready to “jump
                                                                        Immediate Past President ............. Arthur Cole Jr.
into the pool!”
                                                                                                                               —Tony Weber
                                                  In Tune . . . February 20, 2007, page 4

MORE SINGING VALENTINES                                                                                                          VALENTINE
                                                                                                                                 GREETINGS VOICE
                                                                                                                                 It’s 5:15 p.m. on Sunday evening
                                                                                                                                 when . . . “Who’s that coming down
                                                                                                                                 the street?” . . . oh, yes sir, that’s
                                                                                                                                 Lou Barile, Carmen Olivo, Max
                                                                                                                                 Sabor, Bill Sabor (our evening
                                                                                                                                 accountant), and me (John Fiess),
                                                                                                                                 all dressed meticulously in our red
                                                                                                           John Fiess

                                                                            PHOTO BY BILL SABOR
                                                                                                                                 and white’s. We pounded on the
                                                                                                           door of our favorite lawyer, Lee Roth, who was working
                                                                                                           diligently on his Monday case load. Voice Odyssey called
                                                                                                           for a recess, took over his office, and broke out singing
                                                                                                           in barbershop four-part harmony . . . “Let Me Call You
The Hunterdon Democrat family entertained by Voice Odyssey (John Fiess,
Carmen Olivo, Lou Barile, and Max Sabor).                                                                     That was the start of our Valentine quartet evening,
                                                                                                           which was fun and rewarding. You never know what joy
                                                                                                           you bring to the people you are performing for. At the
                                                                                                           first home we visited, the mom and daughter were cuddled
                                                                                                           on the sofa, near the warm fireplace, while we sang our
                                                                                                           two love songs to them. It was a beautiful scene and we
                                                                                                           could tell by their glistening eyes that we touched their
                                                                            PHOTO SUPPLIED BY RON NEWSOM

                                                                                                              Our next stop was at a restaurant where we sang to a
                                                                                                           lovely woman. She received the rose and the card and the
                                                                                                           couples in the surrounding tables got to listen in as we
                                                                                                           delivered the love songs to her. A few asked if we could
                                                                                                           sing for them also . . . a nice reminder that you never
                                                                                                           know the impact you have on others, or who may be
                                                                                                           listening from afar.
                                                                                                              Later, that evening, we ended up at the home of Lou’s
A lovely couple, Bob and Jean Heath, with the quartet of Ron Newson, Rich                                  friend. There we sang for a house full of guests of all
Kacvinski, Ron Todd, and Dave Farber, in New Hope Bank. Ain’t love grand?                                  ages—from a 1-year-old little girl, upwards to the
                                                                                                           grandma. They all seemed to join in, responding to the
                                                                                                           music and love phrases. At the party, we had to sing
                                                                                                           some extra songs for the crowd, and they just ate it up
                                                                                                           when we sang “Yes, Sir, That’s My Baby” to the newborn.
                                                                                                           What fun!!! We even got dessert afterwards!!
                                                                                                              Besides this we had a good time together. “IT’S
                                                                                                           GREAT TO BE A BARBERSHOPPER, ESPECIALLY
                                                                            PHOTO SUPPLIED BY RON NEWSOM

                                                                                                           IN A CHIROPRACTOR’S LARGE CAR.” Besides the
                                                                                                           requirement of deodorant, we discussed the areas of
                                                                                                           our skill, our missed notes (usually none . . . stop
                                                                                                           laughing!!!), and what we can do to sound better. We
                                                                                                           noticed, and made mention of the importance of
                                                                                                           listening to each other as we perform. We noted some
                                                                                                           improvement in this area in our quartet. We constantly
                                                                                                           need to remind ourselves . . . always listen while
A “Singing Valentine” for Barb at Flemington Prudential.                                                   performing, and listen to all the essential sounds we
                                              In Tune . . . February 20, 2007, page 5

