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					                    Valentine Memorial Scholarship
Bob Valentine was a man who lived his life based on personal values and principles He believed that success,
both personally and professionally, is always achieved through valuing others and helping others excel. He always
put the needs of others above his own. He was passionate about learning and as such, was a perpetual student.
He was just as passionate about providing opportunities for others to learn and devoted a majority of his career in
helping develop others. He always looked for the good in everyone and truly valued the relationships that he

Bob was a very gentle man who was liked by all who new him. As a friend or as a colleague, you could always
count on Bob to do whatever he could to be helpful and supportive. And, he was just a great person to be around.
His great sense of humor, his humility and his well grounded and value centered convictions all combined to make
him the wonderful person that he was. He was very well respected by all who came to know him and his
leadership in Towne Park will never be forgotten. He played a key role in shaping the company into what it is

In this same spirit, the Valentine Memorial Scholarship was developed to recognize and identify exceptional Towne
Park employees or their immediate family members. The recipient of the Valentine Memorial award will receive a
$10,000 scholarship renewable for up to three years or until a baccalaureate degree is achieved whichever occurs

The applicant may be a current full or part time Towne Park employee who has been active for at least 180
continuous days as of the application date. Immediate family members of a current Towne Park employee
provided that qualified Towne Park employee meets the 180 day requirement stated in the previous sentence. The
definition of an immediate family member for the purpose of this scholarship includes the spouse, children, and
step-children. The applicant must matriculate and pursue an undergraduate college degree.

                              Selection Criteria for Valentine Memorial Scholars

Academic Talent

Valentine Memorial Scholars should have a passion for learning. This may be evidenced by a strong desire to
return to school to pursue or complete a desired degree. The applicant may have a talent for teaching or training
others. The applicant may have challenged themselves by taking a difficult course or curriculum.

Extracurricular Activities

This scholarship is seeking the student with an “extra dimension” which can often be demonstrated through
extracurricular activities. It considers both “well rounded” people who have contributed in many different ways to
the lives of their schools or communities as well as those who have pushed a single endeavor to the highest level
of recognized achievement. Extracurricular successes can come in virtually limitless forms. Examples include but
are not limited to athletics, community service, media and journalism, and the visual and performing arts.
Financial Need

Valentine Memorial Scholars must demonstrate financial need. The scholarship’s mission is to help excellent
students with financial need to face less educational debt on graduation. This scholarship will enable a student to
have more time to concentrate on the academic and extracurricular opportunities which made them Valentine
Memorial Scholars in the first place.

Financial need will be determined by examining the information provided by each student on their Student Aid
Report (SAR). The SAR consists of questions that are designed to collect information about family income and
assets. As a result of filing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), the student will receive a copy the
Student Aid Report. Please copy the SAR and send it to ETS Scholarship & Recognition Programs.


Your responses to the essays “What role does learning play in your life” and “Please share a humorous story or
personal experience that taught you a meaningful lesson” may play a critical role in your being selected a
Valentine Memorial Scholar. These essays provide an opportunity for you to demonstrate how an aspect or
aspects of your life mirror the legacy of Bob Valentine. These characteristics may be qualities either supported or
not supported by other documentation in your application materials.


There will be no such thing as a “typical” Valentine Memorial Scholar. Valentine Memorial Scholars will all have
certain similarities: passion for learning, unselfishness, hobbies and interest outside of school and work, and
financial need. But as a group they will reveal a diverse mix of activities, interests and accomplishments as well
as religion and ethnicity.

Applicants will be evaluated and selected on the basis of:
        Academic record demonstrated on the high school and/or college transcript(s)
        Community involvement and demonstrated leadership
        Responses to questions on the application form
        Demonstrated financial need as evidenced on the Student Aid Report
        Letters of recommendation

Eligibility Requirements

    Applicants must be either full- or part-time associates who have been employed by Towne Park for at least
    180 contiguous days as of July 1, 2009 or the dependant or spouse of a full-time associate who has been
    employed by Towne Park for at least 180 contiguous days as of July 1, 2009.
    Applicants must enroll full-time and pursue a degree at an accredited college/university in the United States.
    Applicants must demonstrate financial need (as determined by the calculation of the Federal Expected Family
    Contribution). Students will be required to submit a copy of their processed FAFSA Student Aid Report, which
    will be used to evaluate the students’ eligibility for an award.


The following materials must be submitted and postmarked no later than Wednesday, July 1, 2009:
         Official high school and/or college transcript
         Recommendation(s) – one personal and one academic
Selection Process

An independent scholarship committee composed of academicians who are familiar and experienced at evaluating
student credentials. The selection committee is appointed by SRP. Members of the Check Foundation are not part
of the selection process. The evaluations of this committee will be used to select the Valentine Memorial Scholar.

All materials submitted to support a scholarship application are used only in the selection process. The folder of a
scholarship recipient will remain in active status during the period the scholarship is in force and will be retained
for one year thereafter. All records are confidential and available for reference by SRP and as appropriate by the
Check Foundation and Towne Park.

How to Apply

Upon receipt of this brochure, please do the following:
   • Complete the attached Scholarship Questionnaire and sign the top of page four.
   • Provide one (1) personal recommendation.
   • If you are a high school senior or 1st year college student, give these materials to your high school
        guidance counselor or another school official, who will complete page four of the Scholarship
        Questionnaire, provide one (1) academic recommendation, and submit the application materials to ETS
        Scholarship & Recognition Programs.
   • If you are in you in your 2nd or 3rd year of college, you must complete the first three pages of the
        scholarship questionnaire sign it and return it to ETS Scholarship & Recognition Programs. You must
        provide a letter of recommendation detailing your academic ability. You must submit an official college

                               All application materials should be submitted to:
                                        Valentine Memorial Scholarship
                                   ETS Scholarship & Recognition Programs
                                                  PO Box 6730
                                              Princeton, NJ 08540

Continuing Eligibility/Renewal Requirements

The Valentine Memorial Scholarship requires an annual review of your award. In April of each year SRP will send a
letter to each recipient requesting confirmation of your enrollment plans and requiring the submission of an
academic transcript. Recipients must maintain full time enrollment and obtain at least a 2.50 cumulative grade
point average to have the award renewed for the academic year. In addition, Valentine Memorial Scholars are
expected to exhibit satisfactory citizenship in both the academic community and in the community at large. They
may not be on any form of academic or civic probation, suspension, or judicial reprimand.

Program Contacts

Should you have questions, you can contact SRP at (609) 771-7878 or