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Project Management Books and Industry Guides
PM Solutions wrote the book(s) on project management. Our industry experts have published
numerous writings on a broad range of topics and we continuously expand our library of industry
resources. For more information or to make a purchase, click on the links below.

Agile Project Management: A Mandate for the 21st Century
Agile Project Management: A Mandate for the 21st Century, connects the dots between agile
practices, project management practices, and key business drivers within organizations. This
book inspires project managers to use agility when responding quickly to changing business

Seven Steps to Strategy Execution
Seven Steps to Strategy Execution gives organizations a logical framework to help them
communicate strategy to the people and processes that make it a reality. And it further builds
organizational capability by continually measuring performance against the organization's
selected strategy performance metrics.

Advancing Organizational Project Management Maturity
Advancing Organizational Project Management Maturity shows how to apply a project
management maturity model in the real world, and the benefits of advancing maturity. and The
book explores best practices in using a strategic project office, in building project manager
competency, and in aligning projects and corporate strategy.

Justifying the Value of Project Management
Whether you want to implement a project office, a project management methodology, project
management software, train staff in project management tools and techniques, or just add
improvements in these areas, this book will help you understand how to go about building your
business case and selling it to senior executives to attain the funding needed.

Optimizing Human Capital with a Strategic Project Office
Optimizing Human Capital with a Strategic Project Office explores the SPO's potential to
transform an enterprise by making the most of people within an organization. This volume
provides an exhaustive review of topics such as the hiring, retention, measurement, training, and
professional development of knowledge workers in project management.

Project Management Essentials
The foundation of what every project manager needs to know in order to successfully manage
projects is presented in this introductory text. Project Management Essentials covers the basic
concepts of the five fundamental project management processes, defining requirements,
schedules, risk management, and change control.

Project Management Maturity Model
Project Management Maturity Model, Second Edition is a roadmap showing an organization how
to systematically move to higher levels of performance by improving project success. It's a
comprehensive tool for enhancing your project management practices and processes, covering
areas critical to organizational improvement such as the project office, management oversight
and professional development.

Project Management Roles & Responsibilities
Project Management Roles & Responsibilities: Second Edition provides comprehensive
descriptions of the responsibilities, skills, and desired backgrounds for project personnel
to guide you in crafting job descriptions that are appropriate for your organization, or to
rethink the ways in which you have assigned responsibilities to existing positions.

Project Portfolio Management
Project Portfolio Management captures the essence of 40 years of business modeling and
management science applications and presents project portfolio management in a format that is
both informative and practical. You’ll discover insights into how successful businesses manage
their project portfolios—how they choose the projects they undertake, how they get the right
balance and mix of projects, and how they allocate their resources across various projects.

Project Portfolio Management Maturity Model
The ultimate goal of the Project Portfolio Management Maturity Model is to help you improve
the capability of your organization’s project portfolio management processes. By focusing on
specific project portfolio management-related improvement processes, your organization can
best leverage the resources assigned to improvement activities while rallying the organization
around specific goals.
The Strategic Project Office
The Strategic Project Office describes the initiation, design, execution, and control of a strategic
project office, emphasizing cost management, cultural change, risk assessment, resource
allocation, and skills tracking to increase project value, organizational efficiency, and

What Makes a Good Project Manager
What Makes a Good Project Manager offers a clear and succinct description of what it takes to
be a competent project manager. The essays, book excerpts, and other materials in this book
focus on key personal skills and interpersonal abilities that lead to project manager success, such
as mentoring, decision-making, facilitating, and communication.

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