TAGS & TIDDLIES                                                         yesterday to sing to us. We are sorry there were
                                                                        only 3 ladies present when you came, but those 3
CD DEBUTS ON “APPLAUSE”                                                 thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated the singing
On February 15, Rich Taylor introduced the new HH CD on the             and the thought behind the visit. It did make
APPLAUSE SHOW, his weekly broadcast on The Harmony                      Valentine’s Day extra special. We hope you all
Network (THN). Here’s his announcement:                                 had a good day and felt especially good about
    Tonight we will be doing the official debut of a new CD             your efforts on that terrible weather day. We
    produced by the Hunterdon County Harmonizers, an                    thank you for your time and talent all year long.
    MAD chorus that has appeared on the International Stage.            Keep up the good work you do and the joy you
    These men, who produce an incredible Annual Show,                   bring to so many. Thanks again.
    and are performing in their community at major events           ________
    throughout the year, have just completed their CD called
    “Patriotic and Inspirational” that features the
                                                                    That was “Unbrained” – but it could have been any of the
    Harmonizers and their chapter quartets performing 14
                                                                    groups that make this such a special gift of song.
    selections that are meant to inspire the soul and pay
    tribute to our country. We will be playing several features
    tonight and next week.                                          SMALL WORLD!
  Thanks, Rich, and we look forward to seeing you and our           A surprising story from Don Reckenbeil: He went into NYC to
Rahway Friends at Divisions in Newark.                              see Les Miserables as part of “Kids Night on B’way.” Before the
FIND BARBERSHOP ON WWW.YOUTUBE.COM                                  show, the deal also included a free visit to Madame Toussead’s
                                                                    Wax Museum. It was a very long line to get in, so they found their
Max Sabor found a website on the internet where you can see
                                                                    way to the end of the line. Don started to chat with a mother and
performances by international quartets. Go to www.youtube.com
and search for “barbershop quartet” or “barbershop international”   daughter in front of them, and was immediately asked, “Aren’t
or even “barbershop comedy.”                                        you with the Hunterdon Harmonizers?” He replied, “Indeed!
                                                                    How do you know that?”
From: Betty Kenny                                                      It turned out that it was Jenny, whose daughter, Claire, played
Sent: Thursday, February 15, 2007 3:12 PM                           with the Hunterdon Fiddlers in both of our Christmas shows! Ali
To: harmonizers@patmedia.net                                        was also recognized from JB Jeopardy (dancing with her Dad on
Subject: Valentine’s Day                                            stage!), and remembered that the HH were the vocalists in Sir
                                                                    Douglas. Small world!
    We want you to know that we tremendously
    appreciate your coming to the Senior Center

                                                                       Jim Siverly has been systematically learning our repertoire
                                                                    for about a year now, and I guess this is what you’d expect
                                                                    from a Systems Engineer. He’s been a great addition to our
                                                                    bass section, and has a wonderful way of passing on what he
                                                                    has been learning with the Harmonizers, by leading the children
                                                                    in music at the Clinton Southridge Community Church.
                                                                       Jim is a former Pharmaceutical Scientist, educated at
                                                                    California State University, Fresno, and at Southern Cal, where
                                                                    he received his Ph. D. His current work entails wearing a lot of
                                                                    different hats working with security and computer access
                                                                    systems, developing logic and reporting tools. Most of his
                                                                    design work is custom, so it is always a challenge.
                                                                       Jim is single, has participated in triathalons, has run the
                                                                    Marine Corps Marathon, and he is thinking about trying his
                                                                    hand at distance running again. Jim’s musical talents are also
                                                                    instrumental; he plays clarinet and guitar. The Harmonizers
                                                                    are lucky to have his smiling face in our merry band of basses.
                                                                    We’re also happy to have his daughter, Jacqueline (6), in our
                   Jim Siverly, bass                                ever-growing cheering section.
                                                  In Tune . . . February 20, 2007, page 6

