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					                                                                               COMPETITION DOGS OF THE OZARKS

                                                                                UKC ANNUAL AGILITY TRIAL
                                                                                               Four Trials – Two Days
                                                                                 Held under Regulations of the United Kennel Club, Inc.
                                                                                   All dogs must be UKC registered to compete.
                                                                                        Saturday, July 19, 2008
                                                                                        Sunday, July 20, 2008
                                                                                                  Boys & Girls Club
                                                                                    1410 North Fremont, Springfield MO 65803
                                                                                         Trial begins at 8:00 AM each day.
                                                                                               Pre-Entry Only
Competitions Dogs of the Ozarks

                                                                               Package 1: AgI, AgII, & AgIII, all four trials $150.00
                                                                                  Package 2: AgI & Ag II, all four trials $100.00
                                                                                      All non-package runs are $15.00 per run
                                                      Springfield, MO 65807

                                                                                       CLOSING DATE: July 2, 2008, 5:00 pm
                                                                                                  Send Entries to:
                                                                                        Susan Robinson, 1010 E University St.,
                                  1010 E University

                                                                              Springfield, MO 65807
                                                                                We email confirmations - if you want regular-mail
                                                                                             confirmations, send SASE
                                                                                   ATTENTION EXHIBITORS:

                            TRIAL SITE:                                          Entries must be on UKC entry forms.
Boys & Girls Club, Stalnaker Unit, 1381 East Division, Springfield,
                              Missouri                                  All dogs must be UKC registered prior to entering the
  From I-44: Go south on Glenstone (Exit 80A), about 1.6 miles                                      trial.
  turn right (west) on Division Street, about 0.4 miles turn left      There will be a familiarization walk-through before each
                     (south) on North Fremont.                          division in AGI-A and AGII-A. This will be done on lead –
  From Highway 65, go west on Division Street, about 2.3 miles                               NO EXCEPTIONS.
                turn left (south) on North Fremont.                      All dogs must wear a buckle collar while exhibiting.
The entrance to the parking lot will be the first driveway to the             Slip collars with tags will not be allowed.
             left. The building is climate controlled.                 If there are obstacles on which you have not trained, you
                                                                                   should bypass them for safety’s sake.
                                                                        A dog may be entered in both Agility I and Agility II
                                                                        classes at the same trial. However, titles will be awarded
                             JUDGE:                                     by UKC in sequence (U-AGI, U-AGII). If a dog meets all
                            Pat Guticz                                  requirements for the Agility II title, they must complete
                           SCHEDULE:                                     Agility I title before the certificates or dog’s record is
Saturday: Trial 1 – AGI / Trial 2 – AGI / Trial 1 – AGIII / Trial 2      updated by UKC. ACH points begin accumulating at the
            – AGIII / Trial 1 – AGII / Trial 2 – AGII                    trial (date) following one in which the Agility II title is
 Sunday: Trial 1 – AGII / Trial 2 – AGII / Trial 1 – AGIII / Trial         completed. The Agility III class is open only to dogs
            2 – AGIII / Trial 1 – AGI / Trial 2 – AGI                                        with a U-ACH title.

                                                                          The city of Springfield MO has an ordinance
                                                                            pertaining to Pit Bulls. Our club will obtain the
                                                                              necessary forms, but any owner of a pit bull
                           HOTELS:                                        (American Pit Bull Terrier, American Staffordshire
Motel 6, 2655 North Glenstone, 417-831-2100                                  Terrier, Staffordshire Bull Terrier) or any dog
Best Western, Coach House Inn, 2535 North Glenstone, 417-                exhibiting these distinguishing characteristics will
862-0701 ($10 pet fee)                                                   need to abide by this ordinance. When not showing
Drury Inn, 2715 North Glenstone, 417-863-8400                               your dog(s) you will need to have your dog(s)
                This is current as of 2/2/08.                            crated. When it is off show site it will have to have
                                                                              be transported in a crate in your vehicle and
                                                                         muzzled when in public. Your dog(s) will NOT have
                                                                             to be muzzled when on our private show site.
Coffee and donuts will be provided by Competition Dogs of the
                  Ozarks both mornings.                               As a courtesy please set cell phones to vibrate while in the
                                                                                                
                   CLASSES TO BE OFFERED:                                                        
Agility I (A & B)      Agility II (A & B)      Agility III
Obstacles:             Obstacles:              Obstacles:                                        
A-Frame                Crawl Tunnel            A-Frame               Exhibitors are expected to be responsible for cleaning
Closed Tunnel          Pause Box or            Closed Tunnel            up after their dogs. Equipment will be provided.
Dog Walk               Platform Jump           Crawl Tunnel                                      
Hoop Tunnel            Weaves                  Dog Walk              No un-entered dogs due to limited space for crating and
Pause Table            Sway Bridge             Pause Table/Box            no dogs will be allowed to remain on the grounds
Teeter Totter          Swing Plank             Platform Jump                                  overnight.
Open Tunnel            Hoop (Tire) Jump        Open Tunnel
6 Hurdles              Open Tunnel             Hoop Tunnel             Trial will be indoors in a climate-controlled building.
                       8 Hurdles               Sway Bridge                                         
                                                                               No electrical or sanitary hookups.
* A Classes – Title yet achieved at this level Swing Plank
* B Classes – Title already achieved           Teeter Totter
                                                                        Entry fee will not be refunded in the event that a dog
              at this level                    Weave Poles
                                                                           is absent, disqualified, excused by the Judge, or
                                               8 Hurdles
                                                                            barred from competition by action of the Show
Please refer to UKC agility rules at for further details:
                                                                        Bitches in season cannot compete. Entry fees will be
                                                                              refunded for bitches that come in season.
          The floors will have RUBBER matting on them.

                                                                      We email confirmations - if you want regular-mail
                                                                                  confirmations, send SASE
   ~~ Ribbons will be given for the top four placements in each
                 Division and all qualifying scores
  ~~ Agility I (A & B), Agility II (A & B) and Agility III Awards
                             will be given
        ~~ Awards will be given for High Scoring Dog in Trial                 FOR FURTHER INFORMATION:
                                                                                  Pam Tynes, Trial Chair
                                                                        5362 E State Hwy YY, Springfield MO 65802
                                                                                       417-831-3385
                                                                              Email: