Local Brownie Troop to Donate Teddy Bears to SAPD by dfk20024


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                  Contact: Sandy Gutierrez          Date: February 14, 2005           Release No: 05-014

                                                NEWS RELEASE

                                       Local Brownie Troop to Donate
                                   Teddy Bears to SAPD on Valentine’s Day

                    WHEN:          Monday, February 14th
                                   6:15 PM

                    WHERE:         718 Contadora
                                   Inside the Estates

                    CONTACT:       Sandy Gutierrez

                    San Antonio Police Officers will be at the Brownie Troop 200 meeting on Valentine’s Day
                    to receive collected teddy bears.

                    These Brownies collected the teddy bears to give to the San Antonio Police Department
                    for their on-going teddy bear program.

                    The program was established 15 years ago with donated teddy bears being given to
                    children who are involved in accidents or who come into contact with police officers for
                    any reason. The teddy bear is a universal toy that all children can relate to. When a
                    child is given a teddy bear it can make all the difference for them.

                                              FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

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