Title Valentine Graphing Fun by dfk20024


									Sherry Hixon
First Grade Teacher

Title: Valentine Graphing Fun

Grade Level: First grade

Subject: Math

Core Content Connection: (3 H)-Be able to estimate
quantities of objects up to 100

(8 A)-Be able to explain a simple graph

(8 B)-Be able to create a simple graph with given

Objectives: Through this activity the students will:

  1. observe, predict, sort, and classify

  2. develop graphing skills

  3. gather and record data

  4. interpret the data

  5. apply and generalize the data

-a bag of small valentine candy hearts
-clear container (large enough to hold all of the
-styrofoam cups ( one for each group of 4-6
-crayons for each color of valentine candy
-prediction graph
-final result graph
-Valentine nametags with student’s names written
on them
-sorting and classifying data sheet
-student recording sheet
-glue stick or tape for attaching the initial
predictions to the prediction graph


1. The teacher brings to class a container full of
   Valentine heart candy
2. Students predict which color they think will be
   found the most frequently by placing their name
   valentines on the appropriate color valentine on
   the prediction graph.
3. Students then use their sorting/classifying sheets
   to sort and classify a cup full of candy hearts
   according to color.
4. Next, the students record their color counts on
   the student recording sheet. (One group member
   may be the recorder while the other students
5. Then the students graph their results on the final
   results graph. Graph one color at a time with
   one student from each group. All students
   should have a turn to practice graphing a color.
6. Discussion time:
    a. How many colors of valentine hearts did we
    b. What color did we find more of than any
    c. Did your prediction turn out to be accurate?
    d. If we bought a new bag of candy, would the
       results be the same? Why or why not?
7. Follow up activities:
    a. Children may eat the candy
    b. Display the prediction and the final graph
    c. Write number sentences about the graph
    d. Discuss with students other ideas that could
       be used for a graphing activity

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