                      SINGING VALENTINES

                                                                                                                                                                          PHOTO SUPPLIED BY RON NEWSOM
                      PROGRAM A SUCCESS
                    Thanks to all who participated in the Singing
                    Valentines this year. Although we booked 46
                    Singing Valentines, 11 were canceled because
                    of the weather. If it didn’t snow, we would
                    have had 27 Singing Valentines to deliver. We
                    ended up with a total of 34: one on Friday,
Charlie Mohr
                    four on Saturday, three on Sunday, two on
Monday, eight on Tuesday, and finally 16 on Valentines Day. I
really want to given an extra special mention to the guys who
delivered the Valentines on Wednesday under such adverse
conditions. You guys were great! And a very special mention for
Jim Maitland who made that long trip in terrible wintry
conditions, and still arrived at Lee’s office by 8:30 a.m.
   Special accolades to Bruce Budde whose advertising efforts                                              George dances with staff while singing a Valentine at VA.
were extraordinary. It’s amazing how much coverage we had in
the local papers and other places.
   Thanks to Graham Cleaves who did all of the maps and
                                                                                                           A NOTE ON THE HARMONY BRIGADE
directions. And Amy Heitkamp, thank you very much for the                                                  I’m writing to encourage those of you who haven’t, to look
wonderful calligraphy you did on the Valentine cards.                                                      into the many benefits the Harmony Brigade Program has
   Finally, I’d like to thank all the Hunterdon Harmonizer                                                 to offer the members of your chorus, your chapter and yes,
barbershoppers who gave their time to this “loving” venture: Jim                                           even the directors.
Maitland, Pat Cerillo, Art Cole, Tom Mariano, Rusty
                                                                                                              The Harmony Brigade program is a great way to satisfy
Williams, Ron Newsom, Charlie Mohr, Ed Kunkel, George
                                                                                                           the guys who want to spread their wings, challenge
Schwerdt, Al Byer, Ed Kunkel, Rich Kacvinski, Dave Farber,
Ron Todd, Carmen Olivo, John Fiess, Max Sabor, Woody                                                       themselves and become stronger, more independent singers
Kneebone, Jim Siverly, and Lou Barile.                                                                     while invigorating their enthusiasm for the Society. The
                                                                                                           Brigade can be a part of that WITHOUT cutting into your
                                                                                                           chapter’s precious time because its only a once a year
                                                                                                           weekend event.
                                                                                                               It is not a novice program; it’s meant for the truly
                                                                                                           ambitious, aspiring guys who want to push themselves a
                                                                                                           little harder than the average chorus singer and for whom
                                                                                                           the lack of opportunity is stifling.
                                                                                                              Do you know any guys like that? The AHB is a great
                                                                                                           opportunity for them to “mix it up with” and benefit from
                                                                            PHOTO SUPPLIED BY RON NEWSOM

                                                                                                           the synergy of other committed quartetters! It’s not an elite
                                                                                                           program just a demanding and somewhat uncompromising
                                                                                                              Get to know what’s in the Brigade program for you all
                                                                                                           and your chapter. And to appreciate that, for many members
                                                                                                           it’s a perfect compliment and supplement to their chorus
                                                                                                           and chapter life.
                                                                                                              Over 400 men in North Carolina, Indiana, and now the
                                                                                                           Mid-Atlantic District, can attest to it—34 of whom are
                                                                                                           directors or assistant directors.

                                                                                                                                                                —Neal Siegal
                                                                                                                                        Co-founder, Atlantic Harmony Brigade
3 Jerseys and a Penn with Charlie Mohr, Ed Kunkle, George Schwerdt                                                                                            (516) 671-2534
(subbing for Al), and Ron Newsom, spent several hours entertaining the VA
staff and patients.                                                                                                                       www.AtlanticHarmonyBrigade.com
                                                In Tune . . . February 20, 2007, page 7

                                   HUNTERDON HARMONIZER 2007 SCHEDULE
                                    make sure to confirm your commitment to performances (sign-up sheets)
Date                           Event                               Location                                                Time
March 9–10                     Prelims                             Lancaster Host Resort, Lancaster, PA
March 24                       Coaching with Gary Plaag            Elks                                                    8:30 a.m.–12:30 p.m.
May 4–5                        Northern Division Contest           Doubletree Hotel, Elizabeth, NJ
                                                                   (Newark Airport area)

                                                                                        Happy Birthday!

                                                                              March 4 .................................   Don Reckenbeil
                                                                              March 11 ...............................    Tristan Peer
                                                                              March 16...............................     George Schwerdt
                                                                              March 20...............................     Gordon Braun
                                                                              March 22...............................     Bob Thomas
                                                                              March 23...............................     Max Sabor
                                                                              March 27...............................     Ron Todd

                                                           PUBLISHING DEADLINE!
       SINCE 2002
                        Manuscripts must be in the editor’s hands on MARCH 15th for publication in the next issue
                        of In Tune with the Hunterdon Harmonizers bulletin. E-mail articles to lindaw23@earthlink.net
                        or send them to Linda Williams, 24 Toad Lane, Ringoes, NJ 08551.

MUSIC                         Electronic Equipment &     Holiday Show                         Uniforms                      FINANCIAL
Assistant Directors           Learning Tapes             Pat Cerillo & Ron Newsom             Lou Barile                    DEVELOPMENT
Max Sabor                     Mike Fordice               Picnic                               Housing (Elks)                AND GRANTS
George Schwerdt               Music Librarian            Richard Kacvinski                    Art Cole, Jr.                 Rich Cornelison
Rusty Williams                Ron Todd                   Rusty Williams                                                     Rich Kacvinski
Vocal Coach                                                                                   CHORUS                        Ron Todd
                              Chorus Contact             Singing Valentines
Alden Fulcomer                                                                                MERCHANDISE
                              Ron Newsom                 Charlie Mohr
Choreographer                                                                                 CDs                           AUXILIARY
                              Quartet Contact            Church Choir Relief (summer)
Vida Allworthy                                                                                Richard Kacvinski             Co–Chairpersons
                              Ron Newsom                 Jack Gardner                         Ron Roth
Section Leader, Tenor                                                                                                       Sharon Cole
                                                         Public Relations                     Cups, etc.                    Carol McKevitt
Jim Maitland                                             Jack Gardner
                                                                                              Dennis McKevitt
Section Leader, Lead          SHOWS AND                                                                                     Treasurer
                                                         Young Men in Harmony
Pat Cerillo                   PERFORMANCES                                                                                  Linda Kacvinski
                                                         Chris Heitkamp                       PROGRAMS
Section Leader, Baritone      Craft Show                                                                                    Corresponding Secretary
Don Reckenbeil                Richard Cornelison         CHORUS WELFARE                       Graham Cleaves                Alice Rigas
                              Tony Weber
Section Leader, Bass                                     Badges/ Health & Welfare                                           Recording Secretary
Rusty Williams                District Convention        Richard Cornelison                                                 Linda Williams
Mike Fordice (Assistant)      Bruce Budde
                                                                                           Ringoes, NJ 08551
                                                                                           24 Toad Lane
                                                                                           c/o Linda Williams, Editor
                                                     OUR MISSION
  The Harmonizers’ vision is
    To be recognized as a quality musical organization performing music in the four-part a capella style known
    as barbershop.
    Sharing our love of singing well with men of all ages who have similar interests.
  The Harmonizers are dedicated to
    Promoting and preserving this truly American art form known as barbershop harmony.
    Bringing our music and love of music to a broad-based audience.
    Providing education and instructional experiences in our craft to men of all ages.
    Inspiring our audiences with memorable performances.
  Funding has been made possible in part by the New Jersey State Council on the Arts/Department of State, a Partner Agency of the National
  Endowment for the Arts, through funds administered by the Hunterdon County Cultural & Heritage Commission.
It’s Great to be a Barbershopper in Hunterdon County!